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I/333/    URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC) (Finch+, 2016)
yCat:     1333
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Mb; 112177
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-17)
Acronym:  UPC
Title:    The URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC).
Popular:  20518
Authors:  Finch C.T., Zacharias N.
Contents: Id.:
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Parallax (relative, absolute)
          proper motions
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; Positional data; Parallaxes, trigonometric; Proper motions
Cite:     Finch & Zacharias 2016 (I/333)
                                              (Accurate positions from B. Skiff)
II/120/   Phot and Spectrophot Investigation, South Gal Pole (Eriksson 1978)
yCat:     2120
Status:   N-T-f-v
Size:     164Kb; 3312 records
Date:     Added: 23-Mar-1994 (VizieR: 2016-04-30)
Title:    A photometric and spectrophotometric investigation in a region at the
          South Galactic Pole
Popular:  351
Authors:  Eriksson P-I.W.
Ref:      Uppsala Astron. Obs. Report 11 (1978)
Contents: Id.: Seq, HD/CD
          alpha, delta (1950)
          UBV for 477 stars
          BV_pg_ for 2835 stars
Remark:   by exchange from NASA-Goddard
Category: OC
Keyword:  Galactic pole, south; Photometry, UBV; Spectrophotometry
          optical; Spectrophotometry
Cite:     Eriksson 1978 (II/120)
                                                           (From Author)
II/339/   Swift/UVOT Serendipitous Source Catalog (Yershov, 2015)
Status:   f
Size:     8384Mb; 13,860,569 sources
Date:     Added: 25-May-2015
Title:    Swift UVOT Serendipitous Source Catalogue (UVOTSSC)
Authors:  Page M., Yershov V., Breeveld A., Kuin N.P.M., Mignani R.P., Smith
          P.J., Rawlings J.I., Oates S.R., Siegel M., Roming P.W.A.
Ref:      Proc. SWIFT 10 Years of Discovery (2014)
BibCode:  arXiv:1503.06597
Contents: Id.: SWIFTUVOT
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Fluxes in 6 filters: UVW2, UVM2, UVW1, U, B, V
          Flux significance
          Quality flags
Remark:   S/N>=3.0
Category: OC
Keyword:  Photometry, ultraviolet; Photometry, UBV; X-ray sources
Cite:     Page et al. 2015 (II/339)
                                                           (Added SimbadName)
III/120/  Stars with CaII H and K emission (Glebocki+ 1980)
yCat:     3120
Status:   I-M-N-T-f-v
Size:     107Kb; 1846 stars
Date:     Added: 22-Jul-1996 (VizieR: 2016-05-01)
Title:    Catalogue of stars with CaII H and K emissions
Popular:  154
Authors:  Glebocki R., Musielak G.
Ref:      Acta Astron. 30, 453 (1980)
BibCode:  1980AcA....30..453G
Contents: Id.: HD/BD
          Sp., V, B-V
          I(H,K), WCa
          Reference, Remarks
Remark:   Keypunched at the CDS
Category: BCC
          catalog rem Keyword:  optical; Stars:Emission
Cite:     Glebocki & Musielak 1980 (III/120)
                                                           (Added SimbadName)
III/121/  Catalogue of stellar abundances (Marecki+ 1986)
yCat:     3121
Status:   I-M-N-T-f-v
Size:     1.0Mb; 16716 records
Date:     Added: Oct-1987 (VizieR: 2016-05-01)
Title:    Catalogue of stellar abundances
Popular:  269
Authors:  Marecki A., Strobel J., Strobel A.
Ref:      Torun Observatory (1986)
Contents: Id.: HD
          Ion, standard abundance
Category: BCC
Keyword:  Abundances, [Fe/H]; Abundances, peculiar
Cite:     Marecki et al. 1986 (III/121)
IX/47/    Enhanced 3XMM catalogue (3XMMe) (Rosen+, 2016)
yCat:     9047
Status:   f-v
Size:     710Mb; 219788
Date:     Added: 04-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-08)
Acronym:  3XMMe
Title:    ARCHES. The enhanced 3XMM catalogue (3XMMe)
Popular:  56
Authors:  Rosen S.
Ref:      XMM-SSC, Leicester, UK (2016)
BibCode:  2016yCat.9047R
Contents: Id.: 3XMMe
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          X-ray counts & fluxes in energy ranges: 0.2--0.5keV, 0.5--2.0keV,
          2.0--4.5keV, 4.5--7.5keV, 7.5--12.0keV
Category: OC
Keyword:  X-ray sources; Surveys
Cite:     Rosen 2016 (IX/47)
B/astorb/ Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
yCat:     102032
Status:   T-f-v
Size:     193Mb; 467309 planets
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-17)
Acronym:  astorb
Title:    The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, version 2016-May-15
Popular:  46
Authors:  Bowell E.
Ref:      Lowell Observatory
Contents: _Minor Planets_: Number, Name
          Magnitude elements
          Class, diameter
          a, e, i, Omega, omega, M
          Ephemeris uncertainties
          N_arc_, N_obs_
Remark:   Weekly updated
          See also B/comets
qProgram: astorb vcds1@VIZIR
Category: GCC
Keyword:  Minor planets
Cite:     Bowell 2014 (B/astorb)
B/eso/    ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2016)
yCat:     102011
Status:   f-v
Size:     8175Mb; 7779111 obs.
Date:     Added: 10-Sep-2002 (VizieR: 2016-05-17)
Acronym:  logESO; ESO; ESOSAC
Title:    The ESO SCience Archive Catalog
Popular:  47042
Authors:  European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Contents: Id.: Dataset, Target
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Date, exposure time
          Program, Instrument setup
Category: OC
qProgram: eso_arc vcds1@VIZIR
Keyword:  Observatory log
          ESO; Obs_Log
Cite:     European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1991 (B/eso)
B/vsx/    AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
yCat:     102027
Status:   f-v
Size:     70Mb; 394784 variables
Date:     Added: 15-Jun-2009 (VizieR: 2016-05-09)
Acronym:  VSX
Title:    The AAVSO International Variable Star Index
Popular:  41736
Authors:  Watson C., Henden A.A., Price A.
Ref:      AAVSO
Contents: Id.: OID (VSX)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Varibility Class
          P, T_0_, m_max_, m_min_
Remark:   See also B/gcvs
Category: CCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR
Keyword:  Stars, variable
Cite:     Watson et al. 2006 (B/vsx)
B/wds/    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
yCat:     102026
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Mb; 135496 binaries
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2009 (VizieR: 2016-05-09)
Acronym:  WDS
Title:    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS)
Popular:  33345
Authors:  Mason B.D., Wycoff G.L., Hartkopf W.I., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E.
Ref:      Astron. J. 122, 3466 (2001)
BibCode:  2001AJ....122.3466M
Contents: Id.: WDS, discoverer, DM
          alpha, delta (2000)
          Dates of first and last observations
          rho, theta, N(obs)
          m_A_, m_B_, Sp., mu
          Notes & References
          Discoverers lists
Remark:   Living edition
          Supersedes I/237
Category: GCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR catid=102026
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Positional data
          Positional_Data; Multiple_Stars
Cite:     Mason et al. 2001 (B/wds)
J/A+A/585/A102/ Copper abundances in solar neighborhood stars (Yan+, 2016)
yCat:     35850102
Status:   f-v
Size:     17Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-09)
Title:    Non-LTE analysis of copper abundances for the two distinct halo
          populations in the solar neighborhood.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Yan H.L., Shi J.R., Nissen P.E., Zhao G.
BibCode:  2016A&A...585A.102Y
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 585, A102-102 (2016)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; Abundances
Cite:     Yan et al. 2016 (J/A+A/585/A102)
J/A+A/585/A150/ On the metallicity of open clusters. III. (Netopil+, 2016)
yCat:     35850150
Status:   f-v
Size:     24Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-09)
Title:    On the metallicity of open clusters. III. Homogenised sample.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Netopil M., Paunzen E., Heiter U., Soubiran C.
BibCode:  2016A&A...585A.150N
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 585, A150-150 (2016)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Abundances, [Fe/H]
Cite:     Netopil et al. 2016 (J/A+A/585/A150)
J/A+A/585/A162/ X-ray supernova remnants in LMC (Maggi+, 2016)
yCat:     35850162
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-09)
Title:    The population of X-ray supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic
Popular:  5
Authors:  Maggi P., Haberl F., Kavanagh P.J., Sasaki M., Bozzetto L.M.,
          Filipovic M.D., Vasilopoulos G., Pietsch W., Points S.D., Chu Y.-H.,
          Dickel J., Ehle M., Williams R., Greiner J.
