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II/335/   Revised catalog of GALEX UV sources (GUVcat_AIS) (Bianchi+ 2017)
yCat:     2335
Status:   f-v
Size:     7.6Mb; 82,992,086 sources
Date:     Added: 13-Nov-2014 (VizieR: 2018-11-07)
Acronym:  GUVcat GUVcat_AIS GR6+7; GR6/7; GALEX
Title:    Revised catalog of GALEX UV sources (GUVcat_AIS)
Popular:  25
Authors:  Bianchi L., Shiao B., Thilker D.
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 230, 24-24 (2017)
BibCode:  2017ApJS..230...24B
Contents: Id.:
          alpha, delta (J2000)
Category: OC
qProgram: !ext-tsv/ -source=galex_g_r67 --dir=mirror
          -out.max=99999999 -c @-c -c.rm @-c.rm
Keyword:  Photometry, ultraviolet; Ultraviolet
          GALEX; UV; Photometry
Cite:     Sid 2017 (II/335)
IV/35/    Gaia DR2-WISE Galactic Plane Matches (Wilson+, 2018)
yCat:     4035
Status:   f-v
Size:     53905Mb; 118964029 sources
Date:     Added: 23-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-04)
Acronym:  J/MNRAS/481/2148
Title:    A contaminant-free catalogue of Gaia DR2-WISE Galactic Plane matches:
          Including the effects of crowding in the cross-matching of photometric
Popular:  17259
Authors:  Wilson T.J., Naylor T.
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 481, 2148 (2018)
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.481.2148W
Contents: Id.: Gaia DR2, AllWISE
          alpha, delta (ICRS)
          G W1 W2 W3 W4 mag
Category: CCC
qProgram: !ext-tsv/ -source=gdr2_w_ise_g_p --dir=mirror
          -out.max=99999999 -c @-c -c.rm @-c.rm
Keyword:  Positional data; Cross identifications; Galactic plane; Photometry
Cite:     Sid 2018 (IV/35)
IX/52/    XXL Survey. DR2 (Chiappetti+, 2018)
yCat:     9052
Status:   f-v
Size:     3330Mb; records
Date:     Added: 04-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-04)
Acronym:  XXL; XXL DR2
Title:    The XXL Survey: Second results
Popular:  934
Authors:  Chiappetti L., Pierre M., Adami C., Butler A., Ciliegi P.,, Guglielmo
          V., Horellou C., Lidman C., Ricci M., Smolcic V., et al.
Ref:      XXL Survey, DR2; Astron. Astrophys. in prep. (2018)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          B, CD, 3GHz and 2.1GHz fluxes
          z, optical counterpart photometry
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; X-ray sources; Active gal. nuclei; QSOs; Clusters, galaxy;
          Galaxies, optical; Cross identifications; Redshifts; Galaxies, radio;
          Photometry, ugriz; Photometry, infrared; Spectrophotometry
Cite:     Chiappetti et al. 2018 (IX/52)
B/astorb/ Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
yCat:     102032
Status:   T-f-v
Size:     212Mb; 523585 planets
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2018-10-01)
Acronym:  astorb
Title:    The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, version 2018-Sep-30
Popular:  208
Authors:  Bowell E.
Ref:      Lowell Observatory
Contents: _Minor Planets_: Number, Name
          Magnitude elements
          Class, diameter
          a, e, i, Omega, omega, M
          Ephemeris uncertainties
          N_arc_, N_obs_
Remark:   Weekly updated
          See also B/comets
qProgram: astorb vcds1@VIZIR
Category: GCC
Keyword:  Minor planets
Cite:     Bowell 2014 (B/astorb)
B/eso/    ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2018)
yCat:     102011
Status:   f-v
Size:     9894Mb; 7779111 obs.
Date:     Added: 10-Sep-2002 (VizieR: 2018-10-15)
Acronym:  logESO; ESOSAC
Title:    The ESO SCience Archive Catalog
Popular:  34227
Authors:  European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Contents: Id.: Dataset, Target
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Date, exposure time
          Program, Instrument setup
Category: OC
qProgram: eso_arc vcds1@VIZIR
 Keyword:  ESO
Cite:     European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1991 (B/eso)
B/vsx/    AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
yCat:     102027
Status:   f-v
Size:     96Mb; 543565 variables
Date:     Added: 15-Jun-2009 (VizieR: 2018-10-15)
Acronym:  VSX
Title:    The AAVSO International Variable Star Index
Popular:  972575
Authors:  Watson C., Henden A.A., Price A.
Ref:      AAVSO
Contents: Id.: OID (VSX)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Varibility Class
          P, T_0_, m_max_, m_min_
Remark:   See also B/gcvs
Category: CCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR
Keyword:  Stars, variable
Cite:     Sid 2006 (B/vsx)
B/wds/    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
yCat:     102026
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Mb; 145556 binaries
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2009 (VizieR: 2018-10-08)
Acronym:  WDS
Title:    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS)
Popular:  24710
Authors:  Mason B.D., Wycoff G.L., Hartkopf W.I., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E.
