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I/330/    Binary star discoveries in the URAT1 catalog (Nicholson, 2015)
yCat:     1330
Status:   f-v
Size:     913Kb; 9450
Date:     Added: 14-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-15)
Title:    Binary star discoveries in the URAT1 catalog.
Popular:  112
Authors:  Nicholson M.
Contents: Id.:
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Sep, PA
          mu_alpha_, mu_delta_ + sigma
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; Positional data; Proper motions
Cite:     Nicholson 2015 (I/330)
II/338/   IRAS PSC/FSC Combined Catalogue (Abrahamyan+ 2015)
yCat:     2338
Status:   f-v
Size:     465Mb; 345163 sources
Date:     Added: 23-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    The IRAS PSC/FSC Combined Catalogue
Popular:  1689
Authors:  Abrahamyan H.V., Mickaelian A.M., Knyazyan A.V.
Ref:      Astron. & Computing 10, 99 (2015)
BibCode:  2015A&C....10...99A
Contents: Id.: IRAS, WISE, AKARI
          alpha, delta (J2000) + sigma
          Fluxes + sigma, qualities for
          IRAS (12, 25, 60, 100mum)
          AKARI (9, 18, 65, 90, 140, 160mum)
          WISE (3, 5, 12, 22mum)
          2MASS JHK_S_
Category: CCC
Keyword:  Photometry, infrared; Infrared sources; Cross identifications; Surveys
          IR; Stars
Cite:     Abrahamyan et al. 2015 (II/338)
VII/273/  The Half Million Quasars (HMQ) catalogue (Flesch, 2015)
yCat:     7273
Status:   f-v
Size:     91Mb; 510764 QSOs
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-15)
Acronym:  HQM
Title:    The Half Million Quasars (HMQ) catalogue
Popular:  936
Authors:  Flesch E.W.
Ref:      Pub. Astron. Soc. Australia 32, 10 (2015)
BibCode:  2015PASA...32...10F
Contents: Id.: (from literature)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Rmag, Bmag, Class
          Multi-lambda identifications
Category: CCC
Keyword:  QSOs; Active gal. nuclei; Redshifts; Magnitudes
Cite:     Flesch 2015 (VII/273)
VIII/92/  The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 2014Dec17 (Helfand+ 2015)
yCat:     8092
Status:   f-v
Size:     355Mb; 946432 sources
Date:     Added: 27-Jul-2013 (VizieR: 2015-05-19)
Acronym:  FIRST
Title:    The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 2014 Dec
Media:    image/fitsimage/gif
Popular:  85927
Authors:  Helfand D.J., White R.L., Becker R.H.
Ref:      Astrophys. J. 801, 25 (2015)
BibCode:  2015ApJ...801...26H
Contents: Id.: FIRST, Field Name
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          F_peak_, F_int_, S/N
          Source size
Remark:   Supersedes VIII/90
Category: OC
ignored:  first13
Keyword:  Radio sources; Surveys
Cite:     Helfand et al. 2015 (VIII/92)
B/astorb/ Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
yCat:     102001
Status:   T-f-v
Size:     184Mb; 433938 planets
Date:     Added: 08-Sep-2013 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  astorb
Title:    The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, version 2015-May-17
Popular:  534
Authors:  Bowell E.
Ref:      Lowell Observatory
Contents: _Minor Planets_: Number, Name
          Magnitude elements
          Class, diameter
          a, e, i, Omega, omega, M
          Ephemeris uncertainties
          N_arc_, N_obs_
Remark:   Weekly updated
          See also B/comets
qProgram: astorb vcds1@VIZDB
Category: GCC
Keyword:  Minor planets
Cite:     Bowell 2014 (B/astorb)
B/eso/    ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2015)
yCat:     102011
Status:   f-v
Size:     7503Mb; 15665064 obs.
Date:     Added: 10-Sep-2002 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  logESO; ESO; ESOSAC
Title:    The ESO SCience Archive Catalog
Popular:  23931
Authors:  European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Contents: Id.: Dataset, Target
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Date, exposure time
          Program, Instrument setup
Category: OC
qProgram: eso_arc vcds1@VIZDB
Keyword:  Observatory log
          ESO; optical; Obs_Log
Cite:     European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1991 (B/eso)
B/iram/   IRAM Observation Logs (IRAM 1991-2015)
yCat:     102016
Status:   f-v
Size:     57Mb; 298061 obs.
Date:     Added: 25-Mar-2004 (VizieR: 2015-05-07)
Acronym:  logIRAM; IRAM; PdBI
Title:    Plateau de Bure (IRAM) Interferometer Observation Log
Popular:  9467
Authors:  Dan M., Neri R
Ref:      IRAM (Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique) Newsletters
Contents: Id.: Program, Source name
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Date, Time, Configuration
          Frequencies (3mm, 1mm)
Category: OC
Keyword:  Observatory log; Interferometry; Radio sources
          Radio; Obs_Log
Cite:     Dan & Neri R 1991 (B/iram)
B/sb9/    SB9: 9th Catalogue of Spectroscopic Binary Orbits (Pourbaix+
yCat:     102020
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.3Mb; 3322 systems
Date:     Added: 23-Dec-2008 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  SB9
Title:    The Ninth Catalogue of Spectroscopic Binary Orbits
Popular:  3187
Authors:  Pourbaix D., Tokovinin A.A, Batten A.H., Fekel F.C., Hartkopf W.I.,
          Levato H., Morell N.I., Torres G., Udry S.
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 424, 727 (2004)
BibCode:  2004A&A...424..727P
Contents: Id.: SB9, GCVS, HIP, HD, other
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          P T_0_ e omegaK_1_ K_2_ gamma
          References and Notes
Category: CCC
Keyword:  Binaries, orbits; Binaries, spectroscopic
          Orbits; Binaries:spectroscopic
Cite:     Pourbaix et al. 2004 (B/sb9)
B/sn/     Asiago Supernova Catalogue (Barbon et al., 1999-)
yCat:     102024
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.1Mb; 6469 SNe
Date:     Added: 25-Feb-2008 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  SN
Title:    The Asiago Supernova Catalogue 2008
Popular:  9576
Authors:  Barbon R., Buondi V., Cappellaro E., Turatto M.
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 139, 531 (1999)
BibCode:  1999A&AS..139..531B
Contents: Id.: Name, parent galaxy
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Parent Galaxy parameters
          distance from the nucleus
          SN type
          m(max), date
Remark:   Supersedes II/283
          Regularly updated
Category: GCC
Keyword:  Supernovae; Surveys
          optical; SuperNovae
Cite:     Barbon et al. 1999 (B/sn)
B/vsx/    AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
yCat:     102027
Status:   f-v
Size:     61Mb; 334040 variables
Date:     Added: 15-Jun-2009 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  VSX
Title:    The AAVSO International Variable Star Index
Popular:  33299
Authors:  Watson C., Henden A.A., Price A.
Ref:      AAVSO
Contents: Id.: OID (VSX)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Varibility Class
          P, T_0_, m_max_, m_min_
Remark:   See also B/gcvs
Category: CCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZDB
Keyword:  Stars, variable
          optical; Stars:variable
Cite:     Watson et al. 2006 (B/vsx)
B/wds/    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
yCat:     102026
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Mb; 132391 binaries
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2009 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  WDS
Title:    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS)
Popular:  20287
Authors:  Mason B.D., Wycoff G.L., Hartkopf W.I., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E.
Ref:      Astron. J. 122, 3466 (2001)
BibCode:  2001AJ....122.3466M
Contents: Id.: WDS, discoverer, DM
          alpha, delta (2000)
          Dates of first and last observations
          rho, theta, N(obs)
          m_A_, m_B_, Sp., mu
          Notes & References
          Discoverers lists
Remark:   Living edition
          Supersedes I/237
Category: GCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZDB catid=102026
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Positional data
          optical; Positional_Data; Multiple_Stars
Cite:     Mason et al. 2001 (B/wds)
                                   (Byte-by-byte revised to add field separator)
J/A+A/556/A55/ Multi-color photometry of star-forming galaxies (Ilbert+, 2013)
yCat:     35560055
Status:   f-v
Size:     137.55Mb;
Date:     Added: 25-Jul-2013 (VizieR: 2015-05-20)
Title:    Mass assembly in quiescent and star-forming galaxies since z 4 from
Popular:  396
Authors:  Ilbert O., McCracken H.J., Le Fevre O., Capak P., Dunlop J., Karim A.,
          Renzini M.A., Caputi K., Boissier S., Arnouts S., Aussel H., Comparat
          J., Guo Q., Hudelot P., Kartaltepe J., Kneib J.P., Krogager J.K., Le
          Floc'h E., Lilly S., Mellier Y., Milvang-Jensen B., Moutard T.,
          Onodera M., Richard J., Salvato M., Sanders D.B., Scoville N.,
          Silverman J.D., Taniguchi Y., Tasca L., Thomas R., Toft S., Tresse L.,
          Vergani D., Wolk M., Zirm A.
BibCode:  2013A&A...556A..55I
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 556, A55 (2013)
Files:    uvista.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Galaxy catalogs; Magnitudes, absolute; ; ;
          Photometry, UBVRI; Photometry, infrared; Redshifts; Surveys
          optical; IR; Photometry; Galaxies; Photometry:wide-band; Redshifts
Cite:     Ilbert et al. 2013 (J/A+A/556/A55)
J/A+A/575/A44/ HI absorption in flux-selected radio AGN (Gereb+, 2015)
yCat:     35750044
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    The HI absorption "Zoo".
Popular:  14
Authors:  Gereb K., Maccagni F.M., Morganti R., Oosterloo T.A.
BibCode:  2015A&A...575A..44G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 575, A44-44 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Radio sources; H I data
          Radio; AGN
Cite:     Gereb et al. 2015 (J/A+A/575/A44)
J/A+A/575/A48/ Alignment of galaxies in galaxy clusters (Sifon+, 2015)
yCat:     35750048
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    Constraints on the alignment of galaxies in galaxy clusters from
           14000 spectroscopic members.
Popular:  8
Authors:  Sifon C., Hoekstra H., Cacciato M., Viola M., Koehlinger F., Van Der
          Burg R.F.J., Sand D.J., Graham M.L.
BibCode:  2015A&A...575A..48S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 575, A48-48 (2015)
Files:    refs.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Velocity dispersion
          optical; Clusters_of_galaxies
Cite:     Sifon et al. 2015 (J/A+A/575/A48)
J/A+A/575/A75/ MUSE 3D view of HDF-S (Bacon+, 2015)
yCat:     35750075
Status:   f-v
Size:     102Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    The MUSE 3D view of the Hubble Deep Field South.