BibCode:  2016A&A...585A.162M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 585, A162-162 (2016)
Files:    table4.dat tablec1.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Supernova remnants; X-ray sources
Cite:     Maggi et al. 2016 (J/A+A/585/A162)
J/A+A/585/A47/ CALIFA color/metallicity gradients connections (Marino+, 2016)
yCat:     35850047
Status:   f-v
Size:     47Kb;
Date:     Added: 09-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-09)
Title:    Outer-disk reddening and gas-phase metallicities: The CALIFA
Popular:  3
Authors:  Marino R.A., Gil de Paz A., Sanchez S.F., Sanchez-Blazquez P., Cardiel
          N., Castillo-Morales A., Pascual S., Vilchez J., Kehrig C., Molla M.,
          Mendez-Abreu J., Catalan-Torrecilla C., Florido E., Perez I.,
          Ruiz-Lara T., Ellis S., Lopez-Sanchez A.R., Gonzalez Delgado R.M., De
          Lorenzo-Caceres A., Garcia-Benito R., Galbany L., Zibetti S., Cortijo
          C., Kalinova V., Mast D., Iglesias-Paramo J., Papaderos P., Walcher
          C.J., Bland-Hawthorn J., (the Califa Team)
BibCode:  2016A&A...585A..47M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 585, A47-47 (2016)
Files:    tableb1.dat tableb2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, photometry; Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Marino et al. 2016 (J/A+A/585/A47)
J/A+A/585/A86/ Fornax dSph H4 globular cluster stars (Hendricks+, 2016)
yCat:     35850086
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-09)
Title:    Evidence for a chemical enrichment coupling of globular clusters and
          field stars in the Fornax dSph.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Hendricks B., Boeche C., Johnson C.I., Frank M.J., Koch A., Mateo M.,
          Bailey III J.I.
BibCode:  2016A&A...585A..86H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 585, A86-86 (2016)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Clusters, globular; Abundances
Cite:     Hendricks et al. 2016 (J/A+A/585/A86)
J/A+A/589/A113/ PMS stars in h Per (Argiroffi+, 2016)
yCat:     35890113
Status:   f-v
Size:     132Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-21)
Title:    Supersaturation and activity-rotation relation in PMS stars: the young
          cluster h Per.
Popular:  35
Authors:  Argiroffi C., Caramazza M., Micela G., Sciortino S., Moraux E.,
          Bouvier J., Flaccomio E.
BibCode:  2016A&A...589A.113A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 589, A113 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; ; X-ray sources; Stars, pre-main sequence
Cite:     Argiroffi et al. 2016 (J/A+A/589/A113)
J/A+A/589/A115/ Na and Al abundances of 1303 stars (Smiljanic+, 2016)
yCat:     35890115
Status:   f-v
Size:     179Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-21)
Title:    The Gaia-ESO Survey: Sodium and aluminium abundances in giants and
          dwarfs - Implications for stellar and Galactic chemical evolution.
Popular:  12242
Authors:  Smiljanic R., Romano D., Bragaglia A., Donati P., Magrini L., Friel
          E., Jacobson H., Randich S., Ventura P., Lind K., Bergemann M.,
          Nordlander T., Morel T., Pancino E., Tautvaisiene G., Adibekyan V.,
          Tosi M., Vallenari A., Gilmore G., Bensby T., Francois P., Koposov S.,
          Lanzafame A. C., Recio-Blanco A., Bayo A., Carraro G., Casey A. R.,
          Costado M. T., Franciosini E., Heiter U., Hill V., Hourihane A., Jofre
          P., Lardo C., de Laverny P., Lewis J., Monaco L., Morbidelli L., Sacco
          G. G., Sbordone L., Sousa S. G., Worley C. C., Zaggia S.
BibCode:  2016A&A...589A.115S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 589, A115 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, open; Stars, late-type; Abundances
Cite:     Smiljanic et al. 2016 (J/A+A/589/A115)
J/A+A/589/A116/ Multiwavelength study of Sgr A* (Mossoux+, 2016)
yCat:     35890116
Status:   f-v
Size:     301Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-21)
Title:    Multiwavelength study of the flaring activity of Sgr A* in 2014
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  16
Authors:  Mossoux E., Grosso N., Bushouse H., Eckart A., Yusef-Zadeh F.,
          Plambeck R.L., Peissker F., Valencia-S. M., Porquet D., Cotton W.D.,
          Roberts D.A.
BibCode:  2016A&A...589A.116M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 589, A116 (2016)
Files:    fig2.dat fig9.dat fig11.dat fig12.dat fig13.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; X-ray sources
Cite:     Mossoux et al. 2016 (J/A+A/589/A116)
J/A+A/589/A139/ Stellar populations of NGC 3311 (Barbosa+, 2016)
yCat:     35890139
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-26)
Title:    The Hydra I cluster core. I. Stellar populations in the cD galaxy NGC
Popular:  25
Authors:  Barbosa C.E., Arnaboldi M., Coccato L., Hilker M., Mendes de Oliveira
          C., Richtler T.
BibCode:  2016A&A...589A.139B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 589, A139 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, optical; Abundances
Cite:     Barbosa et al. 2016 (J/A+A/589/A139)
J/A+A/589/A44/ W51 Main NH_3_ and CH_3_OH data cubes (Goddi+, 2016)
yCat:     35890044
Status:   f-v
Size:     1658.32Mb;
Date:     Added: 25-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-25)
Title:    Hot ammonia around young O-type stars III. High-mass star formation
          and hot core activity in W51 Main.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  16
Authors:  Goddi C., Ginsburg A., Zhang Q.
BibCode:  2016A&A...589A..44G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 589, A44 (2016)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  H II regions; Interstellar medium
Cite:     Goddi et al. 2016 (J/A+A/589/A44)
J/A+A/589/A70/ Gamma Vel cluster membership and IMF (Prisinzano+, 2016)
yCat:     35890070
Status:   f-v
Size:     48Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-21)
Title:    The Gaia-ESO Survey: membership and Initial Mass Function of the Gamma
          Velorum cluster.
Popular:  34
Authors:  Prisinzano L., Damiani F., Micela G., Jeffries R.D., Franciosini E.,
          Sacco G.G., Frasca A., Klutsch A., Lanzafame A., Alfaro E.J., Biazzo
          K., Bonito R., Bragaglia A., Caramazza M., Vallenari A., Carraro G.,
          Costado M.T., Flaccomio E., Jofre P., Lardo C., Monaco L., Morbidelli
          L., Mowlavi N., Pancino E., Randich S., Zaggia S.
BibCode:  2016A&A...589A..70P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 589, A70 (2016)
Files:    table5.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open - Stars, pre-main sequence - Stars, masses -; ; Radial
          velocities - HR diagrams - Spectroscopy
Cite:     Prisinzano et al. 2016 (J/A+A/589/A70)
J/A+A/590/A10/ 3C 279 optical photometry and polarimetry (Kiehlmann+, 2016)
yCat:     35900010
Status:   f-v
Size:     216Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-28)
Title:    Polarization angle swings in blazars: The case of 3C 279.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  53
Authors:  Kiehlmann S., Savolainen T., Jorstad S.G., Sokolovsky K.V., Schinzel
          F.K., Marscher A.P., Larionov V.M., Agudo I., Akitaya H., Benitez E.,
          Berdyugin A., Blinov D.A., Bochkarev N.G., Borman G.A., Burenkov A.N.,
          Casadio C., Doroshenko V.T., Efimova N.V., Fukazawa Y., Gomez J.L.,
          Grishina T.S., Hagen-Thorn V.A., Heidt J., Hiriart D., Itoh R., Joshi
          M., Kawabata K.S., Kimeridze G.N., Kopatskaya E.N., Korobtsev I.V.,
          Krajci T., Kurtanidze O.M., Kurtanidze S.O., Larionova E.G., Larionova
          L.V., Lindfors E., Lopez J.M., McHardy I.M., Molina S.N., Moritani Y.,
          Morozova D.A., Nazarov S.V., Nikolashvili M.G., Nilsson K., Pulatova
          N.G., Reinthal R., Sadun A., Sasada M., Savchenko S.S., Sergeev S.G.,
          Sigua L.A., Smith P.S., Sorcia M., Spiridonova O.I., Takaki K., Takalo
          L.O., Taylor B., Troitsky I.S., Uemura M., Ugolkova L.S., Ui T.,
          Yoshida M., Zensus J.A., Zhdanova V.E.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..10K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A10 (2016)
Files:    phot_ori.dat phot_pro.dat pol_ori.dat pol_pro.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; QSOs; Galaxies, radio; Photometry; ; ;
Cite:     Kiehlmann et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A10)
J/A+A/590/A11/ BVRI light curves of V374 Peg (Vida+, 2016)
yCat:     35900011
Status:   f-v
Size:     303Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-28)
Title:    Investigating magnetic activity in very stable stellar magnetic
          fields. Long-term photometric and spectroscopic study of the fully
          convective M4 dwarf V374 Pegasi.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  14
Authors:  Vida K., Kriskovics L., Olah K., Leitzinger M., Odert P. Kovari Zs.,
          Korhonen H., Greimel R., Robb R., Csak B., Kovacs B.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..11V
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A11 (2016)
Files:    bvri.dat
Keyword:  Stars, dwarfs; Magnetic fields; Photometry, CCD
Cite:     Vida et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A11)
J/A+A/590/A13/ New candidate members in young associations (Elliott+, 2016)
yCat:     35900013
Status:   f-v
Size:     43Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-28)
Title:    Search for associations containing young stars (SACY). VII. New
          stellar and sub-stellar candidate members in the young associations.
