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Proposal for Registering a New Acronym
for newly discovered astronomical sources of radiation

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We wish particularly to encourage participation of those involved in large surveys or catalogues to ensure that their designations conform to the IAU recommendations before these acronyms become referenced (even informally).
Please fill in the form below and push the "Submit" button below; you will later be contacted for any question or problem related to your proposal and to announce acceptance in the On-line Reference Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects (i.e. the list of acronyms).
Helpful hints are available on creating acronyms, use of formats, and current practices regarding subcomponents.
    Proposed Acronym:  
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    Type of objects: 
  Number of objects:   
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   Give  2 illustrative examples of designations: 
	Source Designation 
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1  Examples and Notes on Typical Designations

assuming a source designated in the sample catalogue:

    For a designation based on a sequential numbering: 
	 sample  102 
       	 give in one of the examples the highest number 
      For designations based on coordinates: 
	choose two examples (if possible, both a positive and 
	negative Dec or latitude) and give a brief explanation
	which includes the actual coordinates
	of the source to illustrate proper truncation 
    a. For a designation based on J2000 position:   
	sample  J195740.55+333827.9 
	  for a source with actual J2000 position:
RA=19h57m40.558s, Dec=+33°38'27.96''

(truncation rule) b. For a designation based on B1950 position: sample B19572+3348 for a source with actual B1950 position:
RA=19h57m17.5s, Dec=+33°48'58"

(truncation rule) c. For a designation based on galactic coordinates: sample G330.7-00.3 for a source with actual galactic coordinates:
longitude= 330.72°, latitude=–0.36°

Registry of an acronym is especially advantageous for large, on-going surveys where images and source lists may be produced in stages and/or may be published in electronic form before the final printed catalogue. Registering the acronym ensures the availability of a suitable, unique acronym for the survey and that the proposed designation conforms to the IAU recommendations. This would go a long way toward catching and eliminating some potentially confusing and inadvertently non-conforming designations BEFORE they appear in print or in the data archives. Your cooperation is appreciated.

How to refer to a source or designate a new one is a short document from the Task Group on Astronomical Designations of IAU Commission 5 which provides basic advice on this topic. A more extensive document, Specifications concerning designations for astronomical radiation sources outside the solar system, gives more complete definitions and examples.

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