Ref:      Astron. J. 122, 3466 (2001)
BibCode:  2001AJ....122.3466M
Contents: Id.: WDS, discoverer, DM
          alpha, delta (2000)
          Dates of first and last observations
          rho, theta, N(obs)
          m_A_, m_B_, Sp., mu
          Notes & References
          Discoverers lists
Remark:   Living edition
          Supersedes I/237
Category: GCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR catid=102026
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Positional data
          Positional_Data; Multiple_Stars
Cite:     Sid 2001 (B/wds)
J/A+A/617/A108/ Sun velocities from GOLF instrument (Appourchaux+, 2018)
yCat:     36170108
Status:   f-v
Size:     407.80Mb;
Date:     Added: 25-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-03)
Title:    Searching for g modes: I. A new calibration of the GOLF instrument.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  21
Authors:  Appourchaux T., Boumier P., Leibacher J.W., Corbard T.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.108A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A108 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Sun; Asteroseismology
          Sun; Asteroseismology
Cite:     Appourchaux et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A108)
J/A+A/617/A113/ GalMer S0 remnants morphological properties (Eliche-Moral+,
yCat:     36170113
Status:   f-v
Size:     48Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-01)
Title:    Formation of S0 galaxies through mergers. Morphological properties:
          tidal relics, lenses, ovals, and other inner components.
Popular:  12
Authors:  Eliche-Moral M.C., Rodriguez-Perez C., Borlaff A., Querejeta M., Tapia
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.113E
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A113 (2018)
Files:    tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, optical; Galaxies, peculiar; Models; ; ; Models,
          evolutionary; Morphology
Cite:     Eliche-Moral et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A113)
J/A+A/617/A118/ APM 08279+5255 optical-to-UV spectrum (Saturni+, 2018)
yCat:     36170118
Status:   f-v
Size:     361Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-01)
Title:    The rest-frame UV-to-optical spectroscopy of APM 08279+5255. BAL
          classification and black hole mass estimates.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  5
Authors:  Saturni F.G., Bischetti M., Piconcelli E., Bongiorno A., Cicone C.,
          Feruglio C., Fiore F., Gallerani S., Giustini M., Piranomonte S.,
          Vietri G., Vignali C.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.118S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A118 (2018)
Files:    apm08279.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; QSOs; Spectroscopy
          AGN; Spectroscopy; QSOs
Cite:     Saturni et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A118)
J/A+A/617/A122/ GRB 111209A GROND and UVOT light curves (Kann+, 2018)
yCat:     36170122
Status:   f-v
Size:     37Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-09)
Title:    The optical/NIR afterglow of GRB 111209A: Complex yet not
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  11
Authors:  Kann D.A., Schady P., Olivares E.F., Klose S., Rossi A., Perley D.A.,
          Zhang B., Kruehler T., Greiner J., Nicuesa Guelbenzu A., Elliott J.,
          Knust, F., Cano Z., Filgas R., Pian E., Mazzali P., Fynbo J.P.U.,
          Leloudas G., Afonso P.M.J., Delveaux C., Graham J.F., Rau A., Schmidl
          S., Schulze S., Tanga M., Updike A. C., Varela K.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.122K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A122 (2018)
Files:    grond.dat uvot.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Photometry, infrared; Photometry, SDSS; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Kann et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A122)
J/A+A/617/A130/ Luminous infrared galaxies AKARI 2.5-5um data (Inami+, 2018)
yCat:     36170130
Status:   f-v
Size:     56Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-05)
Title:    The AKARI 2.5-5 micron spectra of luminous infrared galaxies in the
          local Universe.
Popular:  426
Authors:  Inami H., Armus L., Matsuhara H., Charmandaris V., Diaz-Santos T.,
          Surace J., Stierwalt S., Ohyama Y., Howell J., Marshall J., Evans
          A.S., Linden S.T., Mazzarella J.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.130I
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A130 (2018)
Files:    sed-agn.dat sed-sb.dat table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Equivalent widths; Spectra, infrared
Cite:     Inami et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A130)
J/A+A/617/A132/ Abundances and distributions of CS and SiS (Danilovich+, 2018)
yCat:     36170132
Status:   f-v
Size:     384Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-01)
Title:    Sulphur-bearing molecules in AGB stars. II. Abundances and
          distributions of CS and SiS.
Media:    spectrum/fits
Popular:  28
Authors:  Danilovich T., Ramstedt S., Gobrecht D., Decin L., De Beck E.,
          Olofsson H.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.132D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A132 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Danilovich et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A132)
J/A+A/617/A135/ 20 years of photometric microlensing (Mustill+, 2018)
yCat:     36170135
Status:   f-v
Size:     27Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-02)
Title:    Twenty years of photometric microlensing events predicted by Gaia DR2.
          Potential planet-hosting lenses within 100 pc.
