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I/125A           Combined Lick-Voyager Reference Star Catalogue  (Dunham 1986)

Combined Lick-Voyager Reference Star Catalogue. Dunham D.W. <Unpublished (1986)>
ADC_Keywords: Positional data Description: The catalogue contains accurate equatorial coordinates for stars in several bands of sky against which cameras of Voyager spacecraft were pointed for observations in the regions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune during the flyby. This catalogue is compiled by combining the four reference star catalogues for Voyager mission: Uranus-Voyager Reference Star Catalogue I/115 Klemola A.R., Owen Jr. W.M. <Lick Obs., Jet Propulsion Lab. (1985)> Neptune-Voyager Reference Star Catalogue I/140 Klemola A.R., Owen Jr. W.M. <Lick Obs., Jet Propulsion Lab. (1986)> Jupiter-Voyager Reference Star Catalogue I/152 Klemola A.R., Morabito L., Taraji H. <Lick Obs. (1978)> (Corrections by Owen Jr. W.M., 1990) Saturn-Voyager Reference Star Catalogue I/153 Klemola A.R., Taraji H., Ocampo A. <Lick Obs. (1979)> (Corrections by Owen Jr. W.M., 1990) Note however that the corrections applied in 1990 to the last two catalogue Jupiter-Voyager and Saturn-Voyager are not incorporated here. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 88 25136 The Catalogue
Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- DMsign [-+CL] DM zone sign, or Lick indicator: + or - : Bonner Durchmusterung C : Cordoba Durchmusterung L : Lick (non-DM) 2- 3 I2 --- DMzone DM zone (without sign), or if Lick: 1=Jupiter, 2=Saturn, 3=Uranus-pre, 4=Uranus-post, 5=Neptune 4- 8 I5 --- DMnum sequence number in DM (or Lick) zone 9- 12 I4 0.01mag Vmag V magnitude (in unit of 0.01mag.) 13- 14 I2 h RAh Right Ascension B1950 (hours) at Epoch 15- 16 I2 min RAm Right Ascension B1950 (minutes) 17- 21 I5 ms RAms Right Ascension B1950 (seconds) 22- 27 I6 0.01ms/a pmRA proper motion in RA (0.001s/century) 28 A1 --- DE- Declination B1950 (sign) 29- 30 I2 deg DEd Declination B1950 (degrees) at Epoch 31- 32 I2 arcmin DEm Declination B1950 (minutes) 33- 36 I4 10mas DEcs Declination B1950 (0.01 seconds) 37- 42 I6 0.1mas/a pmDE proper motion in DE (0.01arcseconds/cent) 43- 46 I4 0.01mag Bmag []?=9999 B magnitude (0.01mag.) 47- 51 I5 --- SCnum Lick source number, see remarks below. 52- 57 I6 --- SAO [1/258997]?=0 SAO number I/131 58- 60 A3 --- SpType spectral type (if given) 61- 63 I3 10mas e_RAs error of RA (0.01arcseconds) 64- 66 I3 0.1mas/a e_pmRA error of pmRA (0.01arcseconds/century) 67- 69 I3 10mas e_DEs error of DE (0.01arcseconds) 70- 72 I3 0.1mas/a e_pmDE error of pmDE (0.01arcseconds/century) 73- 76 I4 0.01a Ep-1900 epoch of RA and DE, 0.01years since 1900. 77- 80 I4 0.1mas plx parallax (0.0001arcseconds) 81- 88 A8 --- AGK3 AGK3 designation (zone in bytes 81-83, number in bytes 85-88)
Remarks (David Dunham, 1986 Oct. 16): E-terms have been added to the Uranus catalogs, so that these are included for all stars. In column 47-51, SCnum, the number is the sequential number if actual DM No.'s (not "L" in column 1) are in columns 1-8. This is also the case for Neptune catalog stars, for which no plate or other catalog ID's are available. Otherwise, an abbreviation of the Lick plate No. is in column 47-48, and the No. of the star on the plate in column 49-51, both right-justified (as are all "I n" fields). "9999" in B-mag. field means no B-mag. is available. SAO-only and AGK3-only stars in the Uranus catalogs, which were not on any Lick plate, were skipped. Stars in the Uranus-Gemini catalog were matched with the Jupiter catalog; for matched stars, Uranus data superseded Jupiter data whenever possible (Jupiter data was used in the construction of the Uranus-Gemini catalog at J.P.L.). For 16 of the matched stars, one catalog gave an AGK3 No. and the other didn't. 173 stars in the Uranus-Sagittarius catalog had no magnitude informations; I arbitrarily set V-mag. for these stars = 11.4, unless the star was in the Co.D., in which case, I set V-mag. = 10.4. Although the position information in the Neptune catalog should be good, it has not been cross-referenced to other catalogs, and the photometry has not been calibrated. What I have is a preliminary version sent by Arnold Klemola to me early in September. Unlimited distribution of the Neptune catalog needs to wait until more work is done on it. In the meantime, any further distribution of Neptune catalog data needs Klemola's approval, although I am confident that this will be readily granted for those using the catalogs for occultations. David Dunham 1986 Oct. 16 Historical Notes: * Catalogue provided by ADC, NASA/GSFC * 16-Jul-1993: RA and DE transformed by Dr K. Nakajima (Visiting Astronomer at CDS) * 30-Aug-1993: Errors communicated by S. Nishimura, Tokyo Data Centre: The star names in BD +1 zone are erroneous: for read + 1 0 +14 1641 + 1 0 +19 1769 + 1 0 +19 1805 + 1 0 +26 1677 + 1 1528 +21 1528 + 1 1596 +21 1596 + 1 1643 +19 1643 + 1 1725 +14 1725 + 1 1792 +23 1792 + 1 1793 +18 1793 Note also that there are two stars named "L 1 1". * 02-Nov-1995: The corrections mentioned above by S. Nishimura have been incorporated into 'A' version, as well as the following modifications (Francois Ochsenbein, CDS): => The second "L 1 1" was changed to "L 4 1" => The zone sign of AGK3 numbers were transformed into '+' and '-' (instead of 'N' and 'S') => All southern DM numbers were erroneously indicated 'C' (from Cordoba Durchmusterung); 'C' was replaced by '-' (Bonner Durchmusterung) when appropriate.
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 02-Nov-1995
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