Popular:  17
Authors:  Bacon R., Brinchmann J., Richard J., Contini T., Drake A., Franx M.,
          Tacchella S., Vernet J., Wisotzki L., Blaizot J., Bouche N., Bouwens
          R., Cantalupo S., Carollo C.M., Carton D., Caruana J., Clement B.,
          Dreizler S., Epinat B., Guiderdoni B., Herenz C., Husser T.-O., Kamann
          S., Kerutt J., Kollatschny W., Krajnovic D., Lilly S., Martinsson T.,
          Michel-Dansac L., Patricio V., Schaye J., Shirazi M., Soto K., Soucail
          G., Steinmetz M., Urrutia T., Weilbacher P., De Zeeuw T.
BibCode:  2015A&A...575A..75B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 575, A75-75 (2015)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Spectroscopy; Photometry, HST; Redshifts
          optical; Galaxies:spectra; Spectroscopy; Redshifts
Cite:     Bacon et al. 2015 (J/A+A/575/A75)
J/A+A/577/A109/ No variations in transit times for Qatar-1b (Maciejewski+, 2015)
yCat:     35770109
Status:   f-v
Size:     168Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-12)
Title:    No variations in transit times for Qatar-1 b.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  43
Authors:  Maciejewski G., Fernandez M., Aceituno F.J., Ohlert J., Puchalski D.,
          Dimitrov D., Seeliger M., Kitze M., Raetz St., Errmann R., Gilbert H.,
          Pannicke A., Schmidt J.-G., Neuhaeuser R.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.109M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A109 (2015)
Files:    q1data.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry, CCD
          Multiple_Stars; Photometry; Planets+Asteroids
Cite:     Maciejewski et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A109)
J/A+A/577/A120/ Carrier fit analysis of LQ Hya photometry (Olspert+, 2015)
yCat:     35770120
Status:   f-v
Size:     356Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-13)
Title:    Multiperiodicity, modulations and flip-flops in variable star light
          curves. III. Carrier fit analysis of LQ Hydrae photometry for
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  41
Authors:  Olspert N., Kapyla M. J., Pelt J., Cole E. M., Hackman T., Lehtinen
          J., Henry G. W.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.120O
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A120 (2015)
Files:    minima.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable
          optical; Stars:variable
Cite:     Olspert et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A120)
J/A+A/577/A121/ The XMM-ATLAS catalogues (Ranalli+, 2015)
yCat:     35770121
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.87Mb;
Date:     Added: 13-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-13)
Title:    The XMM-Newton survey in the H-ATLAS field.
Popular:  65
Authors:  Ranalli P., Georgantopoulos I., Corral A., Koutoulidis L., Rovilos M.,
          Carrera F.J., Akylas A., Del Moro A., Georgakakis A., Gilli R.,
          Vignali C.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.121R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A121 (2015)
Files:    main.dat suppl.dat v2.3-main.fits v2.3-suppl.fits
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; QSOs; X-ray sources; Galaxies, Seyfert
          X-ray; AGN; Seyfert_Galaxies; QSOs
Cite:     Ranalli et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A121)
J/A+A/577/A128/ CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I (Alonso-Floriano+, 2015)
yCat:     35770128
Status:   f-v
Size:     217Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I. Low-resolution spectroscopy
          with CAFOS.
Popular:  73
Authors:  Alonso-Floriano F.J., Morales J.C., Caballero J.A., Montes D., Klutsch
          A., Mundt R., Cortes-Contreras M., Ribas I., Reiners A., Amado P.J.,
          Quirrenbach A., Jeffers S.V.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.128A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A128 (2015)
Files:    refs.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, standard; Stars, dwarfs; Stars, M-type; ; ; Stars, late-type;
          Spectral types; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Alonso-Floriano et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A128)
J/A+A/577/A132/ Stellar parameters of early M dwarfs (Maldonado+, 2015)
yCat:     35770132
Status:   f-v
Size:     16.55Mb;
Date:     Added: 18-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    Stellar parameters of early M dwarfs from ratios of spectral features
          at optical wavelengths.
Popular:  19
Authors:  Maldonado J., Affer L., Micela G., Scandariato G., Damasso M., Stelzer
          B., Barbieri M., Bedin L.R., Biazzo K., Bignamini A., Borsa F., Claudi
          R.U., Covino E., Desidera S., Esposito M., Gratton R., Gonzalez
          Hernandez J.I., Lanza A.F., Maggio A., Molinari E., Pagano I., Perger
          M., Pillitteri I., Piotto G., Poretti E., Prisinzano L., Rebolo R.,
          Ribas I., Shkolnik E., Southworth J., Sozzetti A., Suarez Mascareno A.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.132M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A132 (2015)
Files:    mdslines.tar readme.txt table2.dat table4.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Stars, M-type; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Maldonado et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A132)
J/A+A/577/A135/ Nearby AGN ^12^CO and Halpha maps (Casasola+, 2015)
yCat:     35770135
Status:   f-v
Size:     189Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-19)
Title:    The resolved star-formation relation in nearby active galactic nuclei.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  40
Authors:  Casasola V., Hunt L., Combes F., Garcia-Burillo S.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.135C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A135 (2015)
Files:    list.dat maps/*
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Casasola et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A135)
J/A+A/577/A148/ The Seven Sisters DANCe. I. (Bouy+, 2015)
yCat:     35770148
Status:   f-v
Size:     1254.71Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-20)
Acronym:  DANCe
Title:    The Seven Sisters DANCe. I. Empirical isochrones, luminosity, and mass
          functions of the Pleiades cluster.
Popular:  36
Authors:  Bouy H., Bertin E., Sarro L.M., Barrado D., Moraux E., Bouvier J.,
          Cuillandre J.-C., Berihuete A., Olivares J., Beletsky Y.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A.148B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A148 (2015)
Files:    dancep.dat dancept.dat fits/* table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Photometry, infrared; Proper motions
Cite:     Bouy et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A148)
J/A+A/577/A18/ Reduced CRIRES spectra around S multiplet 3 (Kacharov+, 2015)
yCat:     35770018
Status:   f-v
Size:     300Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-24)
Title:    Galactic evolution of sulphur as traced by globular clusters.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  136
Authors:  Kacharov N., Koch A., Caffau E., Sbordone L.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..18K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A18 (2015)
Files:    sp/* table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Milky Way; Spectra, infrared; Abundances
          IR; Abundances; Globular_Clusters; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Kacharov et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A18)
J/A+A/577/A21/ VIMOS blue compact galaxies (Cairos+, 2015)
yCat:     35770021
Status:   f-v
Size:     772.33Mb;
Date:     Added: 24-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-24)
Title:    VIMOS integral field spectroscopy of blue compact galaxies. I.
          Morphological properties, diagnostic emission-line ratios and
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  129
Authors:  Cairos L.M., Caon N., Weilbacher P.M.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..21C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A21 (2015)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra
          optical; Galaxies:spectra
Cite:     Cairos et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A21)
J/A+A/577/A25/ 3D model for fitting forbidden OI6300 line (Socas-Navarro, 2015)
Status:   f
Size:     889.41Mb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2015
Title:    The solar oxygen abundance from an empirical three-dimensional model.
Authors:  Socas-Navarro H.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..25S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A25 (2015)
Files:    model_in.mod model_out.mod
Keyword:  Models
Cite:     Socas-Navarro 2015 (J/A+A/577/A25)
J/A+A/577/A26/ MUCHFUSS RV variable hot subluminous stars (Geier+, 2015)
yCat:     35770026
Status:   f-v
Size:     150Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-24)
Title:    The catalogue of radial velocity variable hot subluminous stars from
          the MUCHFUSS project.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  86
Authors:  Geier S., Kupfer T., Heber U., Schaffenroth V., Barlow B.N., Oestensen
          R.H., O'Toole S.J., Ziegerer E., Heuser C., Maxted P.F.L., Gaensicke
          B.T., Marsh T.R., Napiwotzki R., Bruenner P., Schindewolf M.,
          Niederhofer F.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..26G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A26 (2015)
Files:    rv.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, faint; Radial velocities
          optical; Stars; Velocities
Cite:     Geier et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A26)
J/A+A/577/A30/ SDC335.579-0.292 6, 8, 23 and 25GHz images (Avison+, 2015)
yCat:     35770030
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.56Mb;
Date:     Added: 27-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-27)
Title:    Tightening the belt: constraining the mass and evolution in SDC335.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  119
Authors:  Avison A., Peretto N., Fuller G.A., Duarte-Cabral A., Traficante A.,
          Pineda J.E.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..30A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A30 (2015)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  H II regions; Interstellar medium; Protostars
          optical; HII_regions; Interstellar_Medium; YSOs
Cite:     Avison et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A30)
J/A+A/577/A35/ Visible colors of Centaurs and KBOs (Peixinho+, 2015)
yCat:     35770035
Status:   f-v
Size:     331Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-14)
Title:    Reanalyzing the visible colors of Centaurs and KBOs: what is there and
          what we might be missing.
Popular:  40
Authors:  Peixinho N., Delsanti A., Doressoundiram A.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..35P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A35 (2015)
Files:    refs.dat table4.dat table4.tex table5.dat table5.tex
Keyword:  Solar system; Minor planets; Colors
          Photometry; Planets+Asteroids
Cite:     Peixinho et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A35)
J/A+A/577/A54/ HAT-P23 and WASP-48 light curves (Ciceri+, 2015)
yCat:     35770054
Status:   f-v
Size:     152Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-04)
Title:    Physical properties of the HAT-P23 and WASP-48 planetary systems from
          multi-colour photometry.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  31
Authors:  Ciceri S., Mancini L., Southworth J., Bruni I., Nikolov N., D'Ago G.,
          Schroeder T., Bozza V., Tregloan-Reed J., Henning T.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..54C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A54 (2015)
Files:    hatp23.dat wasp48.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry
          optical; Multiple_Stars; Photometry; Planets+Asteroids
Cite:     Ciceri et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A54)
J/A+A/577/A59/ g'i' obs. in 5 isolated elliptical galaxies (Salinas+, 2015)
yCat:     35770059
Status:   f-v
Size:     138Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-05)
Title:    Isolated ellipticals and their globular cluster systems. III. NGC
          2271, NGC 2865, NGC 3962, NGC 4240, and IC 4889.
