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B/wds    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog    (Mason+ 2001-2014)

The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS), Version 2014-12-15 Mason B.D., Wycoff G.L., Hartkopf W.I., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E. <Astron. J. 122, 3466 (2001)> =2001AJ....122.3466M
ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple ; Positional data Description: The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS) is the successor to the Index Catalogue of Visual Double Stars, 1961.0 (IDS; Jeffers and van den Bos, Publ. Lick Obs. 21). Three earlier double star catalogs in XXth century, those by Burnham (BDS, 1906, "General Catalogue of Double Stars within 121 degrees of the North Pole", Carnegie Institution of Washington), Innes (SDS, 1927, "Southern Double Star Catalogue -19 to -90 degrees", Union Observatory, Johannesburg, South Africa), and Aitken (ADS, 1932 "New General Catalogue of Double Stars within 121 degrees of the North Pole", Carnegie Institution of Washington), each covered only a portion of the sky. Both the IDS and the WDS cover the entire sky, and the WDS is intended to contain all known visual double stars for which at least one differential measure has been published. The WDS is continually updated as published data become available. Prior to this, three major updates have been published (Worley and Douglass 1984, "Washington Visual Double Star Catalog, 1984.0", U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington; Worley and Douglass 1997A&AS..125..523W, Cat. I/237; Mason, Wycoff, Hartkopf, Douglass and Worley 2001AJ....122.3466M; and Mason et al. 2006.5). The Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) has seen numerous changes since the last major release of the catalog. The application of many techniques and considerable industry over the past few years has yielded significant gains in both the number of systems and the number of measures. Is is maintained by the US Naval Observatory, and represents the world's principal database of astrometric double and multiple star information. The WDS contains positions (J2000), discoverer designations, epochs, position angles, separations, magnitudes, spectral types, proper motions, and, when available, Durchmusterung numbers and notes for the components of the systems. Acknowledgement of Usage: If the WDS and associated databases were helpful for your research work, the following acknowledgement would be appreciated: "This research has made use of the Washington Double Star Catalog maintained at the U.S. Naval Observatory." File Summary: File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file wds.dat 130 130083 The Washington Double Star Catalog (main part) notes.dat 103 31209 The Washington Double Star Catalog (notes) refs.dat 125 18314 Discoverer names and references
See also: : the WDS Home page V/111 : Fifth Catalog of Orbits of Visual Double Stars I/274 : Catalog of Components of Double and Multiple stars (Dommanget+ 2002) I/276 : Tycho Double Star Catalogue (TDSC) (Fabricius+ 2002) II/291 : The Photometric Magnitude Difference Catalog (Mason+ 2008) Byte-by-byte Description of file: wds.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- WDS WDS name (based on J2000 position) 11- 17 A7 --- Disc Discoverer Code (1 to 4 letters) and Number (5) 18- 22 A5 --- Comp Components when more than 2 (1) 24- 27 I4 yr Obs1 ? Date of first satisfactory observation 29- 32 I4 yr Obs2 ? Date of last satisfactory observation 34- 37 I4 --- Nobs Number of Observations (up to 9999) 39- 41 I3 deg pa1 ? Position Angle at date Obs1 (2) 43- 45 I3 deg pa2 ? Position Angle at date Obs2 (2) 47- 51 F5.1 arcsec sep1 ? Separation at date Obs1 53- 58 F6.2 arcsec sep2 ? Separation at date Obs12 59- 63 F5.2 mag mag1 ? Magnitude of First Component 65- 69 F5.2 mag mag2 ? Magnitude of Second Component 71- 80 A10 --- SpType Spectral Type (Primary/Secondary) 81- 84 I4 mas/yr pmRA1 ? Primary Proper Motion (RA) 85- 88 I4 mas/yr pmDE1 ? Primary Proper Motion (Dec) 90- 93 I4 mas/yr pmRA2 ? Secondary Proper Motion (RA) 94- 97 I4 mas/yr pmDE2 ? Secondary Proper Motion (Dec) 99-107 A9 --- DM Durchmusterung Number (3) 108-111 A4 --- Notes [B-Z ] Notes about the binary (4) 112 A1 --- n_RAh [!] indicates a position derived from WDS name 113-114 I2 h RAh Right Ascension J2000 (Ep=J2000, hours) 115-116 I2 min RAm Right Ascension J2000 (Ep=J2000, minutes) 117-121 F5.2 s RAs [0/60] Right Ascension J2000 (Ep=J2000, seconds) 122 A1 --- DE- Declination J2000 (Ep=J2000, sign) 123-124 I2 deg DEd Declination J2000 (Ep=J2000, degrees) 125-126 I2 arcmin DEm Declination J2000 (Ep=J2000, minutes) 127-130 F4.1 arcsec DEs [0/60]? Declination J2000 (Ep=J2000, seconds)
Note (1): Components, when the object has more than two. The Lick IDS scheme (which used letters P, Q, R...) has been discontinued, and components are now referred to by the traditionally employed lower-case letters. The rather awkward upper-case designations, e.g. ABXC, have been changed to the form AB-C, etc. We have noted some confusion on the part of observers and students alike, as to how to designate components in multiple systems. Traditionally, these have been designated in order of separation, thus AB, AC,...., or in the cases where close pairs are observed blended, AB-C, AB-D,.... In some instances, differing resolution limits produce situations where observations are intermixed, thus AC, AB-C, and so forth (in all too many cases, carelessness on the part of the observer does not permit us to determine with certainty how the observation is to be interpreted). There are also many instances where later observations have revealed a closer companion; these are designated Aa, Bb, etc. In a few cases wider, later discoveries have also been so denoted. Note (2): Crude positions (e.g., NP for "North Preceding") of the past have been changed to their degree