Popular:  80
Authors:  Mustill A.-J., Davies M.-B., Lindegren L.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.135M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A135 (2018)
Files:    mlens.dat
Keyword:  Gravitational lensing; Positional data; Stars, nearby; ; ; Parallaxes,
          trigonometric; Photometry, G band; Proper motions
Cite:     Mustill et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A135)
J/A+A/617/A136/ LOFAR M51 field low-frequency polarized sources (Horellou+,
yCat:     36170136
Status:   f-v
Size:     12.2Gb;
Date:     Added: 02-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-02)
Title:    Reliable detection and characterization of low-frequency polarized
          sources in the LOFAR M51 field.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  123
Authors:  Neld A., Horellou C., Mulcahy D.D., Beck R., Bourke S., Carozzi T.D.,
          Chyzy K.T., Conway J.E., Farnes J.S., Fletcher A., Haverkorn M., Heald
          G., Horneffer A., Nikiel-Wroczynski B., Paladino R., Sridhar S.S., Van
          Eck C.L.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.136N
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A136 (2018)
Files: catalog.dat fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Polarization
Cite:     Neld et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A136)
J/A+A/617/A138/ Revised Gaia Data Release 2 passbands (Weiler, 2018)
yCat:     36170138
Status:   f-v
Size:     343Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-02)
Title:    Revised Gaia Data Release 2 passbands.
Media:    filter
Popular:  58
Authors:  Weiler M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A.138W
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A138 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Photometry, sensitivity functions
Cite:     Weiler 2018 (J/A+A/617/A138)
J/A+A/617/A83/ MIDI atlas of low- and intermediate-mass YSOs (Varga+, 2018)
yCat:     36170083
Status:   f-v
Size:     16.30Mb;
Date:     Added: 25-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-15)
Title:    VLTI/MIDI atlas of disks around low- and intermediate-mass young
          stellar objects.
Media:    spectrum/fits
Popular:  109
Authors:  Varga J., Abraham P., Chen L., Ratzka T., Gabanyi K.E., Kospal A.,
          Matter A., van Boekel R., Henning T., Jaffe W., Juhasz A., Lopez B.,
          Menu J., Moor A., Mosoni L., Sipos N.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A..83V
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A83 (2018)
Files:    fits/* refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat tablee1.dat
Keyword:  Atlases; Interferometry; Infrared sources; Spectra, infrared; ; ;
          Stars, pre-main sequence; YSOs
          IR; Spectroscopy; YSOs; Stars:variable
Cite:     Varga et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A83)
J/A+A/617/A89/ G328.2551-0.5321 ALMA images (Csengeri+, 2018)
yCat:     36170089
Status:   f-v
Size:     1771.27Mb;
Date:     Added: 21-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-09-24)
Title:    The search for high-mass protostars with ALMA revealed up to
          kilo-parsec scales (SPARKS). I. Indication for a centrifugal barrier
          in the environment of a single high-mass protostar.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  42
Authors:  Csengeri T., Bontemps S., Wyrowski F., Belloche A., Menten K.M.,
          Leurini S., Beuther H., Bronfman L., Commercon B., Chapillon E.,
          Longmore S., Palau A., Tan J.C., Urquhart J.S.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617A..89C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, A89 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Radio sources; YSOs; Interstellar medium
          Radio; Interstellar_Medium; YSOs
Cite:     Csengeri et al. 2018 (J/A+A/617/A89)
J/A+A/617/L5/ Water delivery in Pluto and Triton atmospheres (Poppe+, 2018)
yCat:     36179005
Status:   f-v
Size:     180Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-09-28)
Title:    Interplanetary dust delivery of water to the atmospheres of Pluto and
Popular:  2
Authors:  Poppe A.R., Horanyi M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...617L...5P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 617, L5 (2018)
Files:    figure4.dat figure5.dat
Keyword:  Solar system; Planets
Cite:     Poppe & Horanyi 2018 (J/A+A/617/L5)
J/A+A/618/A102/ GES N/O abundance ratio in the Milky Way (Magrini+, 2018)
yCat:     36180102
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-17)
Title:    The Gaia-ESO Survey: The N/O abundance ratio in the Milky Way.