Popular:  32
Authors:  Elliott P., Bayo A., Melo C.H.F., Torres C.A.O., Sterzik M.F., Quast
          G.R., Montes D., Brahm R.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..13E
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A13 (2016)
Files:    appene.dat refs.dat
Keyword:  Associations, stellar; Clusters, globular; Proper motions; ; ;
          Photometry; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Elliott et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A13)
J/A+A/590/A21/ Vilnius photometry near Sh 2-205 (Straizys+, 2016)
yCat:     35900021
Status:   f-v
Size:     38Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-29)
Title:    Dark clouds in the vicinity of the emission nebula Sh2-205:
          interstellar extinction and distances.
Popular:  34
Authors:  Straizys V., Cepas V., Boyle R.P., Zdanavicius J., Maskoliunas M.,
          Kazlauskas A., Zdanavicius K., Cernis K.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..21S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A21 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Associations, stellar; YSOs; Photometry, CCD; ; ; Photometry, Vilnius;
          Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Straizys et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A21)
J/A+A/590/A25/ Arp 220 HCN and HCO^+^ data cubes (Martin+, 2016)
yCat:     35900025
Status:   f-v
Size:     109.92Mb;
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-02)
Title:    The unbearable opaqueness of Arp 220.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  34
Authors:  Martin S., Aalto S., Sakamoto K., Gonzalez-Alfonso E., Muller S.,
          Henkel C., Garcia-Burillo S., Aladro R., Costagliola F., Harada N.,
          Krips M., Martin-Pintado J., Muhle S., van der Werf P., Viti S.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..25M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A25 (2016)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Millimetric/submm sources
Cite:     Martin et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A25)
J/A+A/590/A27/ CO spectra of Virgo cluster galaxies (Grossi,+, 2016)
yCat:     35900027
Status:   f-v
Size:     998Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-12)
Title:    Star-forming dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster: the link between
          molecular gas, atomic gas, and dust.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  27
Authors:  Grossi, M., Corbelli, E., Bizzocchi, L., Giovanardi, C., Bomans D.,
          Coelho B., De Looze I., Goncalves T.S., Hunt L.K., Leonardo E., Madden
          S., Menendez-Delmestre K., Pappalardo C., Riguccini L.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..27G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A27 (2016)
Files:    sp/* table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, nearby; Spectroscopy; ; ; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Grossi et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A27)
J/A+A/590/A29/ Multi-frequency galaxy group catalogue (Poudel+, 2016)
yCat:     35900029
Status:   f-v
Size:     8.42Mb;
Date:     Added: 03-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-03)
Title:    Multi-frequency studies of galaxies and groups: I. Environmental
          effect on galaxy stellar mass and morphology.
Popular:  134
Authors:  Poudel A., Heinamaki P., Nurmi P., Teerikorpi P., Tempel E., Lietzen
          H., Einasto M.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..29P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A29 (2016)
Files:    fitgal.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxy catalogs; Photometry
Cite:     Poudel et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A29)
J/A+A/590/A31/ ASTRODEEP Frontier Fields Catalogues (Merlin+, 2016)
yCat:     35900031
Status:   f-v
Size:     11.37Mb;
Date:     Added: 03-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-04)
Acronym:  J/A+A/590/A30
Title:    The ASTRODEEP Frontier Fields Catalogues: I - Multiwavelength
          photometry of Abell-2744 and MACS-J0416.
Popular:  343
Authors:  Merlin E., Amorin R., Castellano M., Fontana A., Buitrago F., Dunlop
          J.S., Elbaz D., Boucaud A., Bourne N., Boutsia K., Brammer G., Bruce
          V.A., Capak P., Cappelluti N., Ciesla L., Comastri A., Cullen F.,
          Derriere S., Faber S.M., Ferguson H.C., Giallongo E., Grazian A., Lotz
          J., Michalowski M., Paris D., Pentericci L., Pilo S., Santini P.,
          Schreiber C., Shu X., Wang T. Astron. Astrophys. 590, A30 (2016) II -
          Photometric redshifts and rest-frame properties in Abell-2744 and
          MACS-J0416. Castellano M., Amorin R., Merlin E., Fontana A., McLure
          R.J., Marmol-Queralto E., Mortlock A., Parsa S., Dunlop J.S., Elbaz
          D., Balestra I., Boucaud A., Bourne N., Boutsia K., Brammer G., Bruce
          V.A., Buitrago F., Capak P., Cappelluti N., Ciesla L., Comastri A.,
          Cullen F., Derriere S., Faber S.M., Giallongo E., Grazian A., Grillo
          C., Mercurio A., Michalowski M.J., Nonino M., Paris D., Pentericci L.,
          Pilo S., Rosati P., Santini P., Schreiber C., Shu X., Wang T.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..30M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A31 (2016)
Files:    a2744cla.dat a2744clb.dat a2744clc.dat a2744clz.dat a2744pfa.dat
          a2744pfb.dat a2744pfc.dat a2744pfz.dat m0416cla.dat m0416clb.dat
          m0416clc.dat m0416clz.dat m0416pfa.dat m0416pfb.dat m0416pfc.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, photometry; Cross identifications; ; ;
Cite:     Merlin et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A31)
J/A+A/590/A33/ Class 0 sources continuum subtracted UV-tables (Persson+, 2016)
yCat:     35900033
Status:   f-v
Size:     5.97Mb;
Date:     Added: 04-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-04)
Title:    Constraining the physical structure of the inner few 100 AU scales of
          deeply embedded low-mass protostars.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  41
Authors:  Persson M.V., Harsono D., Tobin J.J., van Dishoeck E.F., Joergensen
          J.K., Murillo N., Lai S.-P.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..33P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A33 (2016)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Infrared sources; Interferometry
Cite:     Persson et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A33)
J/A+A/590/A45/ GU Mon BV light curves (Lorenzo+, 2016)
yCat:     35900045
Status:   f-v
Size:     46Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-10)
Title:    GU Monocerotis: A high-mass eclipsing overcontact binary in the young
          open cluster Dolidze 25.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  13
Authors:  Lorenzo J., Negueruela I., Vilardell F., Simon-Diaz S., Pastor P.,
          Mendez Majuelos M.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..45L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A45 (2016)
Files:    bmag.dat vmag.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Stars, early-type; Photometry, UBV
Cite:     Lorenzo et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A45)
J/A+A/590/A50/ eMSTOs in low mass clusters (Piatti+, 2016)
yCat:     35900050
Status:   f-v
Size:     841Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-10)
Title:    Extended main sequence turn-offs in low mass intermediate age
Popular:  22
Authors:  Piatti A.E., Bastian N.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..50P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A50 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Associations, stellar; Stars, dwarfs; ; ;
          Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Piatti & Bastian 2016 (J/A+A/590/A50)
J/A+A/590/A54/ alpha Vir RV and EW variations (Harrington+, 2016)
yCat:     35900054
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-10)
Title:    Alpha Virginis: line-profile variations and orbital elements.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  19
Authors:  Harrington D., Koenigsberger G., Olguin E., Berdyugina S.V., Lara B.,
          Moreno E.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..54H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A54 (2016)
Files:    notdata.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Radial velocities; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Harrington et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A54)
J/A+A/590/A67/ Ionized gas maps of local U/LIRGs (Piqueras-Lopez+, 2016)
yCat:     35900067
Status:   f-v
Size:     455Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-12)
Title:    VLT-SINFONI sub-kpc study of the star formation in local LIRGs and
          ULIRGs: Analysis of the global Sigma_SFR_ and characterisation of
          individual star-forming clumps.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  20
Authors:  Piqueras-Lopez J., Colina L., Arribas S., Pereira-Santaella M.,
          Alonso-Herrero A.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..67P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A67 (2016)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Galaxies, IR; Galaxies, photometry; ; ; Photometry,
          hydrogen-line; Spectrophotometry
Cite:     Piqueras-Lopez et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A67)
J/A+A/590/A68/ AGN data and absorption-line measurements (Richter+, 2016)
yCat:     35900068
Status:   f-v
Size:     60Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-12)
Title:    An HST/COS legacy survey of intervening SiIII absorption in the
          extended gaseous halos of low-redshift galaxies.