Popular:  136
Authors:  Salinas R., Alabi A., Richtler T., Lane R.R.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..59S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A59 (2015)
Files:    phot.dat table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Clusters, globular; Photometry, SDSS
          optical; Globular_Clusters; Galaxies; Photometry:wide-band
Cite:     Salinas et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A59)
J/A+A/577/A81/ Deep SDSS Optical Spectroscopy. II. (Fernandez-Alvar+, 2015)
yCat:     35770081
Status:   f-v
Size:     442Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-13)
Title:    Deep SDSS Optical Spectroscopy of Distant Halo Stars. II. Iron,
          calcium, and magnesium abundances.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  114
Authors:  Fernandez-Alvar E., Allende Prieto C., Schlesinger K.J., Beers T.C.,
          Robin A.C., Schneider D.P., Lee Y.S., Bizyaev D., Ebelke G.,
          Malanushenko E., Malanushenko V., Oravetz D., Pan K., Simmons A.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..81F
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A81 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, halo; Stars, fundamental; Stars, distances; ; ; Abundances,
          optical; Abundances; Stars
Cite:     Fernandez-Alvar et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A81)
J/A+A/577/A84/ V352 CMa V-band differential light curve (Kajatkari+, 2015)
yCat:     35770084
Status:   f-v
Size:     120Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-07)
Title:    Periodicity in some light curves of the solar analogue V352 CMa.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  55
Authors:  Kajatkari P., Jetsu L., Cole E., Hackman T., Henry G. W., Joutsiniemi
          S-L., Lehtinen J., Makela V., Porceddu S., Ryynanen K., Solea V.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..84K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A84 (2015)
Files:    phot.dat res.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Magnitudes
          optical; Stars:variable
Cite:     Kajatkari et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A84)
J/A+A/577/A91/ Millimeter wave spectrum of vinyl acetate (Kolesnikova+, 2015)
yCat:     35770091
Status:   f-v
Size:     266Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-12)
Title:    Laboratory millimeter wave spectrum and astronomical search for vinyl
Popular:  21
Authors:  Kolesnikova L., Pena I., Alonso J.L., Cernicharo J., Tercero B.,
          Kleiner I.
BibCode:  2015A&A...577A..91K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, A91 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Interstellar medium; Spectroscopy; Atomic physics
          optical; Atomic_Data; Interstellar_Medium; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Kolesnikova et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/A91)
J/A+A/577/L2/ Barnard 1b-N and 1b-S nascent bipolar outflows (Gerin+, 2015)
yCat:     35779002
Status:   f-v
Size:     72.10Mb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-12)
Title:    Nascent bipolar outflows associated with the first hydrostatic core
          candidates Barnard 1b-N and 1b-S.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  86
Authors:  Gerin M., Pety J., Fuente A., Cernicharo J., Commercon B., Marcelino
BibCode:  2015A&A...577L...2G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 577, L2 (2015)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Radial velocities
          optical; Nebulae; Velocities
Cite:     Gerin et al. 2015 (J/A+A/577/L2)
J/A+A/578/A11/ Spectrum of QSO XMMC 2028 (Brusa+, 2015)
yCat:     35780011
Status:   f-v
Size:     8Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Title:    Evidence for feedback in action from the molecular gas content in the
          z 1.6 outflowing QSO XID2028.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Brusa M., Feruglio C., Cresci G., Mainieri V., Sargent M.T., Perna M.,
          Santini P., Vito F., Marconi A., Merloni A., Lutz D., Piconcelli E.,
          Lanzuisi G., Maiolino R., Rosario D., Daddi E., Bongiorno A., Fiore
          F., Lusso E.
BibCode:  2015A&A...578A..11B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 578, A11 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Brusa et al. 2015 (J/A+A/578/A11)
J/A+A/578/A3/ New survey of supergiants in the MCs (Gonzalez-Fernandez+, 2015)
yCat:     35780003
Status:   f-v
Size:     125Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Title:    A new survey of cool supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds.
Popular:  4
Authors:  Gonzalez-Fernandez C., Dorda R., Negueruela I., Marco A.
BibCode:  2015A&A...578A...3G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 578, A3 (2015)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Stars, supergiant; Stars, variable; ; ; Photometry,
          infrared; Spectroscopy; MK spectral classification
Cite:     Gonzalez-Fernandez et al. 2015 (J/A+A/578/A3)
J/A+A/578/A4/ Arches and Quintuplet clusters IR phot., and pm (Stolte+, 2015)
yCat:     35780004
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.55Mb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Title:    Circumstellar discs in Galactic center clusters: Disc-bearing B-type
          stars in the Quintuplet and Arches clusters.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Stolte, A., Hussmann, B., Olczak, C., Brandner, W., Habibi, M., Ghez,
          A. M. Morris, M. R., Lu, J. R., Clarkson, W. I., Anderson, J.
BibCode:  2015A&A...578A...4S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 578, A4 (2015)
Files:    tablee1.dat tablee2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Infrared sources; Photometry, infrared; ; ; Proper
Cite:     Stolte et al. 2015 (J/A+A/578/A4)
J/A+A/578/A8/ Multi-resolution images of M33 (Boquien+, 2015)
yCat:     35780008
Status:   f-v
Size:     727.14Mb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2015
Title:    Measuring star formation with resolved observations: the test case of
          M 33.
Media:    cube/fits
Authors:  Boquien M., Calzetti D., Aalto S., Boselli A., Braine J., Buat V.,
          Combes F., Israel F., Kramer C., Lord S., Relano M., Rosolowsky E.,
          Stacey G., Tabatabaei F., van der Tak F., van der Werf P., Verley S.,
          Xilouris M.
BibCode:  2015A&A...578A...8B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 578, A8 (2015)
Files:    cube.fits
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Photometry, infrared; Ultraviolet
Cite:     Boquien et al. 2015 (J/A+A/578/A8)
J/A+A/578/A9/ Optical and NIR spectra of SN iPTF13ebh (Hsiao+, 2015)
yCat:     35780009
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.81Mb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Title:    Strong near-infrared carbon in the Type Ia supernova iPTF13ebh.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  2
Authors:  Hsiao E.Y., Burns C.R., Contreras C., Hoeflich P., Sand D., Marion
          G.H., Phillips M.M., Stritzinger M., Gonzalez-Gaitan S., Mason R.E.,
          Folatelli G., Parent E., Gall C., Amanullah R., Anupama G.C., Arcavi
          I., Banerjee D.P.K., Beletsky Y., Blanc G.A., Bloom J.S., Brown P.J.,
          Campillay A., Cao Y., De Cia A., Diamond T., Freedman W.L., Gonzalez
          C., Goobar A., Holmbo S., Howell D.A., Johansson J., Kasliwal M.M.,
          Kirshner R.P., Krisciunas K., Kulkarni S.R., Maguire K., Milne P.A.,
          Morrell N., Nugent P.E., Ofek E.O., Osip D., Palunas P., Perley D.A.,
          Persson S.E., Piro A.L., Rabus M., Roth M., Schiefelbein J.M.,
          Srivastav S., Sullivan M., Suntzeff N.B., Surace J., Wozniak P.R.,
          Yaron O.
BibCode:  2015A&A...578A...9H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 578, A9 (2015)
Files:    list.dat sp/*
Keyword:  Supernovae; Spectra, infrared
Cite:     Hsiao et al. 2015 (J/A+A/578/A9)
J/AJ/144/93/ Parameters for close white dwarf + M dwarf binaries (Morgan+, 2012)
yCat:     51440093
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.28Mb;
Date:     Added: 15-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-21)
Title:    The effects of close companions (and rotation) on the magnetic
          activity of M dwarfs.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  5
Authors:  Morgan D.P., West A.A., Garces A., Catalan S., Dhital S., Fuchs M.,
          Silvestri N.M.
BibCode:  2012AJ....144...93M
Ref:      Astron. J., 144, 93 (2012)
Files:    table.dat table.fits
Keyword:  Binaries, spectroscopic; Stars, dwarfs; Stars, white dwarf
Cite:     Morgan et al. 2012 (J/AJ/144/93)
J/AJ/149/117/ LMC infrared survey. I. Photometry of Cepheids (Macri+, 2015)
yCat:     51490117
Status:   f-v
Size:     296.45Mb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Acronym:  [MNK2015]
Title:    Large Magellanic Cloud near-infrared synoptic survey. I. Cepheid
          variables and the calibration of the Leavitt Law.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  51
Authors:  Macri L.M., Ngeow C.-C., Kanbur S.M., Mahzooni S., Smitka M.T.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..117M
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 117 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Magellanic Clouds; Stars, variable; ; ; Photometry, infrared
Sources:  (tablea1): [MNK2015] @RAJ2000@DEJ2000
Cite:     Macri et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/117)
J/AJ/149/119/ Radial velocities of stars in NGC 2264 (Tobin+, 2015)
yCat:     51490119
Status:   f-v
Size:     64Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    Kinematic and spatial substructure in NGC 2264.
Popular:  18
Authors:  Tobin J.J., Hartmann L., Furesz G., Hsu W.-H., Mateo M.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..119T
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 119 (2015)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Radial velocities; Spectral types; ; ; Photometry,
          optical; IR; Open_Clusters; Spectral_Classification; Velocities
Cite:     Tobin et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/119)
J/AJ/149/120/ Times of minimum light for TY UMa (Li+, 2015)
yCat:     51490120
Status:   f-v
Size:     33Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    The active contact binary TY UMa revisited: is it a quadruple star?
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  12
Authors:  Li K., Hu S.-M., Guo D.-F., Jiang Y.-G., Gao Y.-G., Chen X., Odell
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..120L
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 120 (2015)
Files:    refs.dat table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Radial velocities
          optical; Binaries:eclipsing; Velocities
Cite:     Li et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/120)
J/AJ/149/121/ WOCS. LXV. Abundances in NGC 6819 (Lee-Brown+, 2015)
yCat:     51490121
Status:   f-v
Size:     48Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-19)
Title:    Spectroscopic abundances in the open cluster NGC 6819.
Popular:  17
Authors:  Lee-Brown D.B., Anthony-Twarog B.J., Deliyannis C.P., Rich E., Twarog
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..121L
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 121 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Effective temperatures; Rotational velocities; ; ;
          Radial velocities; Abundances
Cite:     Lee-Brown et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/121)
J/AJ/149/125/ Iybvu photometry and CCD spectroscopy of RX Gem (Olson+, 2015)
yCat:     51490125
Status:   f-v
Size:     119Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-12)
Title:    RX Geminorum: photometric solutions, (nearly uniform) gainer rotation,
          donor radial velocity solution, Non-LTE accretion disk models of
          Halpha emission profiles, and secular light curve changes in the
          20th century.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  10
Authors:  Olson E.C., Etzel P.B.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..125O
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 125 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry; Radial velocities
          optical; Binaries:eclipsing; Photometry; Velocities
Cite:     Olson & Etzel 2015 (J/AJ/149/125)
J/AJ/149/127/ The SOS project. IV. NGC 1624 and NGC 1931 (Lim+, 2015)
yCat:     51490127
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-18)
Title:    The Sejong Open cluster Survey (SOS). IV. The young open clusters NGC
          1624 and NGC 1931.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Lim B., Sung H., Bessell M.S., Kim J.S., Hur H., Park B.-G.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..127L
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 127 (2015)
Files:    table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Photometry, UBVRI; Photometry, H-alpha
Cite:     Lim et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/127)
J/AJ/149/128/ Radial velocities of 29 cataclysmic variables (Thorstensen+, 2015)
yCat:     51490128
Status:   f-v
Size:     85Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-12)
Title:    Spectroscopic orbital periods for 29 cataclysmic variables from the
          Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  47
Authors:  Thorstensen J.R., Taylor C.J., Peters C.S., Skinner J.N., Southworth
          J., Gansicke B.T.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..128T
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 128 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, cataclysmic; Radial velocities
Cite:     Thorstensen et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/128)
J/AJ/149/131/ Parameters of galactic nearby main-sequence stars (Eker+, 2015)
yCat:     51490131
Status:   f-v
Size:     88Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-17)
Title:    Main-sequence effective temperatures from a revised mass-luminosity
          relation based on accurate properties.