Popular:  14
Authors:  Magrini L., Vincenzo F., Randich S., Pancino E., Casali G.,
          Tautvaisiene G., Drazdauskas A., Mikolaitis S., Minkeviciute R.,
          Stonkute E., Chorniy Y., Bagdonas V., Kordopatis G., Friel E.,
          Roccatagliata V., Jimenez-Esteban F.M., Gilmore G., Vallenari A.,
          Bensby T., Bragaglia A., Korn A.J., Lanzafame A.C., Smiljanic R., Bayo
          A., Casey A.R., Costado M.T., Franciosini E., Hourihane A., Jofre ,
          Lewis J., Monaco L., Morbidelli L., Sacco G., Worley C.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A.102M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A102 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, open; Abundances
Cite:     Magrini et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A102)
J/A+A/618/A103/ Gl617A and Gl96 radial velocity curves (Hobson+, 2018)
yCat:     36180103
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-17)
Title:    The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. XIII. Two planets
          around M-dwarfs Gl617A and Gl96.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  17
Authors:  Hobson M.J., Diaz R.F., Delfosse X., Astudillo-Defru N., Boisse I.,
          Bouchy F., Bonfils X., Forveille T., Hara N., Arnold L., Borgniet S.,
          Bourrier V., Brugger B., Cabrera N., Courcol B., Dalal S., Deleuil M.,
          Demangeon O., Dumusque X., Ehrenreich D., Hebrard G., Kiefer F., Lopez
          T., Mignon L., Montagnier G., O.Mousis, Moutou C., Pepe F., Rey J.,
          Santerne A., Santos N., Stalport M., Segransan D., Udry S., Wilson P.A
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A.103H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A103 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Exoplanets; Radial velocities
Cite:     Hobson et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A103)
J/A+A/618/A110/ IR nebulae around bright massive stars (Bodensteiner+, 2018)
yCat:     36180110
Status:   f-v
Size:     69Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-19)
Title:    Infrared nebulae around bright massive stars as indicators for binary
Authors:  Bodensteiner J., Baade D., Greiner J., Langer N.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A.110B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A110 (2018)
Files:    tableb1.dat tableb2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, early-type; Stars, emission; Stars, Be; ; ; Rotational
          velocities; Stars, double and multiple; ; ; Diffuse clouds; Nebulae
Cite:     Bodensteiner et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A110)
J/A+A/618/A115/ HD 147379 radial velocities (Kaminski+, 2018)
yCat:     36180115
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-17)
Title:    The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. A Neptune-mass
          planet traversing the habitable zone around HD 180617.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Kaminski A., Trifonov T., Caballero J.A., Quirrenbach A., Ribas I.,
          Reiners A., Amado P.J., Zechmeister M., Dreizler S., Perger M., Tal-Or
          L., Bonfils X., Mayor M., Astudillo-Defru N., Bauer F.F., Bejar
          V.J.S., Cifuentes C., Colome J., Cortes-Contreras M., Delfosse X.,
          Diez-Alonso E., Forveille T., Guenther E.W., Hatzes A.P., Henning Th.,
          Jeffers S.V., Kuerster M., Lafarga M., Luque R., Mandel H., Montes D.,
          Morales J.C., Passegger V.M., Pedraz S., Reffert S., Sadegi S.,
          Schweitzer A., Seifert W., Stahl O., Udry S.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A.115K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A115 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Radial velocities
Cite:     Kaminski et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A115)
J/A+A/618/A12/ Gaia DR1 Upper Scorpius new member candidates (Wilkinson+, 2018)
yCat:     36180012
Status:   f-v
Size:     44Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-04)
Title:    New member candidates of Upper Scorpius from Gaia DR1.
Popular:  86
Authors:  Wilkinson S., Merin B., Riviere-Marichalar P.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..12W
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A12 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, standard
Cite:     Wilkinson et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A12)
J/A+A/618/A142/ Radial velocity for GJ 1132 (Bonfils+, 2018)
yCat:     36180142
Status:   f-v
Size:     17Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-18)
Title:    Radial velocity follow-up of GJ1132 with HARPS. A precise mass for
          planet b and the discovery of a second planet.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Bonfils X., Almenara J.-M., Cloutier R., Wunsche A., Astudillo-Defru
          N., Berta-Thompson Z., Bouchy F., Charbonneau D., Delfosse X., Diaz
          R., Dittmann J., Doyon R., Forveille T., Irwin J., Lovis C., Mayor M.,
          Menou K., Murgas F., Newton E., Pepe F., Santos N. C., Udry S.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A.142B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A142 (2018)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Radial velocities
Cite:     Bonfils et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A142)
J/A+A/618/A15/ Parameters of EHB stars in omega Cen (Latour+, 2018)
yCat:     36180015
Status:   f-v
Size:     31Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-05)
Title:    SHOTGLAS. I. The ultimate spectroscopic census of extreme horizontal
          branch stars in omega Centauri.
Popular:  53
Authors:  Latour M., Randall S.K., Calamida A., Geier S., Moehler S.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..15L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A15 (2018)
Files:    tableb3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, horizontal branch; Stars, subdwarf; ; ;
          Radial velocities; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Latour et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A15)
J/A+A/618/A16/ A(Li) and 6Li/7Li 3D NLTE corrections (Harutyunyan+, 2018)
yCat:     36180016
Status:   f-v
Size:     37Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-05)
Title:    3D non-LTE corrections for Li abundance and ^6^Li/^7^Li isotopic ratio
          in solar-type stars. I. Application to HD 207129 and HD 95456.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Harutyunyan G., Steffen M., Mott A., Caffau E., Israelian G., Gonzalez
          Hernandez J.I., Strassmeier K.G.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..16H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A16 (2018)
Files:    table.dat
Keyword:  Spectroscopy; Abundances; Models, atmosphere; Line Profiles
Cite:     Harutyunyan et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A16)
J/A+A/618/A20/ Limb-darkening for TESS, Kepler, Corot, MOST (Claret, 2018)
yCat:     36180020
Status:   f-v
Size:     435Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-11)
Title:    A new method to compute limb-darkening coefficients for stellar
          atmosphere models with spherical symmetry: the space missions TESS,
          Kepler, Corot, and MOST.