Popular:  17
Authors:  Richter P., Wakker B.P., Fechner C., Herenz P., Tepper-Garcia T., Fox
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..68R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A68 (2016)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Positional data; Redshifts; Spectroscopy; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Richter et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A68)
J/A+A/590/A72/ Herschel counterparts of SDC (Peretto+, 2016)
yCat:     35900072
Status:   f-v
Size:     945Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-13)
Title:    The initial conditions for stellar protocluster formation. III. The
          Herschel counterparts of the Spitzer Dark Cloud catalogue.
Popular:  50
Authors:  Peretto N., Lenfestey C., Fuller G.A., Traficante A., Molinari S.,
          Thompson M.A., Ward-Thompson D.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..72P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A72 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Infrared sources; Molecular clouds
Cite:     Peretto et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A72)
J/A+A/590/A78/ NGC2264 weak-line T Tauri lithium abundances (Bouvier+, 2016)
yCat:     35900078
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-16)
Title:    The Gaia-ESO survey: A lithium-rotation connection at 5 Myr?
Popular:  10
Authors:  Bouvier J., Lanzafame A., Venuti L., Klutsch A., Jeffries R., Frasca
          A., Moraux E., Biazzo K., Messina S., Micela G., Randich S., Stauffer
          J., Cody A.M., Flaccomio E., Gilmore G., Bayo A., Bensby T., Bragaglia
          A., Carraro C., Casey A., Costado M.T., Damiani F., Delgado Mena E.,
          Donati P., Franciosini E., Hourihane A., Koposov S., Lardo C., Lewis
          J., Magrini L., Monaco L., Morbidelli L., Prisinzano L., Sacco G.,
          Sbordone L., Sousa S.G., Vallenari A., Worley C.C., Zaggia S., Zwitter
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..78B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A78 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, pre-main sequence; Abundances
Cite:     Bouvier et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A78)
J/A+A/590/A80/ 2-10keV luminosity function of AGN (Ranalli+, 2016)
yCat:     35900080
Status:   f-v
Size:     9.78Mb;
Date:     Added: 16-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-16)
Title:    The 2-10 keV unabsorbed luminosity function of AGN from the LSS, CDFS,
          and COSMOS surveys.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Ranalli P., Koulouridis E., Georgantopoulos I., Fotopoulou S., Hsu
          L.-T., Salvato M., Comastri A., Pierre M., Cappelluti N., Carrera
          F.J., Chiappetti L., Clerc N., Gilli R., Iwasawa K., Pacaud F.,
          Paltani S., Plionis E., Vignali C.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..80R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A80 (2016)
Files:    lade-c.dat lade-k.dat lade-l.dat lade-lck.dat ldde-c.dat ldde-k.dat
          ldde-l.dat ldde-lck.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; X-ray sources; Models
Cite:     Ranalli et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A80)
J/A+A/590/A85/ Massive LMC eclipsing binaries minima timings (Zasche+, 2016)
yCat:     35900085
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-16)
Title:    The first study of the light-travel time effect in massive LMC
          eclipsing binaries.
Popular:  4
Authors:  Zasche P., Wolf M., Vrastil J., Pilarcik L., Jurysek J.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..85Z
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A85 (2016)
Files:    stars.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Binaries, eclipsing
Cite:     Zasche et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A85)
J/A+A/590/A9/ RGB stars in Galactic GC stellar parameters (Dias+, 2016)
yCat:     35900009
Status:   f-v
Size:     192Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-28)
Title:    FORS2/VLT survey of Milky Way globular clusters. II. Fe and Mg
          abundances of 51 Milky Way globular clusters on a homogeneous scale.
Popular:  55
Authors:  Dias B., Barbuy B., Saviane I, Held E., Da Costa G., Ortolani S.,
          Gullieuszik M., Vasquez S.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A...9D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A9 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, globular; Stars, giant; Abundances; ; ; Radial
          velocities; Spectroscopy; Effective temperatures; ; ; Models,
Cite:     Dias et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A9)
J/A+A/590/A92/ VCC 2062 CO(1-0) data cubes (Lisenfeld+, 2016)
yCat:     35900092
Status:   f-v
Size:     8.02Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-20)
Title:    Molecular gas and star formation in the tidal dwarf galaxy VCC 2062.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  4
Authors:  Lisenfeld U., Braine J., Duc P.A., Boquien M., Brinks E., Bournaud F.,
          Lelli F., Charmandaris V.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..92L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A92 (2016)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Radio lines
Cite:     Lisenfeld et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A92)
J/A+A/590/A93/ Doubly ^13^C-substituted ethyl cyanide (Margules+, 2016)
yCat:     35900093
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.39Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-20)
Title:    Spectroscopic study and astronomical detection of doubly
          ^13^C-substituted ethyl cyanide.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Margules L., Belloche A., Muller H.S.P., Motiyenko R.A., Guillemin
          J.-C., Garrod R.T., Menten K.M.
BibCode:  2016A&A...590A..93M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 590, A93 (2016)
Files:    s1.dat s2.dat s3.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics; Interstellar medium; Molecular clouds; ; ; Radio
          lines; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Margules et al. 2016 (J/A+A/590/A93)
J/AJ/150/187/ Abundances and stellar parameters of LAMOST stars (Lee+, 2015)
yCat:     51500187
Status:   f-v
Size:     911Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-28)
Title:    Application of the SEGUE stellar parameter pipeline to LAMOST stellar
Popular:  19
Authors:  Lee Y.S., Beers T.C., Carlin J.L., Newberg H.J., Hou Y., Li G., Luo
          A.-L., Wu Y., Yang M., Zhang H., Zhang W., Zhang Y.
BibCode:  2015AJ....150..187L
Ref:      Astron. J., 150, 187 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, atmospheres; Abundances; Abundances, [Fe/H]; ; ; Effective
Cite:     Lee et al. 2015 (J/AJ/150/187)
J/AJ/150/190/ Spectroscopy and Stromgren photometry of HR 1040 (Corliss+, 2015)
yCat:     51500190
Status:   f-v
Size:     36Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-28)
Title:    Spectroscopic and photometric variability in the A0 supergiant HR
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  12
Authors:  Corliss D.J., Morrison N.D., Adelman S.J.
BibCode:  2015AJ....150..190C
Ref:      Astron. J., 150, 190 (2015)
Files:    table9.dat table10.dat
Keyword:  Stars, supergiant; Spectroscopy; Photometry, uvby; ; ; Radial
          velocities; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Corliss et al. 2015 (J/AJ/150/190)
J/AJ/150/197/ Photometry and spectroscopy of HAT-P-57 (Hartman+, 2015)
yCat:     51500197
Status:   f-v
Size:     240Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-17)
Title:    HAT-P-57b: a short-period giant planet transiting a bright rapidly
          rotating A8V star confirmed via Doppler tomography.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  3
Authors:  Hartman J.D., Bakos G.A., Buchhave L.A., Torres G., Latham D.W.,
          Kovacs G., Bhatti W., Csubry Z., de Val-Borro M., Penev K., Huang
          C.X., Beky B., Bieryla A., Quinn S.N., Howard A.W., Marcy G.W.,
          Johnson J.A., Isaacson H., Fischer D.A., Noyes R.W., Falco E.,
          Esquerdo G.A., Knox R.P., Hinz P., Lazar J., Papp I., Sari P.
BibCode:  2015AJ....150..197H
Ref:      Astron. J., 150, 197 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Planets; Stars, double and multiple; Photometry; ; ; Radial velocities
Cite:     Hartman et al. 2015 (J/AJ/150/197)
J/ApJ/783/122/ AllWISE motion survey (Kirkpatrick+, 2014)
yCat:     17830122
Status:   f-v
Size:     523Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-12)
Title:    The AllWISE motion survey and the quest for cold subdwarfs.
Popular:  28
Authors:  Kirkpatrick J.D., Schneider A., Fajardo-Acosta S., Gelino C.R., Mace
          G.N., Wright E.L., Logsdon S.E., McLean I.S., Cushing M.C., Skrutskie
          M.F., Eisenhardt P.R., Stern D., Balokovic M., Burgasser A.J., Faherty
          J.K., Lansbury G.B., Rich J.A., Skrzypek N., Fowler J.W., Cutri R.M.,
          Masci F.J., Conrow T., Grillmair C.J., Mccallon H.L., Beichman C.A.,
          Marsh K.A.
