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I/131A      SAO Star Catalog J2000     (SAO Staff 1966; USNO, ADC 1990)

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog SAO Staff <Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (1966)>
ADC_Keywords: Positional data ; Proper motions Description: This machine-readable SAO catalog from the Astronomical Data Center is based on an original binary version of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog (SAO, SAO Staff 1966). Subsequent improvements by T. A. Nagy (1979) included the addition of equatorial coordinates in radians and cross-identifications from the Table of Correspondences SAO/HD/DM/GC (Morin 1973). As a prelude to creation of the 1984 version of the SAO, a new version of the SAO-HD-GC-DM Cross Index was prepared (Roman, Warren, and Schofield 1983). The 1984 version of the SAO contained the corrected and extended cross identifications, all errata published up to January 1984 and known to the ADC, numerous errors forwarded to the ADC by colleagues, and errors discovered at the ADC during the course of this work. Clayton A. Smith of the U. S. Naval Observatory provided J2000.0 positions and proper motions for the SAO stars. Published and unpublished errors discovered in the previous version (1984) have been corrected (up to May 1991). The catalog contains SAO number; the right ascension and declination with a B1950.0 equinox and epoch; annual proper motion and its standard deviation, photographic and visual magnitudes; spectral type; references to sources; the Durchmusterung (DM) identifier if the star is listed in the Bonner DM (BD), Cordoba DM (CD), or Cape Photographic DM (CP); component identification; The Henry Draper (Extension) (HD or HDE) number; and J2000 positions and proper motions. Multiple-star component identifications have been added to stars where more than one SAO entry has the same DM number. The Henry Draper Extension (HDE) numbers have been added for stars found in both volumes of the extension. Data for duplicate SAO entries (those referring to the same star) have been flagged. J2000 positions in usual units and in radians have been added. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file sao.dat 204 258997 The SAO J2000.0 catalogue doc.txt 85 1479 Complete Documentation (extracted from the CD-ROM "Selected Astronomical Catalogs", Vol. 1, NASA 1991)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: sao.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 6 I6 --- SAO [1/258997]+ SAO Catalog number 7 A1 --- delFlag [D] if star deleted (ignore all fields) 8- 9 I2 h RAh Hours RA, Equinox=B1950, Epoch=1950.0 10- 11 I2 min RAm Minutes RA, equinox B1950, Epoch=1950.0 12- 17 F6.3 s RAs Seconds RA, equinox B1950, Epoch=1950.0 18- 24 F7.4 s/a pmRA Annual proper motion in RA, FK4 system 25- 26 I2 mas/a e_pmRA Standard deviation in pmRA 27 A1 --- RA2mf [±] '+', add 1, or '-', substract 1, RA minute: indication that the minutes of time associated with the seconds portion RA2 must be increased or decreased by 1 28- 33 F6.3 s RA2s Seconds portion of RA, original epoch, precessed to B1950 34- 35 I2 10mas e_RA2s Standard deviation of RA2 36- 41 F6.1 a EpRA2 Epoch of RA2 (RA original epoch) 42 A1 --- DE- Sign Dec, equinox B1950, Epoch=1950.0 43- 44 I2 deg DEd Degrees Dec, equinox B1950, Epoch=1950.0 45- 46 I2 arcmin DEm Minutes Dec, equinox B1950, Epoch=1950.0 47- 51 F5.2 arcsec DEs Seconds Dec, equinox B1950, Epoch=1950.0 52- 57 F6.3 arcsec/a pmDE ? Annual proper motion in Dec, FK4 system (10) 58- 59 I2 mas/a e_pmDE Standard deviation of Dec proper motion 60 A1 --- DE2mf [±] '+', add 1, or '-', substract 1: Indication that the arcminutes associated with DE2 must be increased or decreased by 1 61- 65 F5.2 arcsec DE2s Seconds of Declination, original epoch, precessed to B1950 66- 67 I2 10mas e_DE2s Standard deviation of DE2 68- 73 F6.1 a EpDE2 Epoch of DE2 (Declinaation original epoch) 74- 76 I3 10mas e_Pos Standard deviation of position at epoch 1950.0 77- 80 F4.1 mag Pmag []?=99.9 Photographic magnitude 81- 84 F4.1 mag Vmag []?