Popular:  35
Authors:  Claret A.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..20C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A20 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
          table8.dat table9.dat table10.dat table11.dat table12.dat table13.dat
          table14.dat table15.dat table16.dat table17.dat
Keyword:  Models, atmosphere; Photometry
Cite:     Claret 2018 (J/A+A/618/A20)
J/A+A/618/A22/ Fermi-LAT sources below 100MeV catalog (Principe+, 2018)
yCat:     36180022
Status:   f-v
Size:     58Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-08)
Acronym:  1FLE
Title:    The first catalog of Fermi-LAT sources below 100 MeV.
Popular:  45
Authors:  Principe G., Malyshev D., Ballet J., Funk S.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..22P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A22 (2018)
Files:    catalog.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Surveys
Sources:  (catalog): @Name
Cite:     Principe et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A22)
J/A+A/618/A25/ Model stellar spectra for B to early-M (Allende Prieto+, 2018)
Status:   f
Size:     106.7Gb;
Date:     Added: 04-Oct-2018
Title:    A Collection of model stellar spectra for spectral types B to early-M.
Authors:  Allende Prieto C., Koesterke L., Hubeny I., Bautista M., Barklem P.S.,
          Nahar S.N.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..25A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A25 (2018)
Files:    ns/* nsc/*
Keyword:  Models; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Allende Prieto et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A25)
J/A+A/618/A3/ NGC 300 MUSE spectroscopy for central fields (Roth+, 2018)
yCat:     36180003
Status:   f-v
Size:     3031.43Mb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-09)
Title:    MUSE crowded field 3D spectroscopy in NGC 300. I. First results from
          central fields.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  146
Authors:  Roth, M.M., Sandin, C., Kamann, S., Husser T.-O., Weilbacher P.M.,
          Monreal-Ibero A., Bacon R., den Brok M., Dreizler S., Kelz A., Marino
          R.A., Steinmetz M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A...3R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A3 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat table6.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Galaxies, spectra; Spectrophotometry
Cite:     Roth et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A3)
J/A+A/618/A35/ ALMA images of the CND and SgrA* (Goicoechea+, 2018)
yCat:     36180035
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.60Mb;
Date:     Added: 10-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-15)
Title:    High-speed molecular cloudlets around the Galactic center's
          supermassive black hole.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  32
Authors:  Goicoechea J.R., Pety J., Chapillon E., Cernicharo J., Gerin M.,
          Herrera C., Requena-Torres M.A., Santa-Maria M.G.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..35G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A35 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Interstellar medium; Molecular clouds; Interferometry
Cite:     Goicoechea et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A35)
J/A+A/618/A4/ IRC+10216 as a spectroscopic laboratory (Cernicharo+, 2018)
yCat:     36180004
Status:   f-v
Size:     69Kb;
Date:     Added: 03-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-09)
Title:    IRC+10216 as a spectroscopic laboratory: improved rotational constants
          for SiC_2_, its isotopologues, and Si_2_C.
Popular:  21
Authors:  Cernicharo J., Guelin M., Agundez M., Pardo J.R., Massalkhi S.,
          Fonfria J.P., Velilla Prieto L., Quintana-Lacaci G., Marcelino N.,
          Marka C., Navarro S., Kramer C.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A...4C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A4 (2018)
Files:    tablea2.dat tablea5.dat tablea8.dat tablea11.dat tablea14.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics; Models; Stars, carbon; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Cernicharo et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A4)
J/A+A/618/A41/ Photometry of Kepler-9b and c transits (Freudenthal+, 2018)
yCat:     36180041
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.87Mb;
Date:     Added: 11-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-11)
Title:    Kepler Object of Interest Network. II. Photodynamical modelling of
          Kepler-9 over 8 years of transit observations.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  5
Authors:  Freudenthal J., von Essen C., Dreizler S., Wedemeyer S., Agol E.,
          Morris B.M., Becker A.C., Mallonn M., Hoyer S., Ofir A., Tal-Or L.,
          Deeg H.J., Herrero E., Ribas I., Khalafinejad S., Hernandez J.,
          Rodriguez S.M.M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..41F
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A41 (2018)
Files:    9b_1_arc.dat 9b_2_wis.dat 9b_3_cah.dat 9b_4_liv.dat 9b_5_not.dat
          9b_6_arc.dat 9b_7_iac.dat 9b_8_tjd.dat 9b_9_not.dat 9c_1_olt.dat
          9c_2_arc.dat 9c_3_not.dat 9c_4_not.dat list.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Exoplanets; Photometry
Cite:     Freudenthal et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A41)
J/A+A/618/A44/ Predicted microlensing events from Gaia DR2 (Bramich, 2018)
yCat:     36180044
Status:   f-v
Size:     29Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-11)
Title:    Predicted microlensing events from analysis of Gaia Data Release 2.