BibCode:  2014ApJ...783..122K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 783, 122 (2014)
Files:    notes.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Proper motions; Photometry, infrared; Stars, late-type; ; ; Stars,
          double and multiple; Surveys
Cite:     Kirkpatrick et al. 2014 (J/ApJ/783/122)
J/ApJ/783/130/ Parallaxes of high mass star forming regions (Reid+, 2014)
yCat:     17830130
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-22)
Title:    Trigonometric parallaxes of high mass star forming regions: the
          structure and kinematics of the Milky Way.
Popular:  13
Authors:  Reid M.J., Menten K.M., Brunthaler A., Zheng X.W., Dame T.M., Xu Y.,
          Wu Y., Zhang B., Sanna A., Sato M., Hachisuka K., Choi Y.K., Immer K.,
          Moscadelli L., Rygl K.L.J., Bartkiewicz A.
BibCode:  2014ApJ...783..130R
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 783, 130 (2014)
Files:    refs.dat table1.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Masers; Parallaxes, trigonometric; Proper motions; ; ;
          Associations, stellar
Cite:     Reid et al. 2014 (J/ApJ/783/130)
J/ApJ/783/131/ Kinematic of stars in Galactic center (Yelda+, 2014)
yCat:     17830131
Status:   f-v
Size:     115Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-03)
Title:    Properties of the remnant clockwise disk of young stars in the
          Galactic Center.
Popular:  71
Authors:  Yelda S., Ghez A.M., Lu J.R., Do T., Meyer L., Morris M.R., Matthews
BibCode:  2014ApJ...783..131Y
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 783, 131 (2014)
Files:    table4.dat table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Associations, stellar; Radial velocities; ; ; Proper
          motions; Positional data; Stars, standard
Cite:     Yelda et al. 2014 (J/ApJ/783/131)
J/ApJ/797/106/ Redshifts in nine galaxy cluster fields (Hwang+, 2014)
yCat:     17970106
Status:   f-v
Size:     429Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    Comparing dense galaxy cluster redshift surveys with weak-lensing
Popular:  68
Authors:  Hwang H.S., Geller M.J., Diaferio A., Rines K.J., Zahid H.J.
BibCode:  2014ApJ...797..106H
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 797, 106 (2014)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, spectra; Redshifts
Cite:     Hwang et al. 2014 (J/ApJ/797/106)
J/ApJ/805/57/ Atmosphere parameters model-derived for PMS + BDs (Tottle+, 2015)
yCat:     18050057
Status:   f-v
Size:     25Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-03)
Title:    Testing model atmospheres for young very-low-mass stars and brown
          dwarfs in the infrared: evidence for significantly underestimated dust
Popular:  11
Authors:  Tottle J., Mohanty S.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...805...57T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 805, 57 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Spectral types; Effective temperatures; Extinction; YSOs; ; ; Models;
          Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Tottle & Mohanty 2015 (J/ApJ/805/57)
J/ApJ/806/52/ 8 Fermi GRB afterglows follow-up (Singer+, 2015)
yCat:     18060052
Status:   f-v
Size:     37Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Oct-2015 (VizieR: 2016-06-02)
Title:    The needle in the 100deg^2^ haystack: uncovering afterglows of Fermi
          GRBs with the Palomar Transient Factory.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  12
Authors:  Singer L.P., Kasliwal M.M., Cenko S.B., Perley D.A., Anderson G.E.,
          Anupama G.C., Arcavi I., Bhalerao V., Bue B.D., Cao Y., Connaughton
          V., Corsi A., Cucchiara A., Fender R.P., Fox D.B., Gehrels N.,
          Goldstein A., Gorosabel J., Horesh A., Hurley K., Johansson J., Kann
          D.A., Kouveliotou C., Huang K., Kulkarni S.R., Masci F., Nugent P.,
          Rau A., Rebbapragada U.D., Staley T.D., Svinkin D., Thone C.C., de
          Ugarte Postigo A., Urata Y., Weinstein A.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...806...52S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 806, 52 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Photometry, UBVRI; Photometry, ugriz; ; ; Photometry,
          infrared; Radio sources; Redshifts
Cite:     Singer et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/806/52)
J/ApJ/809/10/ Compact radio sources within 30" of Sgr A* (Yusef-Zadeh+, 2015)
yCat:     18090010
Status:   f-v
Size:     49Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-03)
Title:    Compact radio sources within 30" of Sgr A*: proper motions, stellar
          winds, and the accretion rate onto Sgr A*.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Yusef-Zadeh F., Bushouse H., Schodel R., Wardle M., Cotton W., Roberts
          D.A., Nogueras-Lara F., Gallego-Cano E.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...809...10Y
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 809, 10 (2015)
Files:    table6.dat
Keyword:  Radio continuum; Cross identifications; Infrared sources; ; ; Milky
Cite:     Yusef-Zadeh et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/809/10)
J/ApJ/812/31/ Local Star Formation effects on type Ia SNe (Jones+, 2015)
yCat:     18120031
Status:   f-v
Size:     55Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-02)
Title:    Reconsidering the effects of local star formation on type Ia supernova
Popular:  12
Authors:  Jones D.O., Riess A.G., Scolnic D.M.
BibCode:  2015ApJ...812...31J
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 812, 31 (2015)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, ultraviolet; Redshifts; Supernovae; Magnitudes
Cite:     Jones et al. 2015 (J/ApJ/812/31)
J/ApJ/816/38/ Chandra observations of 8 INTEGRAL sources (Tomsick+, 2016)
yCat:     18160038
Status:   f-v
Size:     17Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-22)
Title:    Chandra observations of eight sources discovered by INTEGRAL.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Tomsick J.A., Krivonos R., Wang Q., Bodaghee A., Chaty S., Rahoui F.,
          Rodriguez J., Fornasini F.M.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...816...38T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 816, 38 (2016)
Files:    table5.dat
Keyword:  X-ray sources; Gamma rays
Cite:     Tomsick et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/816/38)
J/ApJ/816/98/ Galaxies in X-ray clusters with DES. I. Stellar mass (Zhang+,
yCat:     18160098
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-21)
Title:    Galaxies in X-ray selected clusters and groups in Dark Energy Survey
          data. I. Stellar mass growth of bright central galaxies since z 1.2.
Popular:  4
Authors:  Zhang Y., Miller C., McKay T., Rooney P., Evrard A.E., Romer A.K.,
          Perfecto R., Song J., Desai S., Mohr J., Wilcox H., Bermeo-Hernandez
          A., Jeltema T., Hollowood D., Bacon D., Capozzi D., Collins C., Das
          R., Gerdes D., Hennig C., Hilton M., Hoyle B., Kay S., Liddle A., Mann
          R.G., Mehrtens N., Nichol R.C., Papovich C., Sahlen M., Soares-Santos
          M., Stott J., Viana P.T., Abbott T., Abdalla F.B., Banerji M., Bauer
          A.H., Benoit-Levy A., Bertin E., Brooks D., Buckley-Geer E., Burke
          D.L., Carnero Rosell A., Castander F.J., Diehl H.T., Doel P., Cunha
          C.E., Eifler T.F., Fausti Neto A., Fernandez E., Flaugher B., Fosalba
          P., Frieman J., Gaztanaga E., Gruen D., Gruendl R.A., Honscheid K.,
          James D., Kuehn K., Kuropatkin N., Lahav O., Maia M.A.G., Makler M.,
          Marshall J.L., Martini P., Miquel R., Ogando R., Plazas A.A., Roodman
          A., Rykoff E.S., Sako M., Sanchez E., Scarpine V., Schubnell M.,
          Sevilla I., Smith R.C., Sobreira F., Suchyta E., Swanson M.E.C., Tarle
          G., Thaler J., Tucker D., Vikram V., da Costa L.N.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...816...98Z
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 816, 98 (2016)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; X-ray sources; Galaxies, optical; Redshifts; ; ;
Cite:     Zhang et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/816/98)
J/ApJ/817/1/ Palomar/MSU and SDSS-DR7 M dwarfs with GALEX obs. (Jones+, 2016)
yCat:     18170001
Status:   f-v
Size:     154Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-26)
Title:    A catalog of GALEX ultraviolet emission from spectroscopically
          confirmed M dwarfs.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Jones D.O., West A.A.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817....1J
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 1 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, M-type; Photometry, ultraviolet; Equivalent widths; ; ; Proper
          motions; Spectral types; Stars, distances
Cite:     Jones & West 2016 (J/ApJ/817/1)
J/ApJ/817/10/ Star-forming z 2.1 galaxy metallicities (Grasshorn Gebhardt+,
yCat:     18170010
Status:   f-v
Size:     52Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-28)
Title:    Young, star-forming galaxies and their local counterparts: the
          evolving relationship of mass-SFR-metallicity since z   2.1.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Grasshorn Gebhardt H.S., Zeimann G.R., Ciardullo R., Gronwall C.,
          Hagen A., Bridge J.S., Schneider D.P., Trump J.R.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...10G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 10 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Photometry, HST; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Grasshorn Gebhardt et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/10)
J/ApJ/817/103/ Definitive Swift/XRT LC of Swift J164449.3+573451 (Mangano+,
yCat:     18170103
Status:   f-v
Size:     333Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-01)
Title:    The definitive X-ray light curve of Swift J164449.3+573451.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  3
Authors:  Mangano V., Burrows D.N., Sbarufatti B., Cannizzo J.K.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..103M
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 103 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  X-ray sources
Cite:     Mangano et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/103)
J/ApJ/817/104/ Keck/HIRES radial velocity obs. of HD32963 (Rowan+, 2016)
yCat:     18170104
Status:   f-v
Size:     10Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-09)
Title:    The Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey: HD 32963 --A new Jupiter analog
          orbiting a Sun-like star.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  3
Authors:  Rowan D., Meschiari S., Laughlin G., Vogt S.S., Butler R.P., Burt J.,
          Wang S., Holden B., Hanson R., Arriagada P., Keiser S., Teske J., Diaz
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..104R
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 104 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Radial velocities
Cite:     Rowan et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/104)
J/ApJ/817/112/ NEOWISE/AllWISE high proper motion objects (Schneider+, 2016)
yCat:     18170112
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.80Mb;
Date:     Added: 18-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-12)
Title:    A proper motion survey using the first sky pass of
          NEOWISE-reactivation data.