Popular:  60
Authors:  Eker Z., Soydugan F., Soydugan E., Bilir S., Yaz Gokce E., Steer I.,
          Tuysuz M., Senyuz T., Demircan O.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..131E
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 131 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Stars, masses; Effective temperatures; ; ; Stars,
Cite:     Eker et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/131)
J/AJ/149/146/ UBV(RI)c differential light curves of HR Boo (Samec+, 2015)
yCat:     51490146
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-11)
Title:    First precision light curve analysis of the neglected extreme mass
          ratio solar-type binary HR Bootis.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  8
Authors:  Samec R.G., Benkendorf B., Dignan J.B., Robb R., Kring J., Faulkner
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..146S
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 146 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, UBVRI
          optical; IR; Binaries:eclipsing; Photometry:wide-band
Cite:     Samec et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/146)
J/AJ/149/149/ Photometry and spectroscopy of HAT-P-54 (Bakos+, 2015)
yCat:     51490149
Status:   f-v
Size:     518Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-19)
Title:    HAT-P-54b: a hot Jupiter transiting a 0.6M_sun_ star in field 0 of
          the K2 mission.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  8
Authors:  Bakos G.A., Hartman J.D., Bhatti W., Bieryla A., de Val-Borro M.,
          Latham D.W., Buchhave L.A., Csubry Z., Penev K., Kovacs G., Beky B.,
          Falco E., Kovacs T., Howard A.W., Johnson J.A., Isaacson H., Marcy
          G.W., Torres G., Noyes R.W., Berlind P., Calkins M.L., Esquerdo G.A.,
          Lazar J., Papp I., Sari P.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149..149B
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 149 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Planets; Stars, double and multiple; Stars, K-type; ; ; Photometry;
          Radial velocities
          optical; Multiple_Stars; Photometry; Planets+Asteroids; Stars;
Cite:     Bakos et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/149)
J/AJ/149/42/ Proper motion of Draco dwarf galaxy from HST (Pryor+, 2015)
yCat:     51490042
Status:   f-v
Size:     317Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  [PPO2015]
Title:    Proper motion of the Draco dwarf galaxy based on Hubble Space
          Telescope imaging.
Popular:  21
Authors:  Pryor C., Piatek S., Olszewski E.W.
BibCode:  2015AJ....149...42P
Ref:      Astron. J., 149, 42 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Proper motions
Sources:  (stars): [PPO2015] @WFC-@*Seq
Keyword:  optical; Galaxies; Proper_Motions
Cite:     Pryor et al. 2015 (J/AJ/149/42)
J/ApJ/745/95/ Herschel FIR + submm photometry of KINGFISH gal. (Dale+, 2012)
yCat:     17450095
Status:   f-v
Size:     22Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-14)
Acronym:  KINGFISH
Title:    Herschel far-infrared and submillimeter photometry for the KINGFISH
          sample of nearby galaxies.
Popular:  39
Authors:  Dale D.A., Aniano G., Engelbracht C.W., Hinz J.L., Krause O., Montiel
          E.J., Roussel H., Appleton P.N., Armus L., Beirao P., Bolatto A.D.,
          Brandl B.R., Calzetti D., Crocker A.F., Croxall K.V., Draine B.T.,
          Galametz M., Gordon K.D., Groves B.A., Hao C.-N., Helou G., Hunt L.K.,
          Johnson B.D., Kennicutt R.C., Koda J., Leroy A.K., Li Y., Meidt S.E.,
          Miller A.E., Murphy E.J., Rahman N., Rix H.-W., Sandstrom K.M.,
          Sauvage M., Schinnerer E., Skibba R.A., Smith J.-D.T., Tabatabaei
          F.S., Walter F., Wilson C.D., Wolfire M.G., Zibetti S.
BibCode:  2012ApJ...745...95D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 745, 95 (2012)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Photometry, infrared; Morphology; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Dale et al. 2012 (J/ApJ/745/95)
J/ApJ/776/114/ MAGIICAT. I. MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog (Nielsen+, 2013)
yCat:     17760114
Status:   f-v
Size:     55Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Title:    MAGIICAT. I. The MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog.
Popular:  17
Authors:  Nielsen N.M., Churchill C.W., Kacprzak G.G., Murphy M.T.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...776..114N
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 776, 114 (2013)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Galaxies, spectra; Redshifts; Equivalent widths; ; ; Magnitudes,
          optical; Equivalent_widths; Galaxies:spectra; QSOs; Redshifts
Cite:     Nielsen et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/776/114)
J/ApJ/776/136/ QPQ VI. HI absorption of z 2 quasars (Prochaska+, 2013)
yCat:     17760136
Status:   f-v
Size:     173Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Acronym:  QPQ6; QPQ
Title:    Quasars Probing Quasars. VI. Excess H I absorption within one proper
          Mpc of z 2 quasars.
Popular:  18
Authors:  Prochaska J.X., Hennawi J.F., Lee K.-G., Cantalupo S., Bovy J.,
          Djorgovski S.G., Ellison S.L., Lau M.W., Martin C.L., Myers A., Rubin
          K.H.R., Simcoe R.A.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...776..136P
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 776, 136 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Redshifts; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
          optical; Equivalent_widths; Spectroscopy; QSOs; Redshifts
Cite:     Prochaska et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/776/136)
J/ApJ/776/71/ ZENS: galaxies in groups along the cosmic web. I. (Carollo+, 2013)
yCat:     17760071
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.35Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    The Zurich Environmental Study of galaxies in groups along the cosmic
          web. I. Which environment affects galaxy evolution?
Popular:  25
Authors:  Carollo C.M., Cibinel A., Lilly S.J., Miniati F., Norberg P.,
          Silverman J.D., van Gorkom J., Cameron E., Finoguenov A., Peng Y.,
          Pipino A., Rudick C.S.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...776...71C
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 776, 71 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Morphology; Clusters, galaxy
          optical; Clusters_of_galaxies; Photometry; Galaxies
Cite:     Carollo et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/776/71)
J/ApJ/776/L20/ C/2012 S1 (comet ISON) R photometry (Meech+, 2013)
yCat:     17769020
Status:   f-v
Size:     13Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    Outgassing behavior of C/2012 S1 (ISON) from 2011 September to 2013
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  10
Authors:  Meech K.J., Yang B., Kleyna J., Ansdell M., Chiang H.-F., Hainaut O.,
          Vincent J.-B., Boehnhardt H., Fitzsimmons A., Rector T., Riesen T.,
          Keane J.V., Reipurth B., Hsieh H.H., Michaud P., Milani G., Bryssinck
          E., Ligustri R., Trabatti R., Tozzi G.-P., Mottola S., Kuehrt E.,
          Bhatt B., Sahu D., Lisse C., Denneau L., Jedicke R., Magnier E.,
          Wainscoat R.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...776L..20M
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 776, L20 (2013)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Comets; Photometry, RI
          optical; IR; Planets+Asteroids
Cite:     Meech et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/776/L20)
J/ApJ/776/L31/ Energy feedback from XRB from z=0 to z=19.92 (Fragos+, 2013)
yCat:     17769031
Status:   f-v
Size:     130Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    Energy feedback from X-ray binaries in the early universe.
Popular:  13
Authors:  Fragos T., Lehmer B.D., Naoz S., Zezas A., Basu-Zych A.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...776L..31F
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 776, L31 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, X-ray; Models
          Binaries:cataclysmic; Models
Cite:     Fragos et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/776/L31)
J/ApJ/777/120/ cm to submm spectra of H_2_C^=^CH-CH_2_NC (Haykal+, 2013)
yCat:     17770120
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.20Mb;
Date:     Added: 09-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    The cm-, mm-, and sub-mm-wave spectrum of allyl isocyanide and
          radioastronomical observations in Orion KL and the SgrB2 line surveys.
Popular:  6
Authors:  Haykal I., Margules L., Huet T.R., Motyienko R.A., Ecija P., Cocinero
          E.J., Basterretxea F., Fernandez J.A., Castano F., Lesarri A.,
          Guillemin J.C., Tercero B., Cernicharo J.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777..120H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 120 (2013)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics
Cite:     Haykal et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/120)
J/ApJ/777/132/ A search for progenitors of short GRBs (Dichiara+, 2013)
yCat:     17770132
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    A search for pulsations in short gamma-ray bursts to constrain their
Popular:  14
Authors:  Dichiara S., Guidorzi C., Frontera F., Amati L.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777..132D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 132 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays
Cite:     Dichiara et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/132)
J/ApJ/777/156/ Spitzer/IRS spectra of GOALS luminous IR galaxies (Inami+, 2013)
yCat:     17770156
Status:   f-v
Size:     81Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-11)
Title:    Mid-infrared atomic fine-structure emission-line spectra of luminous
          infrared galaxies: Spitzer/IRS spectra of the GOALS sample.
Popular:  16
Authors:  Inami H., Armus L., Charmandaris V., Groves B., Kewley L., Petric A.,
          Stierwalt S., Diaz-Santos T., Surace J., Rich J., Haan S., Howell J.,
          Evans A.S., Mazzarella J., Marshall J., Appleton P., Lord S., Spoon
          H., Frayer D., Matsuhara H., Veilleux S.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777..156I
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 156 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Spectra, infrared
          IR; Galaxies; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Inami et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/156)
J/ApJ/777/157/ 90GHz obs. of high-mass star-forming regions (Hoq+, 2013)
yCat:     17770157
Status:   f-v
Size:     213Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-11)
Title:    Chemical evolution in high-mass star-forming regions: results from the
          MALT90 survey.
Popular:  13
Authors:  Hoq S., Jackson J.M., Foster J.B., Sanhueza P., Guzman A., Whitaker
          J.S., Claysmith C., Rathborne J.M., Vasyunina T., Vasyunin A.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777..157H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 157 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Radio lines; H II regions; Interstellar medium; ; ; Millimetric/submm
          sources; Galactic plane; Surveys
          Radio; HII_regions; Interstellar_Medium
Cite:     Hoq et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/157)
J/ApJ/777/160/ NIR imaging survey for planets around MG stars (Biller+, 2013)
yCat:     17770160
Status:   f-v
Size:     54Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-14)
Title:    The Gemini/NICI planet-finding campaign: the frequency of planets
          around young moving group stars.