Popular:  18
Authors:  Bramich D.M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..44B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A44 (2018)
Files:    tablea7.dat
Keyword:  Gravitational lensing; Positional data; Stars, nearby
Cite:     Bramich 2018 (J/A+A/618/A44)
J/A+A/618/A46/ W3(H2O/OH) continuum + line data cubes at 1.3mm (Ahmadi+, 2018)
yCat:     36180046
Status:   f-v
Size:     15.2Gb;
Date:     Added: 11-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-15)
Title:    Core fragmentation and Toomre stability analysis of W3(H_2_O). A case
          study of the IRAM NOEMA large program CORE.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  22
Authors:  Ahmadi A., Beuther H., Mottram J. C., Bosco F., Linz H., Henning T.,
          Winters J. M., Kuiper R., Pudritz R., Sanchez-Monge A., Keto E.,
          Beltran M., Bontemps S., Cesaroni R., Csengeri T., Feng S.,
          Galvan-Madrid R., Johnston K. G., Klaassen P., Leurini S., Longmore S.
          N., Lumsden S., Maud L. T., Menten K. M., Moscadelli L., Motte F.,
          Palau A., Peters T., Ragan S. E., Schilke P., Urquhart J. S., Wyrowski
          F., Zinnecker H.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..46A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A46 (2018)
Files:    fits/* map.dat
Keyword:  YSOs; Millimetric/submm sources
Cite:     Ahmadi et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A46)
J/A+A/618/A5/ Radial velocity survey of low-mass binaries (Durkan+, 2018)
yCat:     36180005
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 03-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-03)
Title:    Radial velocity survey of spatially resolved young, low-mass binaries.
Popular:  70
Authors:  Durkan S., Janson M., Ciceri S., Brandner W., Schlieder J., Henning
          T., Bonnefoy M., Kankare J., Watson C.A.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A...5D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A5 (2018)
Files:    stars.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Stars, late-type; ; ; Stars, pre-main
          sequence; Radial velocities
Cite:     Durkan et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A5)
J/A+A/618/A56/ Gaia GraL. II. Known multiply imaged quasars (Ducourant+, 2018)
yCat:     36180056
Status:   f-v
Size:     292Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-12)
Title:    Gaia GraL: Gaia DR2 gravitational lens systems. II. The known multiply
          imaged quasars.
Popular:  71
Authors:  Ducourant C., Wertz O., Krone-Martins A., Teixeira R., Le Campion
          J.-F., Galluccio L., Klueter J., Delchambre L., Surdej J., Mignard F.,
          Wambsganss J., Bastian U., Graham M.J., Djorgovski S.G., Slezak E.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..56D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A56 (2018)
Files:    table4.dat
Keyword:  Gravitational lensing; Positional data
Cite:     Ducourant et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A56)
J/A+A/618/A66/ Redshifts of obscured AGN (Simmonds+, 2018)
yCat:     36180066
Status:   f-v
Size:     48Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-15)
Title:    XZ: Deriving redshifts from X-ray spectra of obscured AGN.
Popular:  22
Authors:  Simmonds C., Buchner J., Salvato M., Hsu L.T., Bauer F.E.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..66S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A66 (2018)
Files:    aegis.dat cdfs.dat cosmos.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; X-ray sources; Redshifts; Spectroscopy; ; ;
Cite:     Simmonds et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A66)
J/A+A/618/A79/ FU Orionis small-amplitude light variations (Siwak+, 2018)
yCat:     36180079
Status:   f-v
Size:     769Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-16)
Title:    Insights into the inner regions of the FU Orionis disc.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  15
Authors:  Siwak M., Winiarski M., Ogloza W., Drozdz M., Zola S., Moffat A.F.J.,
          Stachowski G., Rucinski S.M., Cameron C., Matthews J.M., Weiss W.W.,
          Kuschnig R., Rowe J.F., Guenther D.B., Sasselov D.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..79S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A79 (2018)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tablea5.dat
          tablea6.dat tablea7.dat tablea8.dat tablea9.dat tablea10.dat
          tablea11.dat tablea12.dat tablea13.dat tablea14.dat tablea15.dat
          tablea16.dat tablea17.dat tablea18.dat tablea19.dat tablea20.dat
Keyword:  Stars, pre-main sequence; Stars, variable; Photometry
Cite:     Siwak et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A79)
J/A+A/618/A80/ Astrometric classification of 647 VLBI sources (Gattano+, 2018)
yCat:     36180080
Status:   f-v
Size:     218Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-16)
Title:    Extragalactic radio source stability and VLBI celestial reference
          frame: insights from the Allan standard deviation.
Popular:  120
Authors:  Gattano C., Lambert S., Le Bail K.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..80G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A80 (2018)
Files:    adevclas.dat
Keyword:  Fundamental catalog; Active gal. nuclei; Positional data; ; ;
          Interferometry; Redshifts; Radio sources
Cite:     Gattano et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A80)
J/A+A/618/A81/ Bayesian group finder applied to the 2MRS data (Tempel+, 2018)
yCat:     36180081
Status:   f-v
Size:     11.27Mb;
Date:     Added: 16-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-16)
Title:    Bayesian group finder based on marked point processes. Method and
          feasibility study using the 2MRS data set.