Popular:  15
Authors:  Schneider A.C., Greco J., Cushing M.C., Kirkpatrick J.D., Mainzer A.,
          Gelino C.R., Fajardo-Acosta S.B., Bauer J.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..112S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 112 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table11.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, infrared; Spectral types; Stars, late-type; ; ; Proper
Cite:     Schneider et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/112)
J/ApJ/817/113/ RIOTS4: spectroscopic survey of SMC field OB stars (Lamb+, 2016)
yCat:     18170113
Status:   f-v
Size:     41Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-10)
Title:    The Runaways and Isolated O-Type Star Spectroscopic Survey of the SMC
Popular:  7
Authors:  Lamb J.B., Oey M.S., Segura-Cox D.M., Graus A.S., Kiminki D.C.,
          Golden-Marx J.B., Parker J.W.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..113L
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 113 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, early-type; Radial velocities; Spectral types; Surveys
Cite:     Lamb et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/113)
J/ApJ/817/118/ SFR-M_*_ relation from ZFOURGE (Tomczak+, 2016)
yCat:     18170118
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-12)
Title:    The SFR-M* relation and empirical star-formation histories from
          ZFOURGE at 0.5<z<4.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Tomczak A.R., Quadri R.F., Tran K.-V.H., Labbe I., Straatman C.M.S.,
          Papovich C., Glazebrook K., Allen R., Brammer G.B., Cowley M.,
          Dickinson M., Elbaz D., Inami H., Kacprzak G.G., Morrison G.E.,
          Nanayakkara T., Persson S.E., Rees G.A., Salmon B., Schreiber C.,
          Spitler L.R., Whitaker K.E.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..118T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 118 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Redshifts; Galaxies, IR; Ultraviolet
Cite:     Tomczak et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/118)
J/ApJ/817/119/ Spitzer/IRAC variability survey of Bootes field (Kozlowski+,
yCat:     18170119
Status:   f-v
Size:     177.04Mb;
Date:     Added: 18-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-12)
Title:    Quasar variability in the mid-infrared.
Popular:  10
Authors:  Kozlowski S., Kochanek C.S., Ashby M.L.N., Assef R.J., Brodwin M.,
          Eisenhardt P.R., Jannuzi B.T., Stern D.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..119K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 119 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  QSOs; Photometry, infrared; Surveys; Active gal. nuclei
Cite:     Kozlowski et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/119)
J/ApJ/817/128/ Megamaser Cosmology Project. VIII. NGC5765B (Gao+, 2016)
yCat:     18170128
Status:   f-v
Size:     16Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    The Megamaser Cosmology Project. VIII. A geometric distance to NGC
Popular:  4
Authors:  Gao F., Braatz J.A., Reid M.J., Lo K.Y., Condon J.J., Henkel C., Kuo
          C.Y., Impellizzeri C.M.V., Pesce D.W., Zhao W.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..128G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 128 (2016)
Files:    table6.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Interferometry; Masers; Models
Cite:     Gao et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/128)
J/ApJ/817/167/ JCMT Gould Belt Survey: dense cores in Orion B (Kirk+, 2016)
yCat:     18170167
Status:   f-v
Size:     119Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-17)
Acronym:  MJLSG
Title:    The JCMT Gould Belt Survey: a first look at dense cores in Orion B.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Kirk H., Di Francesco J., Johnstone D., Duarte-Cabral A., Sadavoy S.,
          Hatchell J., Mottram J.C., Buckle J., Berry D.S., Broekhoven-Fiene H.,
          Currie M.J., Fich M., Jenness T., Nutter D., Pattle K., Pineda J.E.,
          Quinn C., Salji C., Tisi S., Hogerheijde M.R., Ward-Thompson D.,
          Bastien P., Bresnahan D., Butner H., Chen M., Chrysostomou A., Coude
          S., Davis C.J., Drabek-Maunder E., Fiege J., Friberg P., Friesen R.,
          Fuller G.A., Graves S., Greaves J., Gregson J., Holland W., Joncas G.,
          Kirk J.M., Knee L.B.G., Mairs S., Marsh K., Matthews B.C.,
          Moriarty-Schieven G., Mowat C., Rawlings J., Richer J., Robertson D.,
          Rosolowsky E., Rumble D., Thomas H., Tothill N., Viti S., White G.J.,
          Wouterloot J., Yates J., Zhu M.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817..167K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 167 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Millimetric/submm sources; YSOs; Surveys
Cite:     Kirk et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/167)
J/ApJ/817/2/ High angular resolution spectroscopy of NGC 1277 (Walsh+, 2016)
yCat:     18170002
Status:   f-v
Size:     14Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-26)
Title:    A 5x10^9^ Msun black hole in NGC 1277 from adaptive optics
Popular:  3
Authors:  Walsh J.L., van den Bosch R.C.E., Gebhardt K., Yildirim A., Richstone
          D.O., Gultekin K., Husemann B.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817....2W
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 2 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Radial velocities; Velocity dispersion; ; ; Spectra,
Cite:     Walsh et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/2)
J/ApJ/817/40/ High-resolution NIR spectra of local giants (Feuillet+, 2016)
yCat:     18170040
Status:   f-v
Size:     90Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-26)
Title:    Determining ages of APOGEE giants with known distances.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Feuillet D.K., Bovy J., Holtzman J., Girardi L., MacDonald N.,
          Majewski S.R., Nidever D.L.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...40F
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 40 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; Magnitudes, absolute; Stars, ages; ; ; Spectra,
          infrared; Effective temperatures; Abundances
Cite:     Feuillet et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/40)
J/ApJ/817/41/ Abundances of 4 metal-poor red giants in BooII (Ji+, 2016)
yCat:     18170041
Status:   f-v
Size:     32Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-26)
Title:    High-resolution spectroscopy of extremely metal-poor stars in the
          least-evolved galaxies: Bootes II.
Popular:  9
Authors:  Ji A.P., Frebel A., Simon J.D., Geha M.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...41J
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 41 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Equivalent widths; Stars, giant; Galaxies, optical
Cite:     Ji et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/41)
J/ApJ/817/53/ Fe-group elemental abundance analysis in HD84937 (Sneden+, 2016)
yCat:     18170053
Status:   f-v
Size:     56Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-27)
Title:    Iron-group abundances in the metal-poor main-sequence turnoff star HD
Popular:  4
Authors:  Sneden C., Cowan J.J., Kobayashi C., Pignatari M., Lawler J.E., Den
          Hartog E.A., Wood M.P.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...53S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 53 (2016)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Stars, metal-deficient; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Sneden et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/53)
J/ApJ/817/60/ Multiply imaged supernova Refsdal (Treu+, 2016)
yCat:     18170060
Status:   f-v
Size:     45Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-29)
Title:    "Refsdal" meets popper: comparing predictions of the re-appearance of
          the multiply imaged supernova behind MACSJ1149.5+2223.
