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J/A+A/596/A84 S4G disk galaxies stellar mass distribution (Diaz-Garcia+, 2016) The following files can be converted to FITS (extension .fit or fit.gz) data.dat luminosity_disk_kpc/* luminosity_disk_hr/* vrot_disk_kpc/* vrot_disk_hr/* luminosity_bar/* force_prof_bar/* ellipse_prof_bar/* list.dat
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[DIR] Parent Directory [ ] ReadMe 07-Dec-2016 11:08 23K [DIR] bar_stack_fits 21-Aug-2016 20:38 4.0K [ ] data.dat 22-Aug-2016 11:59 2.4K [DIR] ellipse_prof_bar 21-Aug-2016 20:38 4.0K [DIR] force_prof_bar 21-Aug-2016 20:39 4.0K [ ] list.dat 21-Aug-2016 21:17 1.2K [DIR] luminosity_bar 21-Aug-2016 20:39 4.0K [DIR] luminosity_disk_hr 21-Aug-2016 20:39 4.0K [DIR] luminosity_disk_kpc 21-Aug-2016 20:40 4.0K [DIR] vrot_disk_hr 21-Aug-2016 20:40 4.0K [DIR] vrot_disk_kpc 21-Aug-2016 20:40 4.0K