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I/274  CCDM (Catalog of Components of Double & Multiple stars) (Dommanget+ 2002)

Catalogue of the Components of Double and Multiple Stars (CCDM) Dommanget J., Nys O. <Observations et Travaux 54, 5 (2002)>
ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple Description: This is the second edition of the Catalogue of the Components of Double and Multiple stars (CCDM). The first one, of which a detailed description has been given in Communication de l'Observatoire Royal de Belgique, Serie A, 115, 1994, may be found at the CDS under reference I/211. The complete description of this second edition is published (in French and English) in "Observations et Travaux", a review edited by the Societe Astronomique de France. A detailed historical sketch of the creation and development of the catalogue -- which served as double star data base for the preparation of the HIpparcos Input Catalogue I/196 -- has been published in issue 25, pp.29-31 (1999) of this same review. There are no fundamental differences between the two editions: format, presentation and construction are similar. The main difference lies in the important increase of the considered systems of which number expands from 34.031 to 49.325. Few additions exist in the description of the contents of the various columns, and some new codes had to be used for references to astronomical positions, especially related to the introduction of new Hipparcos systems or components to known systems (see the "refpos.dat" file). Concerning the names of the systems in columns 16 to 22, one has also to mention some additions to those given in the INDEX-WDS (C.E.Worley, 1984). They are: AOT = Oss. di Torino ACG = Astr.Cat.Greenw. BAC = P.Bacchus BEW = U.Bastian et al. CRI = F.Crifo DUF = M.Duflot DYL = J. Doyle HDS = Hipparcos JRN = A. Jorissen JKS = M.P.Jenniskens KZA = S.M.Kazeza LMP = P.Lampens LYS = L. Louys MCO = McCormick NYS = O.Nys ONL = Occult. News Letters PWS = Th.Pauwels RSU = M.Rousseau SLE = G.Soulie VHS = P.Verhas Note that: MAL = McAlister in WDS 1984 MCA = McAlister in WDS 1994 Some changes have finally been brought to the names of particular STT and STF systems (App) as shown here, to avoid some confusion that exists with the non (App) systems: --> For STF (App)I, addition of 4000, i.e. STF 4001 instead of STF 1(App)I STF 4002 instead of STF 2(App)I ............... STF 4060 instead of STF 60(App)I --> For STF (App)II, addition of 5000, i.e. STF 5003 instead of STF 3(App)II ............... STF 5012 instead of STF 12(App)II --> For STT (App)I, addition of 4000, i.e. STT 4001 instead of STT 1(App) STT 4005 instead of STT 5(App) ............... STT 4256 instead of STT 256(App) File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file ccdm.dat 132 105838 The Catalogue of Components of Double and Multiple refpos.dat 88 37 Reference for positions and proper motions
See also: I/211 : CCDM, previous version (Dommanget+ 1994) I/260 : Visual Double Stars in Hipparcos (Dommanget+, 2000) I/237 : The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog, 1996.0 (Worley+, 1996) Byte-by-byte Description of file: ccdm.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 11 A10 --- CCDM (Catalogue of the Components of the Double and Multiple stars) identifier (1) 12 A1 --- rComp [B-Z?] Reference component (blank if A) (6) 13 A1 --- Comp [A-Z?] Concerned component (6) 14 A1 --- Note1 [*&] *=orbit in Dommanget's personal catalog &=orbit WDS 1994 (2) 15 A1 --- Note2 [@%] @ = astrometric binary % = astrometric binary from Hipparcos 16- 22 A7 --- Disc Name of the pair (Discoverer and Number) (3) 24- 30 F7.2 s dRAs ? Remainder of RA in second of time (J2000) 31- 37 F7.1 arcsec dDEs ? Remainder of DE in arcsecond (J2000) 39- 40 I2 --- r_dRAs ? Source code for positions, in refpos.dat 42- 45 I4 yr Year ? Year of measured relative position 47- 49 A3 deg theta Position angle (degrees) (4) 50- 55 F6.1 arcsec rho ? angular separation of Comp along theta 57- 58 I2 --- Obs ? for component A: number of components; other component: number of measurements 60- 63 F4.1 mag Vmag ? magnitude 65- 66 A2 --- Sp Spectral type 67 A1 --- pmNote [*@$#] Origin of the proper motion (7) 68- 72 I5 mas/yr pmRA ? annual proper motion in 0"001 73- 77 I5 mas/yr pmDE ? annual proper motion in 0"001 78- 87 A10 --- DM First identification = DM (Harvard system) (5) 88- 97 A10 --- Name2 Second identification (5) 99-104 A6 --- HD HD identifier 105-106 A2 --- m_HD [/0-9 ?*] second HD (Example: 131843/4) (8) 107-112 A6 --- ADS/BDS ADS (A) or BDS identifier (B) 113 A1 --- m_ADS/BDS [aN] suffix (a) to an inserted ADS identifier, or a note (N) exists in the Index. 114 A1 --- n_IDS [*W] The * means that the Index identifier was built for a new component or system; the W indicates a WDS (1994) identifier 115-125 A11 --- IDS Original Index (1976.5) or WDS (1994) identifier, based on equinox 1900 127-132 I6 --- HIC ? Hipparcos Input Catalogue (Turon et al., Cat. I/196) identifier (also HIP I/239)
Note (1): The CCDM identifier is made with RA(2000) limited to 0.1 minute of time (HHMMm) and Dec(2000) limited to 1 minute of a degree (+DDMM). Full details about the construction of the CCDM identifier are given in the publication. Note (2): The personal catalogue of J.Dommanget (1982; partially updated to 1994) to which were added the Hipparcos stars in the Information Circulars of IAU Commission 26. Note (3): In addition to the discoverer's names listed in the WDS (see e.g. files refs.dat in Cat. I/237), the list of the new names are in the "Description" section above Note (4): The following letters are sometimes used to indicate an approximate location of the secondary component: 'N' (to the North) 'NF'(to the North and following) (first quadrant) 'F' (following) 'SF'(to the South and following) (second quadrant) 'S' (to the South) 'SP'(to the South and preceding) (third quadrant) 'P' (preceding) 'NP'(to the North and preceding) (fourth quadrant) Note (5): a suffix code indicates the catalogue, as: .0 = BD .6 = AGK2/3 .2 = CD .8 = SAO .4 = CPD The suffixes "a" and "b" following some DM designations appear in place of the dot. Note (6): In one record (CCDM 07366-1428) the components are marked by ?? Note (7): the origin of the proper motions is flagged by: *: not the pm from the Index; @: pm from the HIC (Hipparcos Input Catalog I/196); $: pm = relative pm(B/A); #: pm unknown, but much different from pm of the other components Note (8): the question mark (?) indicates a doubtful HD identifier, and the asterisk (*) indicates a possible inversion of HD identifiers.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refpos.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- RefNum Reference number 5- 43 A39 --- posRef Reference for astrometric position 45- 54 A10 --- Epoch Epoch of position (1) 58- 88 A31 --- pmRef Reference for proper motions.
Note (1): the mean epoch was retained for epoch ranges followed by an asterisk (*), e.g. 1889-1898*
History: * 13-Jul-2002: Corrections in the 5 systems 00198-2237, 00434-0053, 01191-0856, 07458+2845, 23319+1956
(End) J. Dommanget [Obs. Royal Bruxelles] 09-Mar-2002
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