Popular:  13
Authors:  Biller B.A., Liu M.C., Wahhaj Z., Nielsen E.L., Hayward T.L., Males
          J.R., Skemer A., Close L.M., Chun M., Ftaclas C., Clarke F., Thatte
          N., Shkolnik E.L., Reid I.N., Hartung M., Boss A., Lin D., Alencar
          S.H.P., de Gouveia Dal Pino E., Gregorio-Hetem J., Toomey D.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777..160B
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 160 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table9.dat table17.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Stars, nearby; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Biller et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/160)
J/ApJ/777/168/ CIV and SiIV broad absorption line troughs in SDSS (Filiz+, 2013)
yCat:     17770168
Status:   f-v
Size:     364Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-14)
Title:    Broad absorption line variability on multi-year timescales in a large
          quasar sample.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  23
Authors:  Filiz Ak N., Brandt W.N., Hall P.B., Schneider D.P., Anderson S.F.,
          Hamann F., Lundgren B.F., Myers A.D., Paris I., Petitjean P., Ross
          N.P., Shen Y., York D.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777..168F
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 168 (2013)
Files:    qsos.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Redshifts; Equivalent widths; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Filiz Ak et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/168)
J/ApJ/777/18/ Stellar mass functions of galaxies to z=4 (Muzzin+, 2013)
yCat:     17770018
Status:   f-v
Size:     28Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-28)
Title:    The evolution of the stellar mass functions of star-forming and
          quiescent galaxies to z = 4 from the COSMOS/UltraVISTA survey.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Muzzin A., Marchesini D., Stefanon M., Franx M., McCracken H.J.,
          Milvang-Jensen B., Dunlop J.S., Fynbo J.P.U., Brammer G., Labbe I.,
          van Dokkum P.G.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777...18M
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 18 (2013)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Redshifts; Galaxies, IR; Surveys
          optical; IR; Galaxies; Redshifts
Cite:     Muzzin et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/18)
J/ApJ/777/42/ Kinematic and HI data for the NFGS (Kannappan+, 2013)
yCat:     17770042
Status:   f-v
Size:     70Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-28)
Title:    Connecting transitions in galaxy properties to refueling.
Popular:  12
Authors:  Kannappan S.J., Stark D.V., Eckert K.D., Moffett A.J., Wei L.H.,
          Pisano D.J., Baker A.J., Vogel S.N., Fabricant D.G., Laine S., Norris
          M.A., Jogee S., Lepore N., Hough L.E., Weinberg-Wolf J.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777...42K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 42 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; H I data; Photometry, SDSS; ; ; Photometry,
          ultraviolet; Photometry, infrared
Sources:  (nfgs): NFGS @NFGS
Keyword:  UV; optical; IR; Radio; Photometry; Galaxies; Photometry:wide-band
Cite:     Kannappan et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/42)
J/ApJ/777/64/ A search for double-peaked AGNs in AGES (Comerford+, 2013)
yCat:     17770064
Status:   f-v
Size:     28Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    Dual supermassive black hole candidates in the AGN and Galaxy
          Evolution Survey.
Popular:  22
Authors:  Comerford J.M., Schluns K., Greene J.E., Cool R.J.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777...64C
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 64 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Redshifts; Spectra, red; Surveys
          optical; AGN; Redshifts
Cite:     Comerford et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/64)
J/ApJ/777/7/ Chandra observations of 8 bulgeless disk galaxies (Somers+, 2013)
yCat:     17770007
Status:   f-v
Size:     64Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-28)
Title:    Discovery of a large population of ultraluminous X-ray sources in the
          bulgeless galaxies NGC 337 and ESO 501-23.
Popular:  6
Authors:  Somers G., Mathur S., Martini P., Watson L., Grier C.J., Ferrarese L.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777....7S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 7 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  X-ray sources; Galaxies, nearby; Cross identifications
          X-ray; Stars; Galaxies
Cite:     Somers et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/7)
J/ApJ/777/79/ HST photometry of cepheid candidates in M101 (Mager+, 2013)
yCat:     17770079
Status:   f-v
Size:     62Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    The metallicity dependence of the cepheid P-L relation in M101.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Mager V.A., Madore B.F., Freedman W.L.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777...79M
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 79 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, HST; Abundances; Stars, variable
          optical; Abundances; Stars:variable
Cite:     Mager et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/79)
J/ApJ/777/82/ Ks luminosity of AGB stars in LMC clusters (Ko+, 2013)
yCat:     17770082
Status:   f-v
Size:     30Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    K_s_-band luminosity evolution of the asymptotic giant branch
          population based on star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
Popular:  21
Authors:  Ko Y., Lee M.G., Lim S.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777...82K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 82 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Photometry, infrared; Stars, giant
          IR; Stars
Cite:     Ko et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/82)
J/ApJ/777/97/ SL2S galaxy-scale lens sample. III. (Sonnenfeld+, 2013)
yCat:     17770097
Status:   f-v
Size:     29Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    The SL2S galaxy-scale lens sample. III. Lens models, surface
          photometry, and stellar masses for the final sample.
Popular:  30
Authors:  Sonnenfeld A., Gavazzi R., Suyu S.H., Treu T., Marshall P.J.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...777...97S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 777, 97 (2013)
Files:    table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Gravitational lensing; Redshifts; Galaxies, IR; ; ; Photometry, HST;
          Photometry, ugriz
          optical; IR; Galaxies; Gravitational_lensing; Photometry:wide-band;
Cite:     Sonnenfeld et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/777/97)
J/ApJ/778/116/ V1647 Ori long-term optical + NIR observations (Ninan+, 2013)
yCat:     17780116
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Title:    Reappearance of McNeil's nebula (V1647 Orionis) and its outburst
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  22
Authors:  Ninan J.P., Ojha D.K., Bhatt B.C., Ghosh S.K., Mohan V., Mallick K.K.,
          Tamura M., Henning TH.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...778..116N
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 778, 116 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, VRI; Equivalent widths; YSOs; ; ; Photometry, infrared;
Cite:     Ninan et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/778/116)
J/ApJ/778/15/ SAGE-SMC III. Young stellar objects (Sewilo+, 2013)
yCat:     17780015
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.31Mb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-14)
Title:    Surveying the Agents of Galaxy Evolution in the tidally stripped, low
          metallicity Small Magellanic Cloud (SAGE-SMC). III. Young stellar
Popular:  21
Authors:  Sewilo M., Carlson L.R., Seale J.P., Indebetouw R., Meixner M.,
          Whitney B.A., Robitaille T.P., Oliveira J.M., Gordon K., Meade M.R.,
          Babler B.L., Hora J.L., Block M., Misselt K., van Loon J.TH., Chen
          C.-H.R., Churchwell E., Shiao B.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...778...15S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 778, 15 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Photometry, infrared; YSOs; ; ; Photometry, UBVRI;
Cite:     Sewilo et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/778/15)
J/ApJ/778/16/ Observations of HCO^+^ in NGC 7293 (Zeigler+, 2013)
yCat:     17780016
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-14)
Title:    The Helix Nebula viewed in HCO^+^: large-scale mapping of the J=1->0
Popular:  4
Authors:  Zeigler N.R., Zack L.N., Woolf N.J., Ziurys L.M.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...778...16Z
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 778, 16 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Planetary nebulae; Radio lines; Interstellar medium
Cite:     Zeigler et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/778/16)
J/ApJ/778/56/ Hamburg/ESO Survey extremely metal-poor stars (Cohen+, 2013)
yCat:     17780056
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.04Mb;
Date:     Added: 22-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Title:    Normal and outlying populations of the Milky Way stellar halo at
Popular:  24
Authors:  Cohen J.G., Christlieb N., Thompson I., McWilliam A., Shectman S.,
          Reimers D., Wisotzki L., Kirby E.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...778...56C
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 778, 56 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2a.dat table2b.dat table3.dat table6.dat table7.dat
          table8.dat table10.dat
Keyword:  Stars, metal-deficient; Stars, carbon; Radial velocities; ; ;
          Abundances; Equivalent widths; Surveys
Cite:     Cohen et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/778/56)
J/ApJ/778/96/ Spitzer and NEWFIRM observations of NGC 6334 (Willis+, 2013)
yCat:     17780096
Status:   f-v
Size:     101.53Mb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Title:    A wide-field near- and mid-infrared census of young stars in NGC 6334.
Popular:  13
Authors:  Willis S., Marengo M., Allen L., Fazio G.G., Smith H.A., Carey S.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...778...96W
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 778, 96 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, infrared; YSOs; Molecular clouds
Cite:     Willis et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/778/96)
J/ApJ/778/98/ Cross-correlation of SDSS QSOs and BOSS galaxies (Shen+, 2013)
yCat:     17780098
Status:   f-v
Size:     119Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Title:    Cross-correlation of SDSS DR7 quasars and DR10 BOSS galaxies: the weak
          luminosity dependence of quasar clustering at z   0.5.
Popular:  11
Authors:  Shen Y., McBride C.K., White M., Zheng Z., Myers A.D., Guo H.,
          Kirkpatrick J.A., Padmanabhan N., Parejko J.K., Ross N.P., Schlegel
          D.J., Schneider D.P., Streblyanska A., Swanson M.E.C., Zehavi I., Pan
          K., Bizyaev D., Brewington H., Ebelke G., Malanushenko V.,
          Malanushenko E., Oravetz D., Simmons A., Snedden S.
BibCode:  2013ApJ...778...98S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 778, 98 (2013)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, optical; QSOs; Surveys
Cite:     Shen et al. 2013 (J/ApJ/778/98)
J/ApJ/798/23/ Radial velocities of giant stars in NGC 6388 (Lapenna+, 2015)
yCat:     17980023
Status:   f-v
Size:     13Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-20)
Acronym:  [LOM2015]
Title:    Radial velocities from VLT-KMOS spectra of giant stars in the globular
          cluster NGC 6388.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Lapenna E., Origlia L., Mucciarelli A., Lanzoni B., Ferraro F.R.,
          Dalessandro E., Valenti E., Cirasuolo M.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...798...23L
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 798, 23 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, giant; Radial velocities; ; ; Photometry,
          infrared; Photometry, HST
Sources:  (table1): [LOM2015] @[LOM2015]
Cite:     Lapenna et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/798/23)
J/ApJS/191/143/ HST/ACS Coma cluster survey. II. (Hammer+, 2010)
yCat:     21910143
Status:   f-v
Size:     64.60Mb;
Date:     Added: 09-Dec-2010 (VizieR: 2015-06-19)
Acronym:  [HVH2010]
Title:    The HST/ACS Coma cluster survey. II. Data description and source
Popular:  1
Authors:  Hammer D., Verdoes Kleijn G., Hoyos C., Den Brok M., Balcells M.,
          Ferguson H.C., Goudfrooij P., Carter D., Guzman R., Peletier R.F.,
          Smith R.J., Graham A.W., Trentham N., Peng E., Puzia T.H., Lucey J.R.,
          Jogee S., Aguerri A.L., Batcheldor D., Bridges T.J., Chiboucas K.,
          Davies J.I., Del Burgo C., Erwin P., Hornschemeier A., Hudson M.J.,
          Huxor A., Jenkins L., Karick A., Khosroshahi H., Kourkchi E., Komiyama
          Y., Lotz J., Marzke R.O., Marinova I., Matkovic A., Merritt D., Miller
          B.W., Miller N.A., Mobasher B., Mouhcine M., Okamura S., Percival S.,
          Phillipps S., Poggianti B.M., Price J., Sharples R.M., Tully R.B.,
          Valentijn E.