Popular:  433
Authors:  Tempel E., Kruuse M., Kipper R., Tuvikene T., Sorce J.G., Stoica R.S.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..81T
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A81 (2018)
Files:    2mrs_gal.dat 2mrs_gr.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxy catalogs
Cite:     Tempel et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A81)
J/A+A/618/A92/ Radio-loud NLSy1 galaxies optical polarisation (Angelakis+, 2018)
yCat:     36180092
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-19)
Title:    Optical polarisation variability of radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1
          galaxies. Search for long rotations of the polarisation plane.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Angelakis E., Kiehlmann S., Myserlis I., Blinov D., Eggen J., Itoh R.,
          Marchili N., Zensus J.A.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..92A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A92 (2018)
Files:    pol.dat sources.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Galaxies, optical; Polarization
Cite:     Angelakis et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A92)
J/A+A/618/A93/ Gaia DR2 open clusters in the Milky Way (Cantat-Gaudin+, 2018)
yCat:     36180093
Status:   f-v
Size:     182.73Mb;
Date:     Added: 19-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-19)
Title:    A Gaia DR2 view of the open cluster population in the Milky Way.
Authors:  Cantat-Gaudin T., Jordi C., Vallenari A., Bragaglia A., Balaguer-Nunez
          L., Soubiran C., Bossini D., Moitinho A., Castro-Ginard A.,
          Krone-Martins A., Casamiquela L., Sordo R., Carrera R.
BibCode:  2018A&A...618A..93C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 618, A93 (2018)
Files:    members.dat members.fits table1.dat table1.fits
Keyword:  Surveys; Clusters, open
Cite:     Cantat-Gaudin et al. 2018 (J/A+A/618/A93)
J/AJ/155/30/ Fundamental parameters of 87 stars from the NPOI (Baines+, 2018)
yCat:     51550030
Status:   f-v
Size:     115Kb;
Date:     Added: 14-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-26)
Title:    Fundamental parameters of 87 stars from the Navy Precision Optical
Popular:  8
Authors:  Baines E.K., Armstrong J.T., Schmitt H.R., Zavala R.T., Benson J.A.,
          Hutter D.J., Tycner C., van Belle G.T.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...30B
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 30-30 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Interferometry; Spectral types; Stars, masses; ; ;
          Effective temperatures; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Stars, ages; ; ;
          Photometry, UBVRI; Photometry, infrared; Stars, diameters
          optical; IR; Abundances; Stars; Spectral_Classification;
          Photometry:wide-band; Ages; Diameters; Masses
Cite:     Baines et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/30)
J/AJ/155/34/ Analysis of the NIR spectra of neighboring L dwarfs (Cruz+, 2018)
yCat:     51550034
Status:   f-v
Size:     68Kb;
Date:     Added: 14-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-02)
Title:    Meeting the cool neighbors. XII. An optically anchored analysis of the
          near-infrared spectra of L dwarfs.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Cruz K.L., Nunez A., Burgasser A.J., Abrahams E., Rice E.L., Reid
          I.N., Looper D.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...34C
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 34 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table10.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; Stars, brown dwarf; Stars, L-type; ; ; Spectral types;
          Photometry, infrared
          IR; Stars; Spectral_Classification; Stars:brown_dwarf
Cite:     Cruz et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/34)
J/AJ/155/38/ The rotation of M dwarfs observed by the APOGEE (Gilhool+, 2018)
yCat:     51550038
Status:   f-v
Size:     57Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-26)
Title:    The rotation of M dwarfs observed by the Apache Point Galactic
          Evolution Experiment.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Gilhool S.H., Blake C.H., Terrien R.C., Bender C., Mahadevan S.,
          Deshpande R.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...38G
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 38 (2018)
Files:    table4.dat
Keyword:  Stars, dwarfs; Stars, M-type; Stars, late-type; ; ; Effective
          temperatures; Abundances; Rotational velocities
          Abundances; Stars; Rotational_Velocities; Stars:late-type
Cite:     Gilhool et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/38)
J/AJ/155/39/ Variability properties of TIC sources with KELT (Oelkers+, 2018)
yCat:     51550039
Status:   f-v
Size:     311.10Mb;
Date:     Added: 21-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-04)
Title:    Variability properties of four million sources in the TESS Input
          Catalog observed with the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope
Popular:  19
Authors:  Oelkers R.J., Rodriguez J.E., Stassun K.G., Pepper J., Somers G.,
          Kafka S., Stevens D.J., Beatty T.G., Siverd R.J., Lund M.B., Kuhn
          R.B., James D., Gaudi B.S.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...39O
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 39-39 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Proper motions; Parallaxes, trigonometric; ; ;
          Photometry, UBV; Photometry, ugriz; Photometry, infrared; ; ;
          Effective temperatures; Surveys
Cite:     Oelkers et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/39)
J/AJ/155/44/ Properties of PMS stars in young cluster Berkeley 59 (Panwar+,
yCat:     51550044
Status:   f-v
Size:     33Kb;
Date:     Added: 21-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-02)
Title:    Young cluster Berkeley 59: properties, evolution, and star formation.
