Definition of Quality Flags for GLIMPSE

Option: x0 (0=show all flags, x=hexadecimal)

|0x00000001   |Poor pixels in dark current (SSC pmask)1 |
|0x00000002   |Flat field questionable (SSC dmask)2 |
|0x00000004   |Latent image (SSC dmask), or persistence (2MASS)4 |
|0x00000008   |photometric confusion (2MASS)8 |
|0x00000010   ||
|0x00000020   ||
|0x00000040   |muxbleed correction applied (GLIMPSE)64 |
|0x00000080   |hot, dead or otherwise unacceptable pixel (SSC pmask, dmask, GLIMPSE)128 |
|0x00000100   |muxbleed correction applied is >3σ above background (GLIMPSE), or electronic stripe(s) (2MASS)256 |
|0x00000200   |DAOPHOT tweak positive (GLIMPSE)512 |
|0x00000400   |DAOPHOT tweak negative (GLIMPSE)1024 |
|0x00000800   ||
|0x00001000   |confusion in in-band merge (GLIMPSE)4096 |
|0x00002000   |confusion in cross-band merge (both GLIMPSE and 2MASS)8192 |
|0x00004000   |column pulldown corrected (GLIMPSE)16384 |
|0x00008000   |banding corrected (GLIMPSE)32768 |
|0x00010000   |stray light (GLIMPSE)65536 |
|0x00020000   ||
|0x00040000   |data predicted to saturate (GLIMPSE)262144 |
|0x00080000   |saturated star wing region (GLIMPSE), or diffraction spike (2MASS)524288 |
|0x00100000   |pre-lumping in in-band merge (GLIMPSE)1048576 |
|0x00200000   |post-lumping in in-band merge (GLIMPSE)2097152 |
|0x00400000   |compute_q2M()  | |0x00800000   |compute_q2M()  | |0x01000000   |compute_q2M()  | |0x02000000   ||
|0x04000000   ||
|0x08000000   ||
|0x10000000   ||
|0x20000000   |within three pixels of edge of frame (GLIMPSE)536870912 |
|0x40000000   ||
|0x80000000   |flux estimated for Archive entry only (Catalog entry has no flux)(CDS)2147483648 |
function compute_q2M(value) {
  var q2M = (value>>22)&7;
  return "2MASS Quality flag = <b>" + "ABCDEFG ".substr(7-q2M, 1) + "</b></td><td>&nbsp;";