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I/339                  Hot Stuff for One Year (HSOY)            (Altmann+, 2017)

Hot Stuff for One Year (HSOY). A 583 million star proper motion catalogue derived from Gaia DR1 and PPMXL. Altmann M., Roeser S., Demleitner M., Bastian U., Schilbach E. <Astron. Astrophys. 600, L4 (2017)> =2017A&A...600L...4A
ADC_Keywords: Milky Way ; Positional data ; Proper motions ; Photometry Keywords: astrometry - catalogs - Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics - proper motions Abstract: Recently, the first installment of data from ESA's Gaia astrometric satellite mission (Gaia DR1) was released, containing positions of more than 1 billion stars with unprecedented precision, as well as proper motions and parallaxes, however only for a subset of 2 million objects. The second release will include those quantities for most objects. In order to provide a dataset that bridges the time gap between the Gaia DR1 and Gaia DR2 releases and partly remedies the lack of proper motions in the former, HSOY ("Hot Stuff for One Year") was created as a hybrid catalog between Gaia and ground-based astrometry, featuring proper motions (but no parallaxes) for a large fraction of the DR1 objects. While not attempting to compete with future Gaia releases in terms of data quality or number of objects, the aim of HSOY is to provide improved proper motions partly based on Gaia data, allowing studies to be carried out just now or as pilot studies for later projects requiring higher-precision data. The HSOY catalog was compiled using the positions taken from Gaia DR1 combined with the input data from the PPMXL catalog, employing the same weighted least-squares technique that was used to assemble the PPMXL catalog itself. This effect resulted in a four-parameter astrometric catalog containing 583 million stars, with Gaia DR1 quality positions and proper motions with precisions from far less than 1 mas/yr to 5 mas/yr, depending on object brightness and location on the sky. Description: The HSOY catalogue an all-sky catalogue with positions and proper motions for 583 million stars, as well photometry from 2MASS, Gaia DR1, and USNO-B. The astrometry is derived from positions of Gaia DR1 (Cat. I/337) and the astrometry given in the PPMXL catalogue (Cat. I/317). The formal errors in proper motion range from less than 1mas/yr at the bright end (about 6mag in G) to about 4mas/yr near the faint end (about 20mag in G). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file hsoy.sam 230 1000 The HSOY catalogue (583001653 sources)
See also: I/317 : The PPMXL Catalog (Roeser+ 2010) I/337 : Gaia DR1 (Gaia Collaboration, 2016) Byte-by-byte Description of file: hsoy.sam
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 14 F14.10 deg RAdeg Right ascension, J2000.0, at epoch 2000 (raj2000) 16- 29 F14.10 deg DEdeg Declination, J2000.0, at epoch 2000 (dej2000) 31- 49 I19 --- ipix PPMXL object identifier (ipix) (1) 51 I1 --- comp [0/4] Disambiguation counter (where multiple DR1 objects match one PPMXL object) (comp) (1) 53- 58 F6.3 mas e_RAdeg Mean error: RA*cos(DE) at mean epoch EpRA (e_ra) 60- 65 F6.3 mas e_DEdeg Mean error: DE at mean epoch EpDE (e_de) 67- 75 F9.3 mas/yr pmRA Proper motion in RA, pmRA*cos(DE) (pmra) 77- 85 F9.3 mas/yr pmDE Proper motion in DE (pmde) 87- 91 F5.3 mas/yr e_pmRA Mean error in pmRA (e_pmra) 93- 97 F5.3 mas/yr e_pmDE Mean error in pmDE (e_pmde) 99-105 F7.2 yr EpRA Mean Epoch in right ascension (epra) 107-113 F7.2 yr EpDE Mean Epoch in declination (epde) 115-120 F6.3 mag Jmag ? 2MASS J magnitude (jmag) 122-126 F5.3 mag e_Jmag ? error of 2MASS Jmag (e_jmag) 128-133 F6.3 mag Hmag ? 2MASS H magnitude (hmag) 135-139 F5.3 mag e_Hmag ? error of 2MASS Hmag (e_hmag) 141-146 F6.3 mag Kmag ? 2MASS K magnitude (kmag) 148-152 F5.3 mag e_Kmag ? error of 2MASS Kmag (e_kmag) 154-158 F5.2 mag B1mag ? USNO-B, 1st epoch B magnitude (b1mag) 160-164 F5.2 mag B2mag ? USNO-B, 2nd epoch B magnitude (b2mag) 166-170 F5.2 mag R1mag ? USNO-B, 1st epoch R magnitude (r1mag) 172-176 F5.2 mag R2mag ? USNO-B, 2nd epoch R magnitude (r2mag) 178-182 F5.2 mag Imag ? USNO-B I magnitude (imag) 184-188 I05 --- Surveys ? Origin of USNO-B magnitudes (surveys) (2) 190-191 I2 --- Nobs ? Total number of astrometric observations (n_PPMXL+1) (nobs) 193-211 I19 --- GaiaId Gaia unique source identifier (gaia-id) 213-218 F6.3 mag Gmag ? Mean Gaia G-band magnitude (Gmag) 220-224 F5.3 mag e_Gmag ? estimated error of Gaia Gmag (e_Gmag) 226 I1 --- Clone [1]? 1 if more than one PPMXL match to this Gaia object (clone) 230 I1 --- Nosc [1]? 1 if object not in SuperCOSMOS within 3" (no_sc)
Note (1): The pair of ipix and comp is a primary key for HSOY. The recommended identifier form is 'HSOY ipix.comp', where comp=0 for NULL comps. Note (2): Flags indicating the origin of the 5 USNO-B magnitudes, --------------------------------------------------- # Survey Emuls Wavelen. Zones Fld Dates (nm) Obs. --------------------------------------------------- 0 = POSS-I 103a-O 350-500 -30..+90 936 1949-1965 1 = POSS-I 103a-E 620-670 -30..+90 936 1949-1965 2 = POSS-II IIIa-J 385-540 +00..+87 897 1985-2000 3 = POSS-II IIIa-F 610-690 +00..+87 897 1985-1999 4 = SERC-J IIIa-J 385-540 -90..-05 606 1978-1990 5 = ESO-R IIIa-F 630-690 -90..-05 624 1974-1994 6 = AAO-R IIIa-F 590-690 -90..-20 606 1985-1998 7 = POSS-II* IV-N 730-900 +05..+87 800 1981-2002 --------------------------------------------------- (*) Here #7 includes the SERC-I plates in the zones +05..+20 (numbered #9 in USNO-B1.0) ---------------------------------------------------
Acknowledgements: Martin Altmann, maltmann(at) History: 24-Mar-2017: on-line data 06-Apr-2017: units of RAdeg and DEdeg corrected into mas (instead of deg)
(End) Martin Altmann [Univ. Heidelberg], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 24-Feb-2017
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