equivalent with an accompanying note. Position angles are unprecessed in this catalog (i.e., they are for the mean date of observation). Note (3): use the convention of the Henry Draper Catalogue: BD (Bonn) from +89 degrees to -22 degrees inclusive, Cordoba from -23 degrees to -51 degrees inclusive, Cape Photographic from -52 degrees to -89 degrees inclusive. When a star is not contained in the Durchmusterung proper to its declination zone, but is contained in another Durchmusterung, this is so indicated in the Notes. Other components having different Durchmusterung numbers are also indicated in the Notes. From September 2009, the DM number may be followed by a component letter, e.g. "-50 9826B" for WSI 81Ba,Bb Note (4): The following codes are contained in these columns: N = Notes found in the "notes.dat" table. B = Summary line gives blue (Johnson U or B, blue photographic, etc.) magnitudes C = Orbit and Linear solution. A published orbit exists and this system has a Linear Solution as well. A "C" code, then, indicates both an "O" and an "L" code. D = Has measure in Delta-M catalog I = Identification uncertain. Match of object at precise position with WDS pair may or may not be correct. Currently under examination. K = Summary line gives K-band or other infrared (>1 micron) magnitudes L = Linear solution. Linear elements for this pair have been determined. Linear Elements Catalog is currently under development. M = Magnitude modified. Magnitudes have been corrected to the Tycho-V scale based on other systems measured by the discoverer and Tycho. O = Orbit, briefly described in WDSNOT MEMO and has entry in Orbit Catalog P = 100-year proper motion in right ascension and declination R = Summary line gives red (Johnson R or I, red photographic, etc.) magnitudes S = Statistically different parallax and proper motion indicates that this pair is non-physical. T = Statistically the same parallax within the errors and similar proper motion or other technique indicates that this pair is physical. U = Proper motion or other technique indicates that this pair is non-physical. V = Proper motion or other technique indicates that this pair is physical. X = A "Dubious Double" (or "Bogus Binary"). This pair may represent a positional typo in the original publication (so we're looking in the wrong location), an optical double disappearing due to radically different proper motions, a plate flaw, or simply a pair not at a magnitude, separation, etc., sufficiently similar to those noted when the first measure was added (making it too faint, too close, etc.). Y = Statistically different parallax for the components indicates they are non-physical. Z = Statistically the same parallax within the errors would indicate the components are physical. At present, column 108 is reserved for N, column 109 for O, L, C, or X and column 110 for D. The other codes can occur in any column. Note (5): Originally 3 letters represent the discoverer; an additional 'A' denotes an appendix, 'B' a second appendix, e.g. in the lists of F. Struve: STF1004 is the 1004th system in the main list, STFA 11 is the 11th system of the first appendix, STFB 12 is the 12th system of the second appendix, etc.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: notes.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- WDS WDS name 12- 22 A11 --- Disc Discoverer Code and Number 24- 94 A71 --- Text Text of note 96-103 A8 --- RefCode Reference code
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 A3 --- Disc Discoverer Code 6- 13 A8 --- RefCode Reference code 15- 19 A5 --- Meth Method(s) 21-105 A85 --- Text Authors and publication reference (1) 107-125 A19 --- Bibcode Reference code used by ADS/CDS/NED
Note (1): "additional DD list" refers to a list of discovery designations for discoverers who had no papers where they were first author.
History: * 08-Jan-2009: Version 103861 binaries, from * 22-Feb-2009: Version 104221 binaries, from * 01-Mar-2009: Version 104225 binaries, from * 08-Mar-2009: Version 104235 binaries, from * 15-Mar-2009: Version 104223 binaries, from * 28-Mar-2009: Version 104227 binaries, from * 19-Apr-2009: Version 104260 binaries, from * 10-May-2009: Version 104271 binaries, from * 02-Aug-2009: Version 104298 binaries, from * 23-Aug-2009: Version 104682 binaries, from * 13-Sep-2009: Version 104854 binaries, from * 25-Oct-2009: Version 104989 binaries, from * 20-Dec-2009: Version 106003 binaries, from * 27-Dec-2009: Version 106058 binaries, from * 10-Jan-2010: Version 106057 binaries, from * 31-Jan-2010: Version 106089 binaries, from * 07-Feb-2010: Version 106091 binaries, from * 28-Feb-2010: Version 106252 binaries, from * 14-Mar-2010: Version 106277 binaries, from * 21-Mar-2010: Version 106320 binaries, from * 28-Mar-2010: Version 106581 binaries, from * 04-Apr-2010: Version 106676 binaries, from * 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from * 24-Jul-2011: Version 114978 binaries, from * 31-Jul-2011: Version 114979 binaries, from * 07-Aug-2011: Version 115002 binaries, from * 15-Aug-2011: Version 115050 binaries, from * 21-Aug-2011: Version 115115 binaries, from * 04-Sep-2011: Version 115416 binaries, from * 18-Sep-2011: Version 115478 binaries, from * 25-Sep-2011: Version 115515 binaries, from * 23-Oct-2011: Version 115609 binaries, from * 30-Oct-2011: Version 115609 binaries, from * 06-Nov-2011: Version 115635 binaries, from * 13-Nov-2011: Version 115634 binaries, from * 20-Nov-2011: Version 115659 binaries, from * 27-Nov-2011: Version 115702 binaries, from * 04-Dec-2011: Version 115702 binaries, from * 11-Dec-2011: Version 115715 binaries, from * 18-Dec-2011: Version 115714 binaries, from * 25-Dec-2011: Version 115759 binaries, from * 01-Jan-2012: Version 115769 binaries, from * 15-Jan-2012: Version 116222 binaries, from * 22-Jan-2012: Version 116222 binaries, from * 29-Jan-2012: Version 116253 binaries, from * 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