=99.9 Visual magnitude 85- 87 A3 --- SpType Spectral type, '+++' for composite spectra 88- 89 I2 --- r_Vmag Coded source of visual magnitude (1) 90- 91 I2 --- r_Num Coded source of star number and footnotes (2) 92 I1 --- r_Pmag Coded source of photographic magnitude (3) 93 I1 --- r_pmRA Coded source of proper motions (4) 94 I1 --- r_SpType Coded source of spectral type (5) 95 I1 --- Rem Coded remarks duplicity and variability (6) 96 I1 --- a_Vmag Accuracy of V: 0 = 2 decimals, 1=1 decimal 97 I1 --- a_Pmag Accuracy of Ptg: 0 = 2 decimals, 1=1 decimal 98- 99 I2 --- r_Cat Code for source catalog (7) 100-104 I5 --- CatNum Number in source catalog 105-117 A13 --- DM Durchmusterung identification (9) 118-123 A6 --- HD Henry Draper Catalog (HD or HDE) number (A6) (Catalogue III/135) 124 A1 --- m_HD HD component and multiple code (8) 125-129 A5 --- GC Boss General Catalog (GC) number (Catalogue I/113) 130-139 D10.8 rad RArad Right ascension, 1950.0, in radians 140-150 D11.8 rad DErad Declination, 1950.0, in radians 151-152 I2 h RA2000h Hours RA, equinox, epoch J2000.0 153-154 I2 min RA2000m Minutes RA, equinox, epoch J2000.0 155-160 F6.3 s RA2000s Seconds RA, equinox, epoch J2000.0 161-167 F7.4 s/a pmRA2000 Annual proper motion in FK5 system 168 A1 --- DE2000- Sign Dec, equinox, epoch J2000.0 169-170 I2 deg DE2000d Degrees Dec, equinox, epoch J2000.0 171-172 I2 arcmin DE2000m Minutes Dec, equinox, epoch J2000.0 173-177 F5.2 arcsec DE2000s Seconds Dec, equinox, epoch J2000.0 178-183 F6.3 arcsec/a pmDE2000 ? Annual proper motion in FK5 system (10) 184-193 D10.8 rad RA2000rad Right ascension, J2000.0, in radians 194-204 D11.8 rad DE2000rad Declination, J2000.0, in radians
Note (1): Visual Magnitude Sources: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo- Visual visual Magnitude source ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 Does not appear in source catalog 1 21 Determined by source catalog 2 22 Determined by source catalog or by authority in footnote 3 23 Source cited in source catalog introduction 24 Source unspecified 5 Taken from "Bonner Durchmusterung" 8 Based on Durchmusterung magnitudes and visual estimates 9 Taken from AGK1 10 Taken from Cordoba Zones (Resultados) 12 Taken from CGA (Perrine 1911a, b) or Cordoba Zones 13 Taken from Harvard publications 14 Taken from Harvard or San Luis photometry 15 Taken from the "Henry Draper Catalogue" 16 Combined magnitude of component stars 17 Arithmetic mean of maximum and minimum magnitudes of a variable star ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Always check the duplicity / variability code (Note 6) when using magnitudes. When blank, code = 0 and field = 99.9. Note (2): Star-Number Sources and Footnotes: -------------------------------------------------- Footnote without with Star Number -------------------------------------------------- 0 16 Source catalog only 1 17 Source catalog and BD 2 18 Source catalog and CD 3 19 Source catalog and CPD 4 20 Cordoba B (Resultados) and CD 5 21 Cordoba A (Resultados) and CD 6 22 AGK1 and BD 7 GC and BD 8 24 Cordoba B (Resultados) and CPD 9 Cordoba A (Resultados) and CPD -------------------------------------------------- When blank, the code for DM is 0 or 16, footnote is 0 through 9, and field is all zeros. Footnotes and star numbers are those appearing in the source catalogs. Note (3): Photographic Magnitude Sources: --------------------------------------------------- Code Source --------------------------------------------------- 0 Does not appear in source catalog 1 Determined by source catalog 4 Taken from magnitudes of the CPD and diameters of the Cape Astrographic Catalogue 8 Source cited in source catalog introduction 9 Columbia Contributions Numbers 30 and 31 (Schilt and Hill 1937, 1938) --------------------------------------------------- When blank, code is 0 and field is all zeros. Note (4): Proper-Motion Sources: --------------------------------------------------------- Code Source --------------------------------------------------------- 1 Determined by source catalog 3 Determined by comparison of catalog and Greenwich AC 5 Determined by comparison of catalog and AGK1 6 Determined by comparison of catalog and Greenwich AC on the basis of the smallest difference in positions (see page xiii of source reference) 8 Determined by comparison of catalog and AGK1 on the basis of the smallest difference in positions (see page xiii of source reference) --------------------------------------------------------- Note (5): Spectral-Type Sources: ---------------------------------------------------------- Code Source ---------------------------------------------------------- 0 Taken