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This compact version of the Guide Star Catalogue Version 1.1 (an all-sky astrometric and photometric catalog to support the operation of the Hubble Space Telescope, The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. ([c] 1989, 1992)) was prepared by A. Preite-Martinez and F. Ochsenbein, and presented as "A Pocket version of the Guide Star Catalogue" in "Handling & Archiving Data from Ground-based Telescopes", Trieste 1993, ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings No 50 (ISBN 3-923524-53-6), p. 199 (details at
The compressed tables (useable on any architecture with the provided programs) follow exactly the directory structure of the original GSC. Source programs (to query the GSC and generate the binary indexes) are in src subdirectory. Binary files include executables and binary indexes for fast queries; these are stored in bin subdirectory (Solaris version) and bin-dos (PC MS-DOS version) The only file required to generate the binary indexes (by means of the genreg.exe program) is regions.ord (sorted list of regions) A complete stand-alone PC version of the GSC catalogue requires all files from bin-dos , N* and S* subdirectories. (total about 300Mbytes)
The query program, gsc.exe, allows to retrieve the GSC stars in a small circle around a target position (or at a distance between two limits), or from a GSC-id identification (a number combining the region and star) with the -g option. This program has a lot of other options summarized with the -help option. To have gsc.exe running properly, two environment variables are required: GSCDAT : the name of the directory which contains the [NS]* subdirectories; GSCBIN : the name of the directory which contains the binary indexes. The default setup of these variables are: GSCDAT=/GSC on Unix set GSCDAT=\GSC on MS-DOS GSCBIN=$GSCDAT/bin set GSCBIN=$GSCDAT\bin The usage of two variables allow to move only the binary files ($GSCBIN) to a magnetic drive, leaving the bulk data ($GSCDAT) to a dedicated (e.g. optical) drive. Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome! Francois Ochsenbein, 1996 April 25
A program running in client/server mode allows to access this version of the GSC, as well as most other catalogues stored at CDS, from any Internet node: see A WWW interface to query this version of the GSC is also available at URL
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