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I/186         Tokyo Photoelectric Meridian Circle Catalog 1985 (Yoshizawa+ 1987)

The Tokyo PMC Catalog 85: Catalog of Positions of 1007 Stars Observed in 1985 with Tokyo Photoelectric Meridian Circle Yoshizawa M., Suzuki S., Fukaya R. <Ann. Tokyo Astron. Obs., Univ. Tokyo, 2nd Ser. 21, 399 (1987)> =1987AnTok..21..399Y
ADC_Keywords: Meridian observations ; Positional data Description: The catalog of positions of 1007 stars (792 FK4 and FK4S stars, 57 OB stars, 49 NPZT stars, and 109 SAO stars) is presented. They were observed during the period from December 1984 to September 1985 with the Tokyo Photoelectric Meridian Circle (Tokyo PMC). The positions in the catalog are referred to the equinox and equator of J2000, and are based on the FK4 system. The internal errors of a single observation were estimated to be (epsilon(alpha)*cos(delta), epsilon(delta)) = (0.16", 0.19"), whereas the mean internal errors of the catalog positions were (0.08", 0.08") for FK4 stars and (0.09", 0.11") for FK4S stars. The comparison of the positions of the FK4 stars in the present catalog with those of the FK4 catalog shows the significant differences delta(alpha(delta)) and delta(delta(delta)) in some declination zones. Some of those differences are commonly found in other recent catalogs. Thus they may be considered to be the real systematic errors in the FK4 system. Neither significant magnitude nor color equation exists in the Tokyo PMC85 catalog. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file pmc85 134 1007 The Tokyo PMC85 Catalogue
Byte-by-byte Description of file: pmc85
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 5 I4 --- N sequence number in the Catalog 7- 11 A5 --- Cat other catalogue name 13- 18 I6 --- otherN star number in other catalogues 20- 24 F5.2 mag otherMag visual magnitude in other catalogues 26- 27 A2 --- Sp spectral type 30- 34 F5.2 a Ep-1900 mean epoch of the observations of R.A. and Dec 37- 38 I2 --- Nobs number of observations of R.A. and Dec. 41- 42 I2 h RAh observed J2000 R.A. at the mean epoch (hours) 44- 45 I2 min RAm observed R.A. at the mean epoch (minutes) 47- 52 F6.3 s RAs observed R.A. at the mean epoch (seconds) 55 A1 --- DE- observed J2000 Dec. at the mean epoch (sign) 56- 57 I2 deg DEd observed Dec. at the mean epoch (degrees) 59- 60 I2 arcmin DEm observed Dec. at the mean epoch (minutes) 62- 66 F5.2 arcsec DEs observed Dec. at the mean epoch (seconds) 67- 73 F7.3 s O-C_RA (O-C) in R.A. at the mean epoch to be added to the Source Catalogue 74- 79 F6.2 arcsec O-C_DE (O-C) in Dec. at the mean epoch to be added to the Source Catalogue 82- 86 F5.3 s e_RAs mean error of the observed R.A. 89- 92 F4.2 arcsec e_DEs mean error of the observed Dec. 95- 99 F5.2 a EpMag ? mean epoch of the observations of magnitude 102-103 I2 --- o_Mag ? number of observations of magnitude 105-109 F5.2 mag Mag ? observed magnitude at the mean epoch 111-114 F4.2 mag e_Mag ? mean error of the observed magnitude 116-124 A9 --- DM BD or CD numbers taken from PPM Catalog 126-134 A9 --- AGK AGK3 numbers
See also: I/167 : Tokyo PMC Catalog 86 (Yoshizawa+ 1989) I/187 : Tokyo PMC Catalog 87 (Yoshizawa+ 1991) I/188 : Tokyo PMC Catalog 88 (Yoshizawa+ 1992) I/198 : Tokyo PMC Catalog 89 (Yoshizawa+ 1993) I/248 : Tokyo PMC Catalog 90-93 (Yoshizawa+ 1997) Historical Notes: * 30-Sep-1991: the catalogue was supplied to CDS by Shiro Nishimura; the reformatting of the data were carried out at the Astronomical Data Analysis Center of the National Astronomical Observatory, Japan. * 20-Feb-1996: Documentation standardized, using the same description as catalog I/198 by S.Nishimura [ADAC/NAOJ], from 01-Sept-1993
(End) [CDS] 20-Feb-1996
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