from the Henry Draper Catalogue or no spectrum in source catalog 1 Taken from the HD with M stars reclassified by Miss Cannon 2 Classified by G. G. Cillie 3 Classified by Goedicke 4 Classified by D. Hoffleit 5 Classified by M. W. Mayall 6 Classified at Leander McCormick Observatory 7 Classified by Nassau and Seyfert ---------------------------------------------------------- If the spectrum is composite, "+++" is stored in the field and the code is 0. Note (6): Miscellaneous Coded Remarks for Duplicity and Variability: ----------------------------------------------------- Code Meaning ----------------------------------------------------- 0 No additional information 1 Double star - see source catalog for source 2 Double star in Aitken's Double Star Catalogue (Aitken 1932) 3 Double star in Burnham's Double Star Catalogue (Burnham 1906) 4 Variable star in visual magnitude in source catalog 5 Variable star in photographic magnitude in source catalog 6 Variable star in both magnitudes 7 Both double and variable, in either visual or photographic magnitudes ----------------------------------------------------- When blank, code is 0, no field is involved. Note (7): References for the Source Catalogs: ----------------------------------------------------- No. Abbreviated Title ----------------------------------------------------- 01 AGK2, Volume 1 02 AGK2, Volume 2 03 AGK2, Volume 5 04 AGK2, Volume 6 05 AGK2, Volume 7 06 AGK2, Volume 8 20 Yale Transactions 11 21 Yale Transactions 12 Part I 22 Yale Transactions 12 Part II 23 Yale Transactions 13 Part I 24 Yale Transactions 13 Part II 25 Yale Transactions 14 26 Yale Transactions 16 27 Yale Transactions 17 28 Yale Transactions 18 29 Yale Transactions 19 30 Yale Transactions 20 31 Yale Transactions 21 32 Yale Transactions 22 Part I 33 Yale Transactions 22 Part II 34 Yale Transactions 24 35 Yale Transactions 25 36 Yale Transactions 26 Part I 37 Yale Transactions 26 Part II 38 Yale Transactions 27 40 Cape Annals 17 41 Cape Annals 18 42 Cape Annals 19 43 Cape Annals 20 48 Cape Zone 60 Melbourne 3 61 Melbourne 4 70 GC 71 FK3 74 FK4 ----------------------------------------------------- Note (8): Explanation of HD Codes: ------------------------------------------------------------- Code Meaning ------------------------------------------------------------- 0 Single star or primary with a companion > 0.3 mag (visual) fainter. 1 Brighter component with a companion ≤ 0.3 mag fainter. 2 Fainter component with a companion ≤ 0.3 mag brighter. 9 The "SAO Catalog" entry refers to two consecutive HD numbers, the lower of which is given. ------------------------------------------------------------- Note (9): The DM designation is coded as: catalog 'BD', 'CD', 'CP' (A2) zone and number (A8), and component identification (A2) if there are two or more SAO stars having the same DM number supplement letter (A1) for BD (Warren and Kress, Catalogue I/71) Note (10): There are 3 blank values for the Declination proper motions for: SAO 208759 (pmDE=-0.180 in printed catalogue) SAO 208795 (pmDE=-0.042 in printed catalogue) SAO 212470 (pmDE=-0.072 in printed catalogue)
See also: A more recent catalogue with better position and proper motion data, the so-called "PPM Catalogue" (Positions and Proper Motions) has been prepared at ARI (Astronomisches Rechen-Institut at Heidelberg, Germany); is is made of two parts: I/146 : PPM North Star Catalogue, 181731 stars; I/193 : PPM South Star Catalogue, 197179 stars. References: Morin, D. 1973, Table of Correspondences SAO/HD/DM/GC, Obs. de Meudon, unpublished =IV/12 Nagy, T.A. 1979, Documentation for the Machine-Readable Version of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Catalog(ue) (EBCDIC Version), Systems and Applied Sciences Corporation R-SAW-7/79-34 Roman, N.G., Warren Jr., W.H., and Schofield Jr., N.J. 1983, Documentation for the Machine-Readable Version of the SAO-HD-GC-DM Cross Index, Version 1983, NSSDC/WDC-A-R&S 83-17 Historical Notes: * Changes since 1984 Version: see in file "sao.doc", section 4. by Nancy G. Roman and Wayne H. Warren. * October 1991: CD-ROM "Selected Astronomical Catalogs" Vol. 1, directory: /astrom/saoj2000 * 24-Jun-1993: First standardized document at CDS * 25-Oct-1995: Standardized document revisited.
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 27-Oct-1995
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