BibCode:  2010ApJS..191..143H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., Suppl. Ser., 191, 143-159 (2010)
Files:    h737831.dat h737841.dat h737851.dat h737861.dat h737871.dat
          h737881.dat h737891.dat h737901.dat h737911.dat h737921.dat
          h737931.dat h737941.dat h737951.dat h737961.dat h737971.dat
          h737981.dat h737991.dat h738001.dat h738011.dat h738021.dat
          h738031.dat h738041.dat h738051.dat h738061.dat h738071.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxy catalogs; Galaxies, photometry
Sources:  (*): [HVH2010] Comai J@ComaID
Cite:     Hammer et al. 2010 (J/ApJS/191/143)
J/ApJS/209/25/ H2O + CH_3_OH maser survey of protostars in Orion (Kang+, 2013)
yCat:     22090025
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-14)
Title:    Water and methanol maser survey of protostars in the Orion molecular
          cloud complex.
Popular:  22
Authors:  Kang M., Lee J.-E., Choi M., Choi Y., Kim K.-T., Di Francesco J., Park
BibCode:  2013ApJS..209...25K
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 209, 25 (2013)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Masers; Infrared sources; Radio lines; Surveys
Cite:     Kang et al. 2013 (J/ApJS/209/25)
J/ApJS/217/11/ Neutral helium (HeI*) broad absorption line SDSS QSOs (Liu+,
yCat:     22170011
Status:   f-v
Size:     98Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    A comprehensive study of broad absorption line quasars. I. Prevalence
          of HeI* absorption line multiplets in low-ionization objects.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  34
Authors:  Liu W.-J., Zhou H., Ji T., Yuan W., Wang T.-G., Jian G., Shi X., Zhang
          S., Jiang P., Shu X., Wang H., Wang S.-F., Sun L., Yang C., Liu B.,
          Zhao W.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...11L
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 11 (2015)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Redshifts; Equivalent widths; Surveys
          optical; Equivalent_widths; QSOs; Redshifts
Cite:     Liu et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/11)
J/ApJS/217/12/ S7 observations with WiFeS of active galaxies (Dopita+, 2015)
yCat:     22170012
Status:   f-v
Size:     112Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    Probing the physics of narrow line regions in active galaxies. II. The
          Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey (S7).
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  20
Authors:  Dopita M.A., Shastri P., Davies R., Kewley L., Hampton E.,
          Scharwachter J., Sutherland R., Kharb P., Jose J., Bhatt H., Ramya S.,
          Jin C., Banfield J., Zaw I., Juneau S., James B., Srivastava S.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...12D
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 12 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Galaxies, Seyfert; Galaxies, spectra; ; ;
          Redshifts; Surveys
          optical; AGN; Seyfert_Galaxies; Galaxies:spectra; Redshifts
Cite:     Dopita et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/12)
J/ApJS/217/16/ Kepler planetary candidates. V. 3yr Q1-Q12 (Rowe+, 2015)
yCat:     22170016
Status:   f-v
Size:     110.53Mb;
Date:     Added: 16-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    Planetary candidates observed by Kepler. V. Planet sample from Q1-Q12
          (36 months).
Popular:  31
Authors:  Rowe J.F., Coughlin J.L., Antoci V., Barclay T., Batalha N.M., Borucki
          W.J., Burke C.J., Bryson S.T., Caldwell D.A., Campbell J.R.,
          Catanzarite J.H., Christiansen J.L., Cochran W., Gilliland R.L.,
          Girouard F.R., Haas M.R., Helminiak K.G., Henze C.E., Hoffman K.L.,
          Howell S.B., Huber D., Hunter R.C., Jang-Condell H., Jenkins J.M.,
          Klaus T.C., Latham D.W., Li J., Lissauer J.J., McCauliff S.D., Morris
          R.L., Mullally F., Ofir A., Quarles B., Quintana E., Sabale A., Seader
          S., Shporer A., Smith J.C., Steffen J.H., Still M., Tenenbaum P.,
          Thompson S.E., Twicken J.D., Van Laerhoven C., Wolfgang A., Zamudio
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...16R
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 16 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Abundances, [Fe/H]; ; ; Stars,
          Kepler; Abundances; Multiple_Stars; Planets+Asteroids; Diameters
Cite:     Rowe et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/16)
J/ApJS/217/17/ SAFIRES: Spitzer Archival FIR Extragalactic Survey (Hanish+,
yCat:     22170017
Status:   f-v
Size:     5.74Mb;
Date:     Added: 17-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Acronym:  SAFIRES
Title:    The Spitzer Archival Far-InfraRed Extragalactic Survey.
Popular:  16
Authors:  Hanish D.J., Capak P., Teplitz H.I., Desai V., Armus L., Brinkworth
          C., Brooke T., Colbert J., Edwards L., Fadda D., Frayer D., Huynh M.,
          Lacy M., Murphy E., Noriega-Crespo A., Paladini R., Scarlata C.,
          Shenoy S.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...17H
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 17 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Infrared sources; Surveys; Galaxies, IR
          Spitzer; IR; Galaxies
Cite:     Hanish et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/17)
J/ApJS/217/18/ Potential transit signals in Kepler Q1-Q17 (Seader+, 2015)
yCat:     22170018
Status:   f-v
Size:     102Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    Detection of potential transit signals in 17 quarters of Kepler
          mission data.
Popular:  10
Authors:  Seader S., Jenkins J.M., Tenenbaum P., Twicken J.D., Smith J.C.,
          Morris R., Catanzarite J., Clarke B.D., Li J., Cote M.T., Burke C.J.,
          McCauliff S., Girouard F.R., Campbell J.R., Uddin A.K., Zamudio K.A.,
          Sabale A., Henze C.E., Thompson S.E., Klaus T.C.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...18S
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 18 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Planets; Stars, double and multiple
          Kepler; Multiple_Stars; Planets+Asteroids
Cite:     Seader et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/18)
J/ApJS/217/2/ Refined associations of Fermi/LAT sources (Massaro+, 2015)
yCat:     22170002
Status:   f-v
Size:     768Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-29)
Title:    Refining the associations of the Fermi Large Area Telescope source
Popular:  5
Authors:  Massaro F., D'Abrusco R., Landoni M., Paggi A., Masetti N., Giroletti
          M., Oti-Floranes H., Chavushyan V., Jimenez-Bailon E., Patino-Alvarez
          V., Digel S.W., Smith H.A., Tosti G.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217....2M
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 2 (2015)
Files:    refs.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Cross identifications; Surveys; Redshifts; ; ; Active gal.
          Gamma-ray; optical; AGN; Stars; Redshifts
Cite:     Massaro et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/2)
J/ApJS/217/21/ XMM-Newton survey of local OVII absorbers (Fang+, 2015)
yCat:     22170021
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-17)
Title:    XMM-Newton survey of local O VII absorption lines in the spectra of
          active galactic nuclei.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Fang T., Buote D., Bullock J., Ma R.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...21F
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 21 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  BL Lac objects; Active gal. nuclei; Equivalent widths; ; ; Redshifts;
          X-ray sources
Cite:     Fang et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/21)
J/ApJS/217/26/ Lick AGN monitoring 2011: light curves (Barth+, 2015)
yCat:     22170026
Status:   f-v
Size:     104Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-17)
Title:    The Lick AGN monitoring project 2011: spectroscopic campaign and
          emission-line light curves.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  17
Authors:  Barth A.J., Bennert V.N., Canalizo G., Filippenko A.V., Gates E.L.,
          Greene J.E., Li W., Malkan M.A., Pancoast A., Sand D.J., Stern D.,
          Treu T., Woo J.-H., Assef R.J., Bae H.-J., Brewer B.J., Cenko S.B.,
          Clubb K.I., Cooper M.C., Diamond-Stanic A.M., Hiner K.D., Honig S.F.,
          Hsiao E., Kandrashoff M.T., Lazarova M.S., Nierenberg A.M., Rex J.,
          Silverman J.M., Tollerud E.J., Walsh J.L.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...26B
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 26 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Barth et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/26)
J/ApJS/217/27/ Morphologies of z<0.01 SDSS-DR7 galaxies (Ann+, 2015)
yCat:     22170027
Status:   f-v
Size:     641Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-17)
Title:    A catalog of visually classified galaxies in the local (z   0.01)
Popular:  9
Authors:  Ann H.B., Seo M., Ha D.K.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...27A
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 27 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Morphology; Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Ann et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/27)
J/ApJS/217/31/ Kepler planetary candidates. V. 4yr Q1-Q16 (Mullally+, 2015)
yCat:     22170031
Status:   f-v
Size:     377Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Acronym:  KOI
Title:    Planetary candidates observed by Kepler. VI. Planet sample from Q1-Q16
          (47 months).
Popular:  4
Authors:  Mullally F., Coughlin J.L., Thompson S.E., Rowe J., Burke C., Latham
          D.W., Batalha N.M., Bryson S.T., Christiansen J., Henze C.E., Ofir A.,
          Quarles B., Shporer A., Van Eylen V., Van Laerhoven C., Shah Y.,
          Wolfgang A., Chaplin W.J., Xie J.-W., Akeson R., Argabright V.,
          Bachtell E., Barclay T., Borucki W.J., Caldwell D.A., Campbell J.R.,
          Catanzarite J.H., Cochran W.D., Duren R.M., Fleming S.W., Fraquelli
          D., Girouard F.R., Haas M.R., Helminiak K.G., Howell S.B., Huber D.,
          Larson K., Gautier Iii T.N., Jenkins J.M., Li J., Lissauer J.J.,
          McArthur S., Miller C., Morris R.L., Patil-Sabale A., Plavchan P.,
          Putnam D., Quintana E.V., Ramirez S., Aguirre V.S., Seader S., Smith
          J.C., Steffen J.H., Stewart C., Stober J., Still M., Tenenbaum P.,
          Troeltzsch J., Twicken J.D., Zamudio K.A.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...31M
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 31 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Stars, diameters
Cite:     Mullally et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/31)
J/ApJS/217/32/ S4G galaxy morphologies in the CVRHS system (Buta+, 2015)
yCat:     22170032
Status:   f-v
Size:     587Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Title:    A classical morphological analysis of galaxies in the Spitzer Survey
          of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G).