Popular:  8
Authors:  Treu T., Brammer G., Diego J.M., Grillo C., Kelly P.L., Oguri M.,
          Rodney S.A., Rosati P., Sharon K., Zitrin A., Balestra I., Bradac M.,
          Broadhurst T., Caminha G.B., Halkola A., Hoag A., Ishigaki M., Johnson
          T.L., Karman W., Kawamata R., Mercurio A., Schmidt K.B., Strolger
          L.-G., Suyu S.H., Filippenko A.V., Foley R.J., Jha S.W., Patel B.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...60T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 60 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Gravitational lensing; Redshifts; Supernovae; Galaxies, optical
Cite:     Treu et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/60)
J/ApJ/817/95/ X-ray observations of HCG galaxies (Tzanavaris+, 2016)
yCat:     18170095
Status:   f-v
Size:     16Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-29)
Title:    Exploring X-ray binary populations in compact group galaxies with
Popular:  7
Authors:  Tzanavaris P., Hornschemeier A.E., Gallagher S.C., Lenkic L.,
          Desjardins T.D., Walker L.M., Johnson K.E., Mulchaey J.S.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817...95T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, 95 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; X-ray sources; Morphology; Binaries, X-ray
Cite:     Tzanavaris et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/95)
J/ApJ/817/L20/ Wolf 1061 velocities and planet candidates (Wright+, 2016)
yCat:     18179020
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    Three planets orbiting Wolf 1061.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Wright D.J., Wittenmyer R.A., Tinney C.G., Bentley J.S., Zhao J.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...817L..20W
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 817, L20 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Radial velocities; Stars, double and multiple; Planets
Cite:     Wright et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/817/L20)
J/ApJ/818/18/ Jet angles and gamma-ray energetics estimations (Goldstein+, 2016)
yCat:     18180018
Status:   f-v
Size:     67Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-19)
Title:    Estimating long GRB jet opening angles and rest-frame energetics.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Goldstein A., Connaughton V., Briggs M.S., Burns E.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...818...18G
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 818, 18 (2016)
Files:    table4.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Models
Cite:     Goldstein et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/818/18)
J/ApJS/186/111/ Spitzer observations of Taurus members (Luhman+, 2010)
yCat:     21860111
Status:   f-v
Size:     227Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-02)
Title:    The disk population of the Taurus star-forming region.
Popular:  15
Authors:  Luhman K.L., Allen P.R., Espaillat C., Hartmann L., Calvet N.
BibCode:  2010ApJS..186..111L
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 186, 111-174 (2010)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  YSOs; Photometry, infrared; Spectral types
Cite:     Luhman et al. 2010 (J/ApJS/186/111)
J/BaltA/24/395/ X-ray and radio sources in binaries (Malkov+, 2015)
yCat:     130240395
Status:   f-v
Size:     75Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-12)
Title:    Binary star DataBase: binaries discovered in non-optical bands.
Popular:  134
Authors:  Malkov O.Y., Tessema S.B., Kniazev A.Y.
BibCode:  2015BaltA..24..395M
Ref:      Baltic Astron., 24, 395-402 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, X-ray; Pulsars; Cross identifications
Cite:     Malkov et al. 2015 (J/BaltA/24/395)
J/MNRAS/428/678/ Transiting exoplanet TrES-3b CCD UBVR photometry (Turner+,
yCat:     74280678
Status:   f-v
Size:     61Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-21)
Title:    Near-UV and optical observations of the transiting exoplanet TrES-3b.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  29
Authors:  Turner J.D., Smart B.M., Hardegree-Ullman K.K., Carleton T.M.,
          Walker-Lafollette A.M., Crawford B.E., Smith C.-T.W., McGraw A.M.,
          Small L.C., Rocchetto M., Cunningham K.I., Towner A.P.M., Zellem R.,
          Robertson A.N., Guvenen B.C., Schwarz K.R., Hardegree-Ullman E.E.,
          Collura D., Henz T.N., Lejoly C., Richardson L.L., Weinand M.A.,
          Taylor J.M., Daugherty M.J., Wilson A.A., Austin C.L.
BibCode:  2013MNRAS.428..678T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 428, 678-690 (2013)
Files:    lc.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry, CCD
Cite:     Turner et al. 2013 (J/MNRAS/428/678)
J/MNRAS/440/2036/ VPHAS+ survey synthetic colours (Drew+, 2014)
yCat:     74402036
Status:   f-v
Size:     35Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Jul-2015 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    The VST Photometric Halpha Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and
          Bulge (VPHAS+).
Popular:  2
Authors:  Drew J.E., Gonzalez-Solares E., Greimel R., Irwin M.J., Kupcu Yoldas
          A., Lewis J., Barentsen G., Eisloffel J., Farnhill H.J., Martin W.E.,
          Walsh J.R., Walton N.A., Mohr-Smith M., Raddi R., Sale S.E., Wright
          N.J., Groot P., Barlow M.J., Corradi R.L.M., Drake J.J., Fabregat J.,
          Frew D.J., Gansicke B.T., Knigge C., Mampaso A., Morris R.A.H., Naylor
          T., Parker Q.A., Phillipps S., Ruhland C., Steeghs D., Unruh Y.C.,
          Vink J.S., Wesson R., Zijlstra A.A.
BibCode:  2014MNRAS.440.2036D
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 440, 2036-3058 (2014)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tablea5.dat
          tablea6.dat tablea7.dat tablea8.dat
Keyword:  Models; Photometry, uvby; Photometry, H-alpha
Cite:     Drew et al. 2014 (J/MNRAS/440/2036)
                                              (20 names and positions corrected)
J/MNRAS/446/2055/ Radial velocities of southern SIM grid stars (Makarov+, 2015)
yCat:     74462055
Status:   f-v
Size:     295Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Jun-2015 (VizieR: 2016-05-03)
Title:    Radial velocities and binarity of southern SIM grid stars.
Popular:  152
Authors:  Makarov V.V., Unwin S.C.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.446.2055M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 446, 2055-2058 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, spectroscopic; Radial velocities
          optical; Binaries:spectroscopic; Velocities
Cite:     Makarov & Unwin 2015 (J/MNRAS/446/2055)
J/MNRAS/451/3173/ Circumnuclear star-forming regions (Alvarez-Alvarez+, 2015)
yCat:     74513173
Status:   f-v
Size:     60Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Jan-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-22)
Title:    A comprehensive photometric study of circumnuclear star-forming rings.
          I. The sample.
Popular:  44
Authors:  Alvarez-Alvarez M., Diaz A.I., Terlevich E., Terlevich R.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.451.3173A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 451, 3173-3191 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Associations, stellar; Photometry, UBVRI; ; ;
          Equivalent widths
Cite:     Alvarez-Alvarez et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/451/3173)
J/MNRAS/452/2208/ NGC 4473 globular clusters (Alabi+, 2015)
yCat:     74522208
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    The SLUGGS survey: globular cluster kinematics in a 'double sigma'
          galaxy - NGC 4473.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Alabi A.B., Foster C., Forbes D.A., Romanowsky A.J., Pastorello N.,
          Brodie J.P., Spitler L.R., Strader J., Usher C.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.452.2208A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 452, 2208-2219 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Clusters, globular; Radial velocities; ; ;
Cite:     Alabi et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/452/2208)
J/MNRAS/452/3508/ Young stellar structures in NGC 6503 (Gouliermis+, 2015)
yCat:     74523508
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-27)
Title:    Hierarchical star formation across the ring galaxy NGC 6503.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Gouliermis D.A., Thilker D., Elmegreen B.G., Elmegreen D.M., Calzetti
          D., Lee J.C., Adamo A., Aloisi A., Cignoni M., Cook D.O., Dale D.A.,
          Gallagher J.S.III, Grasha K., Grebel E.K., Davo A.H., Hunter D.A.,
          Johnson K.E., Kim H., Nair P., Nota A., Pellerin A., Ryon J., Sabbi
          E., Sacchi E., Smith L.J., Tosi M., Ubeda L., Whitmore B.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.452.3508G
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 452, 3508-3528 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Associations, stellar; Morphology; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Gouliermis et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/452/3508)
J/MNRAS/452/3561/ Kepler eclipsing binary stars. K2 Campaign 0 (LaCourse+, 2015)
yCat:     74523561
Status:   f-v
Size:     38Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-27)
Acronym:  EPIC
Title:    Kepler eclipsing binary stars. VI. Identification of eclipsing
          binaries in the K2 Campaign 0 data set.
