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I/57          Abbadia Catalogue of 14263 Stars, +16 to +24°  (Hendaye 1915)

Catalogue de 14263 Etoiles comprises entre +16 et +15° Hendaye <Imprimerie de l'observatoire d'Abbadia (1915)>
ADC_Keywords: Positional data Description: This catalog contains meridian circle observations of 14192 reference stars in the Paris Observatory zone of the Astrographic Catalog, +16 to +24deg, made from 1899 to 1906. The original catalog contains also a supplement of 81 stars, which is not included here. The positions have been reduced to 1900.0 on the basis of Newcomb's constants. The probable errors for most stars range from 0.0093s to 0.0161s in right ascension and from 0.096" to 0.162" in declination, depending on the number of observations. In addition to the positions, the catalog contains a running number, the magnitude from the Berlin catalogs, the mean epoch and number of observations, and the BD number. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 40 14192 The Abbadia Catalog
See also: I/65 : Catalogue d'Abbadia de +5°15' a -3°15' (Hendaye, 1914) I/122 : Bonner Durchmusterung (Argelander 1859-1903) Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- Seq [1/14192]+ Serial number 6- 7 I2 0.1mag mag ? Magnitude, from Berlin catalogues (absent in the case of variable or double stars) 8- 9 I2 h RAh Right Ascension B1900 (hours) 10- 11 I2 min RAm Right Ascension B1900 (minutes) 12- 15 I4 cs RAcs Right Ascension B1900 (0.01seconds) 16 A1 --- DE- Declination B1900 (sign) 17- 18 I2 deg DEd Declination B1900 (degrees) 19- 20 I2 arcmin DEm Declination B1900 (minutes) 21- 23 I3 0.1arcsec DEds Declination B1900 (seconds) 24- 26 I3 0.1yr Ep-1890 Mean epoch of observation, from 1890 27- 29 I3 0.1yr Ep2-1890 ? Mean epoch of Declination, if differs from Ep-1890 30- 31 I2 --- Nobs Number of observations 32- 33 I2 --- Nob2 ? Number of observations in Declination, if differs from Nobs 34- 37 I4 --- BDno ? BD number in the zone (1) 38- 39 I2 --- BDz ? Zone of BD number (1) 40 I1 --- m_BD [1,3]? for stars sharing the same BD number
Note (1): for bright stars, BDno contains the Flamsteed number and BDz is blank; in this case, the printed version includes the constellation name which is not reported here. In practice it just means that the BD numbers of bright stars are not reported in this catalog.
History: * Fall 1976: keypunching at CDS * 25-Sep-1995: short description by Gail L. Schneider [SSDOO/ADC] * 10-Oct-2006: Standardized description, records reordered (Francois Ochsenbein, CDS)
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 10-Oct-2006
The document above follows the rules of the Standard Description for Astronomical Catalogues.From this documentation it is possible to generate f77 program to load files into arrays or line by line

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