Popular:  14
Authors:  Buta R.J., Sheth K., Athanassoula E., Bosma A., Knapen J.H.,
          Laurikainen E., Salo H., Elmegreen D., Ho L.C., Zaritsky D., Courtois
          H., Hinz J.L., Munoz-Mateos J.-C., Kim T., Regan M.W., Gadotti D.A.,
          Gil de Paz A., Laine J., Menendez-Delmestre K., Comeron S.,
          Erroz-Ferrer S., Seibert M., Mizusawa T., Holwerda B., Madore B.F.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217...32B
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 32 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table6.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Morphology; Surveys
Cite:     Buta et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/32)
J/ApJS/217/4/ 2FGL sources observed between 5-9GHz (Schinzel+, 2015)
yCat:     22170004
Status:   f-v
Size:     263Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-04)
Title:    New associations of gamma-ray sources from the Fermi Second Source
Popular:  25
Authors:  Schinzel F.K., Petrov L., Taylor G.B., Mahony E.K., Edwards P.G.,
          Kovalev YU.Y.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217....4S
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 4 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Radio continuum; Active gal. nuclei; ; ; Supernova
          Gamma-ray; Radio; AGN; SuperNovae_Remnants
Cite:     Schinzel et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/4)
J/ApJS/217/5/ HAQ survey: red QSO candidates follow-up (Krogager+, 2015)
yCat:     22170005
Status:   f-v
Size:     53Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-30)
Acronym:  HAQ
Title:    The High A_V_ Quasar Survey: reddened quasi-stellar objects selected
          from optical/near-infrared photometry. II.
Popular:  8
Authors:  Krogager J.-K., Geier S., Fynbo J.P.U., Venemans B.P., Ledoux C.,
          Moller P., Noterdaeme P., Vestergaard M., Kangas T., Pursimo T.,
          Saturni F.G., Smirnova O.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217....5K
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 5 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table5.dat tablef1.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Redshifts; Spectroscopy; Extinction; ; ; Photometry, SDSS;
          optical; Extinction; Spectroscopy; Photometry:wide-band; QSOs;
Cite:     Krogager et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/5)
J/ApJS/217/7/ Orion A dense cores based on 1.1mm and C^18^O (Shimajiri+, 2015)
yCat:     22170007
Status:   f-v
Size:     85Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-30)
Title:    Catalog of dense cores in the Orion A giant molecular cloud.
Popular:  11
Authors:  Shimajiri Y., Kitamura Y., Nakamura F., Momose M., Saito M.,
          Tsukagoshi T., Hiramatsu M., Shimoikura T., Dobashi K., Hara C.,
          Kawabe R.
BibCode:  2015ApJS..217....7S
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 217, 7 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Millimetric/submm sources; Interstellar medium
          Radio; Nebulae; Interstellar_Medium
Cite:     Shimajiri et al. 2015 (J/ApJS/217/7)
                                                         (From Andernach (A274))
J/MNRAS/276/1341/ Spectroscopy of E and S0 galaxies (Jorgensen+, 1995)
yCat:     72761341
Status:   f-v
Size:     35Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-19)
Acronym:  [JFK95]
Title:    Spectroscopy for E and S0 galaxies in nine clusters.
Popular:  4
Authors:  Jorgensen I., Franx M., Kjaergaard P.
BibCode:  1995MNRAS.276.1341J
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 276, 1341-1364 (1995)
Files:    table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Clusters, galaxy
Sources:  (Table 4): [JFK95] ACO S 639 NNN
Cite:     Jorgensen et al. 1995 (J/MNRAS/276/1341)
J/MNRAS/440/1080/ Calibration of Halpha fluxes in SHS (Frew+, 2014)
yCat:     74401080
Status:   f-v
Size:     22Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    Flux calibration of the AAO/UKST SuperCOSMOS Halpha Survey.
Popular:  27
Authors:  Frew D.J., Bojicic I.S., Parker Q.A., Pierce M.J., Gunawardhana
          M.L.P., Reid W.A.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.440.1080F
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 440, 1080-1094 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Planetary nebulae; H II regions
          optical; HII_regions; Planetary_Nebulae
Cite:     Frew et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/440/1080)
J/MNRAS/440/1571/ Herschel fluxes of Fornax galaxies (Fuller+, 2014)
yCat:     74401571
Status:   f-v
Size:     61Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    The Herschel Fornax Cluster Survey II. FIR properties of optically
          selected Fornax cluster galaxies.
Popular:  32
Authors:  Fuller C., Davies J.I., Auld R., Smith M.W.L., Baes M., Bianchi S.,
          Bocchio M., Boselli A., Clemens M., Davis T.A., De Looze I., Di Serego
          Alighieri S., Grossi M., Hughes T.M., Viaene S., Serra P.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.440.1571F
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 440, 1571-1589 (2014)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, photometry; Photometry, infrared; ; ;
          Photometry, millimetric/submm
          optical; IR; Radio; Clusters_of_galaxies; Photometry; Galaxies
Cite:     Fuller et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/440/1571)
J/MNRAS/440/2265/ Spectroscopy of NGC3310 HII regions (Miralles-Caballero+,
yCat:     74402265
Status:   f-v
Size:     49Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Acronym:  [MDR2014]
Title:    Ionizing stellar population in the disc of NGC 3310. I. The impact of
          a minor merger on galaxy evolution.
Popular:  15
Authors:  Miralles-Caballero D., Diaz A.I., Rosales-Ortega F.F., Perez-Montero
          E., Sanchez S.F.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.440.2265M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 440, 2265-2289 (2014)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; H II regions; Spectroscopy
Sources:  (HIIreg): [MDR2014] @*Seq
Keyword:  optical; Galaxies; HII_regions; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Miralles-Caballero et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/440/2265)
J/MNRAS/440/2810/ Galaxy luminosity function at z =  7 (Bowler+, 2014)
yCat:     74402810
Status:   f-v
Size:     35Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-18)
Title:    The bright end of the galaxy luminosity function at z =  7: before the
          onset of mass quenching?
Popular:  24
Authors:  Bowler R.A.A., Dunlop J.S., McLure R.J., Rogers A.B., McCracken H.J.,
          Milvang-Jensen B., Furusawa H., Fynbo J.P.U., Taniguchi Y., Afonso J.,
          Bremer M.N., Le Fevre O.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.440.2810B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 440, 2810-2842 (2014)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat tableb1.dat tableb2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Redshifts
          optical; Photometry; Galaxies; Redshifts
Cite:     Bowler et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/440/2810)
J/MNRAS/440/3462/ AzTEC/ASTE 1.1mm survey of SSA22 (Umehata+, 2014)
yCat:     74403462
Status:   f-v
Size:     35Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-20)
Acronym:  [UTK2014]; [SSA22-AzTEC; [SSA22-Az
Title:    AzTEC/ASTE 1.1-mm survey of SSA22: Counterpart identification and
          photometric redshift survey of submillimetre galaxies.
Popular:  39
Authors:  Umehata H., Tamura Y., Kohno K., Hatsukade B., Scott K.S., Kubo M.,
          Yamada T., Ivison R.J., Cybulski R., Aretxaga I., Austermann J.,
          Hughes D.H., Ezawa H., Hayashino T., Ikarashi S., Iono D., Kawabe R.,
          Matsuda Y., Matsuo H., Nakanishi K., Oshima T., Perera T., Takata T.,
          Wilson G.W., Yun M.S.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.440.3462U
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 440, 3462-3478 (2014)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Photometry, millimetric/submm; Redshifts
Sources:  (table2): AzTEC @AzTEC
          (table2): SSA22-AzTEC @*ID
          (table3): [UTK2014] SSA22-AzTEC-@*ID
          (table3): SSA22-AzTEC-Sup @*ID
          (ctp): [UTK2014] SSA22-Az-@*ID@Ctp
          (ctp): SSA22-Az @*ID@Ctp
Keyword:  optical; Radio; Photometry; Galaxies; Redshifts
Cite:     Umehata et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/440/3462)
J/MNRAS/441/1186/ Cataclysmic variables from CRTS (Drake+, 2014)
yCat:     74411186
Status:   f-v
Size:     90Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-19)
Acronym:  CRTS
Title:    Cataclysmic variables from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Drake A.J., Gansicke B.T., Djorgovski S.G., Wils P., Mahabal A.A.,
          Graham M.J., Yang T.-C., Williams R., Catelan M., Prieto J.L., Donalek
          C., Larson S., Christensen E.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441.1186D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 1186-1200 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, cataclysmic; Magnitudes
Cite:     Drake et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/1186)
J/MNRAS/441/1802/ Low-redshift QSOs in SDSS Stripe 82 (Karhunen+, 2014)
yCat:     74411802
Status:   f-v
Size:     61Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-21)
Title:    Low-redshift quasars in the SDSS Stripe 82. The local environments.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Karhunen K., Kotilainen J.K., Falomo R., Bettoni D.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441.1802K
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 1802-1816 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Active gal. nuclei; Redshifts; Magnitudes
Cite:     Karhunen et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/1802)
J/MNRAS/441/2/ Herschel far-IR counterparts of SDSS galaxies (Dominguez+, 2014)
yCat:     74410002
Status:   f-v
Size:     35Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-03)
Title:    Herschel far-IR counterparts of SDSS galaxies: analysis of commonly
          used star formation rate estimates.
Popular:  12
Authors:  Dominguez Sanchez H., Bongiovanni A., Lara-Lopez M.A., Oteo I., Cepa
          J., Perez Garcia A.M., Sanchez-Portal M., Ederoclite A., Lutz D.,
          Cresci G., Delvecchio I., Berta S., Magnelli B., Popesso P., Pozzi F.,
          Riguccini L.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441....2D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 2-23 (2014)
Files:    tabled.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; Galaxies, IR; Ultraviolet
          UV; IR; Galaxies
Cite:     Dominguez Sanchez et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/2)
J/MNRAS/441/203/ Massive quiescent ETG in clusters (Delaye+ 2014)
yCat:     74410203
Status:   f-v
Size:     33Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-03)
Title:    Larger sizes of massive quiescent early-type galaxies in clusters than
          in the field at 0.8 < z < 1.5.
Popular:  10
Authors:  Delaye L., Huertas-Company M., Mei S., Lidman C., Licitra R., Newman
          A., Raichoor A., Shankar F., Barrientos F., Bernardi M., Cerulo P.,
          Couch W., Demarco R., Munoz R., Sanchez-Janssen R., Tanaka M.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441..203D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 203-223 (2014)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, optical; Morphology
          optical; Clusters_of_galaxies; Galaxies
Cite:     Delaye et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/203)
J/MNRAS/441/224/ Clumpy FIR-bright sources in M33 (Natale+, 2014)
yCat:     74410224
Status:   f-v
Size:     70Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-03)
Acronym:  [NFW2014]
Title:    A multiwavelength analysis of the clumpy FIR-bright sources in M33.