Popular:  24
Authors:  LaCourse D.M., Jek K.J., Jacobs T.L., Winarski T., Boyajian T.S.,
          Rappaport S.A., Sanchis-Ojeda R., Conroy K.E., Nelson L., Barclay T.,
          Fischer D.A., Schmitt J.R., Wang J., Stassun K.G., Pepper J., Coughlin
          J.L., Shporer A., Prsa A.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.452.3561L
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 452, 3561-3592 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Planets; Magnitudes
Cite:     LaCourse et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/452/3561)
J/MNRAS/452/4153/ SDSS DR12 QSOs [OIII] doublet (Albareti+, 2015)
yCat:     74524153
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.57Mb;
Date:     Added: 14-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    Constraint on the time variation of the fine-structure constant with
          the SDSS-III/BOSS DR12 quasar sample.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  9
Authors:  Albareti F.D., Comparat J., Gutierrez C.M., Prada F., Paris I.,
          Schlegel D., Lopez-Corredoira M., Schneider D.P., Manchado A.,
          Garcia-Hernandez D.A., Petitjean P., Ge J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.452.4153A
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 452, 4153-4168 (2015)
Files:    catalog.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; QSOs; Redshifts; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Albareti et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/452/4153)
J/MNRAS/453/1026/ Lagoon Nebula M8 T tauri accretion rates (Kalari+, 2015)
yCat:     74531026
Status:   f-v
Size:     45Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    Classical T Tauri stars with VPHAS+. I. Halpha and u-band accretion
          rates in the Lagoon Nebula M8.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Kalari V.M., Vink J.S., Drew J.E., Barentsen G., Drake J.J., Eisloffel
          J., Martin E.L., Parker Q.A., Unruh Y.C., Walton N.A., Wright N.J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453.1026K
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 1026-1046 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, pre-main sequence; Accretion; ; ; Photometry,
          ugriz; Photometry, H-alpha
Cite:     Kalari et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/1026)
J/MNRAS/453/1079/ Sub-mJy radio sources SF properties (Bonzini+, 2015)
yCat:     74531079
Status:   f-v
Size:     82Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-27)
Title:    Star formation properties of sub-mJy radio sources.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Bonzini M., Mainieri V., Padovani P., Andreani P., Berta S., Bethermin
          M., Lutz D., Rodighiero G., Rosario D., Tozzi P., Vattakunnel S.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453.1079B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 1079-1094 (2015)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Infrared sources; Radio sources
Cite:     Bonzini et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/1079)
J/MNRAS/453/1201/ Radio properties of brightest cluster galaxies (Hogan+, 2015)
yCat:     74531201
Status:   f-v
Size:     65Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-27)
Title:    A comprehensive study of the radio properties of brightest cluster
Popular:  10
Authors:  Hogan M.T., Edge A.C., Hlavacek-Larrondo J., Grainge K.J.B., Hamer
          S.L., Mahony E.K., Russell H.R., Fabian A.C., McNamara B.R., Wilman
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453.1201H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 1201-1222 (2015)
Files:    tableb1.dat tableb2.dat tableb3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, radio
Cite:     Hogan et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/1201)
J/MNRAS/453/1223/ BCG high radio-frequency properties (Hogan+, 2015)
yCat:     74531223
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-27)
Title:    High radio-frequency properties and variability of brightest cluster
Popular:  7
Authors:  Hogan M.T., Edge A.C., Geach J.E., Grainge K.J.B., Hlavacek-Larrondo
          J., Hovatta T., Karim A., McNamara B.R., Rumsey C., Russell H.R.,
          Salome P., Aller H.D., Aller M.F., Benford D.J., Fabian A.C., Readhead
          A.C.S., Sadler E.M., Saunders R.D.E.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453.1223H
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 1223-1240 (2015)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, radio
Cite:     Hogan et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/1223)
J/MNRAS/453/2006/ NGC 2264 SCUBA-2 observations (Buckle+, 2015)
yCat:     74532006
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-Mar-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-27)
Title:    Wide-field SCUBA-2 observations of NGC 2264: submillimetre clumps and
Authors:  Buckle J.V., Richer J.S.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453.2006B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 2006-2016 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Millimetric/submm sources
Cite:     Buckle & Richer 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/2006)
J/MNRAS/453/4020/ ATLAS 1.4GHz Data Release 3 (Franzen+, 2015)
yCat:     74534020
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.07Mb;
Date:     Added: 08-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-13)
Title:    ATLAS. I. Third release of 1.4 GHz mosaics and component catalogues.
Popular:  78
Authors:  Franzen T.M.O., Banfield J.K., Hales C.A., Hopkins A., Norris R.P.,
          Seymour N., Chow K.E., Herzog A., Huynh M.T., Lenc E., Mao M.Y.,
          Middelberg E.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453.4020F
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 4020-4036 (2015)
Files:    atlasdr3.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Galaxy catalogs; Galaxies, radio; Radio sources; ; ; Radio
Cite:     Franzen et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/4020)
J/MNRAS/453/645/ Massive molecular outflows distance-limited sample (Maud+,
yCat:     74530645
Status:   f-v
Size:     43Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Feb-2016 (VizieR: 2016-06-16)
Title:    A distance-limited sample of massive molecular outflows.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Maud L.T., Moore T.J.T., Lumsden S.L., Mottram J.C., Urquhart J.S.,
          Hoare M.G.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.453..645M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 453, 645-665 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  YSOs; H II regions; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Maud et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/453/645)
J/MNRAS/454/4013/ DIBs in Magellanic Clouds and Milky Way (Bailey+, 2015)
yCat:     74544013
Status:   f-v
Size:     202Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-18)
Title:    Mapping atomic and diffuse interstellar band absorption across the
          Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way.
Popular:  14
Authors:  Bailey M., van Loon J.T., Sarre P.J., Beckman J.E.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.454.4013B
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 454, 4013-4026 (2015)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Magellanic Clouds; Interstellar medium; ; ; Equivalent
Cite:     Bailey et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/454/4013)
J/MNRAS/455/1275/ Radial velocities of WR21a (Tramper+, 2016)
yCat:     74551275
Status:   f-v
Size:     7Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Apr-2016 (VizieR: 2016-04-26)
Title:    The mass of the very massive binary WR21a.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  15
Authors:  Tramper F., Sana H., Fitzsimons N.E., de Koter A., Kaper L., Mahy L.,
          Moffat A.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.455.1275T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 455, 1275 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, spectroscopic; Stars, Wolf-Rayet; Radial velocities
Cite:     Tramper et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/455/1275)
J/MNRAS/458/3150/ OCCASO survey. HRV for 12 open clusters (Casamiquela+, 2016)
yCat:     74583150
Status:   f-v
Size:     67Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-06)
Title:    The OCCASO survey: Presentation and radial velocities of 12 Milky Way
          open clusters.
Popular:  24409
Authors:  Casamiquela L., Carrera R., Jordi C., Balaguer-Nunez L., Pancino E.,
          Hidalgo S.L., Martinez-Vazquez C.E., Murabito S., del Pino A.,
          Aparicio A., Blanco-Cuaresma S., Gallart C.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.458.3150C
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 458, 3150 (2016)
Files:    table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, open; Radial velocities
Cite:     Casamiquela et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/458/3150)
J/MNRAS/458/4530/ Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey (Wevers+, 2016)
yCat:     74584530
Status:   f-v
Size:     126.0Gb;
Date:     Added: 03-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-03)
Title:    The Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey: optical catalogue and point-source
          counterparts to X-ray sources.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  54
Authors:  Wevers T., Hodgkin S.T., Jonker P.G., Bassa C., Nelemans G., van
          Grunsven T., Gonzalez-Solares E.A., Torres M.A.P., Heinke C., Steeghs
          D., Maccarone T.J., Britt C., Hynes R.I., Johnson C., Wu J.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.458.4530W
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 458, 4530 (2016)
Files:    cat1/* cat2/* fits/* images.dat img/* mercat1/* mercat2/* mosaicob.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; X-ray sources; Milky Way
Cite:     Wevers et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/458/4530)
J/other/ApSS/361.175/ M5 RR Lyr and HB VI light curves (Arellano Ferro+, 2016)
yCat:     1017036101
Status:   f-v
Size:     9.49Mb;
Date:     Added: 06-May-2016 (VizieR: 2016-05-09)
Title:    RR Lyrae stars and the horizontal branch of NGC 5904 (M5).
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  40
Authors:  Arellano Ferro A., Luna A., Bramich D.M., Giridhar S., Ahumada, J.H.,
          Muneer S.
BibCode:  2016Ap&SS.361..175A
Ref:      Astrophys. Space Sci. 361, 175 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, variable; Photometry
Cite:     Arellano Ferro et al. 2016 (J/other/ApSS/361.175)