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I/344        The URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC). Update 2018    (Finch+, 2018)

The URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC). Update 2018 Finch C.T., Zacharias N., Jao W.-c. <URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC). Update 2018> <Astron. J., 155, 176 (2018)> =2018yCat.1344....0F =2018AJ....155..176F
ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Positional data ; Parallaxes, trigonometric ; Proper motions Keywords: parallaxes - solar neighborhood - stars: distances - stars: statistics - surveys - astrometry - photometry Description: United States Naval Observatory (USNO) Robotic Astrometric Telescope (URAT) Parallax Catalog south (UPCs) and north (UPCn). These data are based on the accepted paper for the Astronomical Journal (2018) by C. Finch, N. Zacharias, and W.-C. Jao, "URAT south parallax results: discovery of new nearby stars" (2018AJ....155..176F). The southern data are new, while the northern data contain a subset of the previously published UPC catalog after applying the more stringent selection criteria of the south data and supplementing the data with columns of the southern data. The previously published URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC) paper is: C. Finch and N. Zacharias (2016AJ....151..160F, Cat. J/AJ/151/160) (arXiv:1604.06739). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file upcn.dat 170 729 URAT Parallax Catalog north (table 6) upcs.dat 170 916 URAT Parallax Catalog south (table 5) table47.dat 151 23 URAT South and North Common Proper Motion Systems (tables 4 (South) and 7 (North))
See also: I/329 : URAT1 Catalog (Zacharias+ 2015) I/333 : URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC) (Finch+, 2016) J/AJ/151/160 : 1103 parallaxes and proper motions from URAT (Finch+, 2016) Byte-by-byte Description of file: upcn.dat upcs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 24 A24 --- Name Designation of object 26- 36 F11.7 deg RAdeg Right Ascension (ICRS) at epoch 2015.5 38- 48 F11.7 deg DEdeg Declination (ICRS) at epoch 2015.5 50- 54 F5.2 mag Umag URAT bandpass apparent magnitude 56- 57 A2 --- SpType Estimated spectral type 59- 63 F5.2 yr EpSpan Total epoch span of observations 65- 67 I3 --- Obs Total number of observations 69- 70 I2 --- Rej Number of observations rejected 72- 76 F5.1 mas plx Absolute parallax 78- 81 F4.1 mas e_plx Formal standard error of parallax 83- 85 F3.1 mas plxcor Parallax correction (absolute - relative) 87- 93 F7.1 mas/yr pmRA Proper motion along RA * cos(Dec) 95- 98 F4.1 mas/yr e_pmRA Formal standard error of pmRA 100-105 F6.1 mas/yr pmDE Proper motion along Dec 107-110 F4.1 mas/yr e_pmDE Formal standard error of pmDE 112-117 F6.3 mag Jmag 2MASS apparent J band magnitude 119-124 F6.3 mag Hmag ? 2MASS apparent H band magnitude (1) 126-131 F6.3 mag Ksmag 2MASS apparent Ks band magnitude 133-138 F6.3 mag Bmag ? APASS apparent B band magnitude (1) 140-145 F6.3 mag Vmag ? APASS apparent V band magnitude (1) 147-152 F6.3 mag gmag ? APASS apparent g band magnitude (1) 154-159 F6.3 mag rmag ? APASS apparent r band magnitude (1) 161-166 F6.3 mag imag ? APASS apparent i band magnitude (1) 168-170 A3 --- Note Additional note code (2)
Note (1): some magnitudes are not available and there are blank entries in those tables for those columns. Note (2): Explanation of note code as follows: a = parallaxes from both the URAT north and south; b = a common proper motion companion, see Table 4, or 7 in paper c = new young star candidate; d = known young star
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table47.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- NS [N/S] North or South 3- 25 A23 --- Name1 Name of primary 27- 31 F5.2 mas plx1 Primary absolute proper motion 32- 36 F5.2 mas e_plx1 rms uncertainty on PLX1 38- 44 F7.2 mas/yr pmRA1 Primary proper motion along RA, pmRA*cosDE 46- 49 F4.2 mas/yr e_pmRA1 rms uncertainty on pmRA1 51- 57 F7.2 mas/yr pmDE1 Primary proper motion along DE 59- 62 F4.2 mas/yr e_pmDE1 rms uncertainty on pmDE1 64- 86 A23 --- Name2 Name of secondary 88- 92 F5.2 mas plx2 Secondary absolute proper motion 93- 97 F5.2 mas e_plx2 rms uncertainty on PLX2 99-106 F8.3 mas/yr pmRA2 Secondary proper motion along RA, pmRA*cosDE 107-112 F6.3 mas/yr e_pmRA2 rms uncertainty on pmRA2 114-121 F8.3 mas/yr pmDE2 Secondary proper motion along DE 123-127 F5.3 mas/yr e_pmDE2 rms uncertainty on pmDE2 129-134 F6.2 arcsec Sep Separation 136-141 F6.2 deg theta Position angle 142 A1 --- Note [abc] Notes (1)
Note (1): Notes as follows: a = CPD-66 3810A astrometric data from van Leeuwen (2007, Cat. I/311) b = CCDM J22441+4030B astrometric data from Gaia Collaboration et al. (2016, Cat. I/337) c = HD 102634 astrometric data from van Leeuwen (2007, Cat. I/311)
Acknowledgements: Norbert Zacharias, norbert.zacharias(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 05-Mar-2018
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