Popular:  8
Authors:  Natale G., Foyle K., Wilson C.D., Kuno N.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441..224N
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 224-242 (2014)
Files:    tablea1.dat tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Infrared sources; Photometry, infrared
Sources:  (tablea1): [NFW2014] ID
Keyword:  IR; Galaxies
Cite:     Natale et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/224)
J/MNRAS/441/256/ RCW 106 Giant Molecular Cloud NH3emission (Lowe+, 2014)
yCat:     74410256
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Jan-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-03)
Acronym:  [LCU2014]
Title:    Molecular line mapping of the giant molecular cloud associated with
          RCW 106. IV. Ammonia towards dust emission.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Lowe V., Cunningham M.R., Urquhart J.S., Marshall J.P., Horiuchi S.,
          Lo N., Walsh A.J., Jordan C.H., Jones P.A., Hill T.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441..256L
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 256-273 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  H II regions; Molecular clouds; Radio sources
Sources:  (table1): [LCU2014] Clump
Keyword:  Radio; Nebulae; HII_regions
Cite:     Lowe et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/256)
J/MNRAS/441/343/ Highly eccentric detached eclipsing binaries (Shivvers+, 2014)
yCat:     74410343
Status:   f-v
Size:     26Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Title:    The highly eccentric detached eclipsing binaries in ACVS and MACC.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  26
Authors:  Shivvers I., Bloom J.S., Richards J.W.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441..343S
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 343-353 (2014)
Files:    stars.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Radial velocities
          optical; Binaries:eclipsing; Velocities
Cite:     Shivvers et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/343)
J/MNRAS/441/715/ Mid-infrared study of RR Lyrae stars (Gavrilchenko+, 2014)
yCat:     74410715
Status:   f-v
Size:     5.25Mb;
Date:     Added: 02-Feb-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-19)
Title:    A mid-infrared study of RR Lyrae stars with the Wide-field Infrared
          Survey Explorer all-sky data Release.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Gavrilchenko T., Klein C.R., Bloom J.S., Richards J.W.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.441..715G
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 441, 715-725 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Photometry, UBVRI; Photometry, SDSS; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Gavrilchenko et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/441/715)
J/MNRAS/444/2428/ Disturbance levels of SNe host galaxies (Hakobyan+, 2014)
yCat:     74442428
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-25)
Title:    Supernovae and their host galaxies. II. The relative frequencies of
          supernovae types in spirals.
Popular:  197
Authors:  Hakobyan A.A., Nazaryan T.A., Adibekyan V.Z., Petrosian A.R., Aramyan
          L.S., Kunth D., Mamon G.A., de Lapparent V., Bertin E., Gomes J.M.,
          Turatto M.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.444.2428H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 444, 2428-2441 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Galaxies, optical; Galaxies, peculiar
          optical; Galaxies; SuperNovae
Cite:     Hakobyan et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/444/2428)
J/MNRAS/448/2260/ White dwarf candidates in SDSS DR10 (Gentile+, 2015)
yCat:     74482260
Status:   f-v
Size:     29.75Mb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-22)
Title:    A photometric selection of white dwarf candidates in Sloan Digital Sky
          Survey Data Release 10.
Popular:  71
Authors:  Gentile Fusillo N.P., Gansicke B.T., Greiss S.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2260G
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2260-2274 (2015)
Files:    catalog.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Stars, white dwarf; Photometry, SDSS; Proper motions
Cite:     Gentile Fusillo et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2260)
J/MNRAS/448/2737/ New PMS K/M Stars in Upper Scorpius (Rizzuto+, 2015)
yCat:     74482737
Status:   f-v
Size:     53Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-05)
Title:    New pre-main-sequence stars in the Upper Scorpius subgroup of Sco-Cen.
Popular:  216
Authors:  Rizzuto A.C., Ireland M.J., Kraus A.L.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.448.2737R
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 448, 2737-2748 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, pre-main sequence; Equivalent widths; ; ; MK
          spectral classification
          optical; Open_Clusters; Equivalent_widths; Spectral_Classification;
Cite:     Rizzuto et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/448/2737)
J/MNRAS/450/1477/ VLA 352MHz image of the Bootes field. I. (Coppejans+, 2015)
yCat:     74501477
Status:   f-v
Size:     180Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-07)
Acronym:  [CCW2015]
Title:    Megahertz peaked-spectrum sources in the Bootes field. I. A route
          towards finding high-redshift AGN?
Popular:  187
Authors:  Coppejans R., Cseh D., Williams W.L., van Velzen S., Falcke H
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.450.1477C
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 450, 1477 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Active gal. nuclei; Galaxies, radio; Radio sources
Sources:  (table1): [CCW2015] @Source@m_Source
Keyword:  Radio; AGN; Galaxies
Cite:     Coppejans et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/450/1477)
J/MNRAS/450/1900/ Chemical abundances of 257 giant stars (Adibekyan+, 2015)
yCat:     74501900
Status:   f-v
Size:     821Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-30)
Title:    Chemical abundances and kinematics of 257 G-, K-type field giants.
          Setting a base for further analysis of giant-planet properties
          orbiting evolved stars.
Popular:  97
Authors:  Adibekyan V.Zh., Sousa S.G., Santos N.C. , Delgado Mena E., Gonzalez
          Hernandez J. I., Israelian G., Mayor M., Khachatryan G., Adibekyan V.,
          Benamati L., Santos N.C., Alves S., Lovis C., Udry S., Israelian G.,
          Sousa S.G., Tsantaki M., Mortier A., Sozzetti A., De Medeiros J.R.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.450.1900A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 450, 1900 (2015)
Files:    ab_best.dat ew.dat linelist.dat table2.dat vel.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; Planets; Space velocities; Abundances, peculiar
          Abundances; Planets+Asteroids; Stars; Velocities
Cite:     Adibekyan et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/450/1900)
J/MNRAS/450/3893/ SDSS DR10 catalogue of candidate quasars (Brescia+, 2015)
yCat:     74503893
Status:   f-v
Size:     805.58Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-20)
Title:    Automated physical classification in the SDSS DR10. A catalogue of
          candidate quasars.
Popular:  773
Authors:  Brescia M., Cavuoti S., Longo G.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.450.3893B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 450, 3893 (2015)
Files:    dame_qso.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; QSOs; Photometry, SDSS; Redshifts
Cite:     Brescia et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/450/3893)
J/PASP/127/31/ CCD photometry of NGC 2482 (Krisciunas+, 2015)
yCat:     61270031
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-29)
Acronym:  [KMD2015]
Title:    CCD photometry of NGC 2482 and five previously unobserved open star
Popular:  19
Authors:  Krisciunas K., Monteiro H., Dias W.
BibCode:  2015PASP..127...31K
Ref:      Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac., 127, 31-50 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Photometry, CCD
Sources:  (table2): [KMD2015] ID
Keyword:  optical; OpenClusters; Photometry
Cite:     Krisciunas et al. 2015 (J/PASP/127/31)
J/other/IBVS/6137/ New variables in M5 (NGC 5904) (Arellano Ferro+, 2015)
yCat:     1018613700
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.70Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-04-27)
Title:    New variables in M5 (NGC 5904) and some identification corrections.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  104
Authors:  Arellano Ferro A., Bramich D.M., Giridhar S., Luna A., Muneer S
BibCode:  2015IBVS.6137....1A
Ref:      IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars IBVS, 6137 (2015)
Files:    stars.dat table1.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, variable; Photometry
          optical; GlobularClusters; Photometry; Stars:variable
Cite:     Arellano Ferro et al. 2015 (J/other/IBVS/6137)
J/other/NewA/27.41/ Velocity distributions in galaxy clusters (Sampaio+, 2014)
yCat:     1022002703
Status:   f-v
Size:     26Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Mar-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-29)
Title:    Velocity distributions in galaxy clusters. How to combine different
          normality tests.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Sampaio F.S., Ribeiro A.L.B.
BibCode:  2014NewA...27...41S
Ref:      New Astron., 27, 41-55 (2014)
Files:    appena.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Velocity dispersion
          optical; Clustersofgalaxies
Cite:     Sampaio & Ribeiro 2014 (J/other/NewA/27.41)
J/other/NewA/31.65/ BVRcIc light curves of LU Lac (Liao+, 2014)
yCat:     1022003101
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-29)
Title:    First photometric study of W UMa binary star LU Lac.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Liao W.-P., Qian S.-B., Zhao E.-G., Jiang L.-Q.
BibCode:  2014NewA...31...65L
Ref:      New Astron., 31, 65-68 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, UBVRI
          optical; IR; Binaries:eclipsing; Photometry:wide-band
Cite:     Liao et al. 2014 (J/other/NewA/31.65)
J/other/RAA/14.1393/ HII region in interacting system Arp 86 (Zhou+, 2014)
yCat:     1040001402
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Apr-2015 (VizieR: 2015-06-05)
Acronym:  [ZWH2014b]
Title:    Metallicity and star formation activities of the interacting system
          Arp 86 from observations with MOS on the Xinglong 2.16m telescope.
Popular:  10
Authors:  Zhou Z.-M., Wu H., Huang L., Li H.-B., Zhou Z.-Z., Jia J.-J., Lam
          M.-I., Zhu Y.-N.
BibCode:  2014RAA....14.1393Z
Ref:      Res. Astron. Astrophys., 14, 1393-1405 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; H II regions; Spectroscopy
Sources:  (table1): [ZWH2014b] ID
Keyword:  optical; Galaxies; HII_regions; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Zhou et al. 2014 (J/other/RAA/14.1393)
J/other/Sci/345.791/ Pseudo-three-dimensional maps of DIB at 862nm (Kos+ 2014)
yCat:     1021034501
Status:   f-v
Size:     281Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2015 (VizieR: 2015-05-13)
Title:    Pseudo-three-dimensional maps of the diffuse interstellar band at 862
Popular:  18
Authors:  Kos J., Zwitter T., Wyse R., Bienayme O., Binney J., Bland-Hawthorn
          J., Freeman K., Gibson B. K., Gilmore G., Grebel E. K., Helmi A.,
          Kordopatis G., Munari U., Navarro J., Parker Q., Reid W.A., Seabroke
          G., Sharma S., Siebert A., Siviero A., Steinmetz M., Watson F.G.,
          Williams M.E.K.
BibCode:  2014Sci...345..791K
Ref:      Science, 345, 791-795 (2014)
Files:    north.dat south.dat
Keyword:  Interstellar medium; Equivalent widths; Extinction
          optical; Equivalent_widths; Extinction; Interstellar_Medium
Cite:     Kos et al. 2014 (J/other/Sci/345.791)