Popular:  17
Authors:  Panwar N., Pandey A.K., Samal M.R., Battinelli P., Ogura K., Ojha
          D.K., Chen W.P., Singh H.P.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...44P
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 44 (2018)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, pre-main sequence; Photometry, VRI; ; ; Stars,
          masses; Stars, ages
Cite:     Panwar et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/44)
J/AJ/155/45/ Metal-rich RRc stars in the Carnegie RR Lyrae Survey (Sneden+,
yCat:     51550045
Status:   f-v
Size:     24Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-02)
Title:    Metal-rich RRc stars in the Carnegie RR Lyrae Survey.
Popular:  6
Authors:  Sneden C., Preston G.W., Kollmeier J.A., Crane J.D., Morrell N.,
          Prieto J.L., Shectman S.A., Skowron D.M., Thompson I.B.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...45S
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 45-45 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Spectroscopy; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Photometry
Cite:     Sneden et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/45)
J/AJ/155/46/ Extragalactic candidates in the VVV survey (Baravalle+, 2018)
yCat:     51550046
Status:   f-v
Size:     74Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-02)
Title:    Searching for extragalactic sources in the VISTA Variables in the Via
          Lactea survey.
Popular:  4
Authors:  Baravalle L.D., Alonso M.V., Castellon J.L.N., Beamin J.C., Minniti D.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...46B
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 46 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; Photometry, infrared; Morphology
Cite:     Baravalle et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/46)
J/AJ/155/47/ VRIJHK photometry of the T Tauri binary KH 15D (Aronow+, 2018)
yCat:     51550047
Status:   f-v
Size:     836Kb;
Date:     Added: 26-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-02)
Title:    Optical and radio observations of the T Tauri binary KH 15D (V582
          Mon): stellar properties, disk mass limit, and discovery of a CO
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  11
Authors:  Aronow R.A., Herbst W., Hughes A.M., Wilner D.J., Winn J.N.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...47A
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 47 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Stars, pre-main sequence; ; ; Stars,
          variable; Photometry, UBVRIJKLMNH
Cite:     Aronow et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/47)
J/AJ/155/48/ California-Kepler Survey (CKS). V. Masses and radius (Weiss+, 2018)
yCat:     51550048
Status:   f-v
Size:     164Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-02)
Title:    The California-Kepler survey. V. Peas in a pod: planets in a Kepler
          multi-planet system are similar in size and regularly spaced.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Weiss L.M., Marcy G.W., Petigura E.A., Fulton B.J., Howard A.W., Winn
          J.N., Isaacson H.T., Morton T.D., Hirsch L.A., Sinukoff E.J., Cumming
          A., Hebb L., Cargile P.A.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...48W
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 48 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Exoplanets; Stars, masses; Stars, diameters; Surveys
Cite:     Weiss et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/48)
J/AJ/155/50/ WISE photometry of Be stars in young open clusters (Granada+, 2018)
yCat:     51550050
Status:   f-v
Size:     78Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    Quiescent and active phases in Be stars: a WISE snapshot of young
          Galactic open clusters.
Popular:  8
Authors:  Granada A., Jones C.E., Sigut T.A.A., Semaan T., Georgy C., Meynet G.,
          Ekstrom S.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...50G
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 50-50 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
          table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, open; Stars, Be; Photometry, infrared; ; ;
          Spectral types; Effective temperatures; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Granada et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/50)
J/AJ/155/51/ Robo-AO binary star systems in 3 open clusters (Hillenbrand+, 2018)
yCat:     51550051
Status:   f-v
Size:     69Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    Robo-AO discovery and basic characterization of wide multiple star
          systems in the Pleiades, Praesepe, and NGC 2264 clusters.
Popular:  14
Authors:  Hillenbrand L.A., Zhang C., Riddle R.L., Baranec C., Ziegler C., Law
          N.M., Stauffer J.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...51H
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 51 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, double and multiple; Photometry, VRI; ; ;
          Photometry, infrared; Stars, masses
Cite:     Hillenbrand et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/51)
J/AJ/155/53/ Outbursts and disk variability in Be stars (Labadie-Bartz+, 2018)
yCat:     51550053
Status:   f-v
Size:     24.25Mb;
Date:     Added: 01-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    Outbursts and disk variability in Be stars.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  12
Authors:  Labadie-Bartz J., Chojnowski S.D., Whelan D.G., Pepper J., McSwain
          M.V., Borges Fernandes M., Wisniewski J.P., Stringfellow G.S.,
          Carciofi A.C., Siverd R.J., Glazier A.L., Anderson S.G., Caravello
          A.J., Stassun K.G., Lund M.B., Stevens D.J., Rodriguez J.E., James
          D.J., Kuhn R.B.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...53L
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 53-53 (2018)
Files:    phot.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, Be; Stars, variable; Photometry; Optical; ; ; Spectral types
Cite:     Labadie-Bartz et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/53)
J/AJ/155/54/ TBOSS Survey. II. ALMA continuum observations (Ward-Duong+, 2018)
yCat:     51550054
Status:   f-v
Size:     68Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-15)
Title:    The Taurus Boundary of Stellar/Substellar (TBOSS) survey. II. Disk
          masses from ALMA continuum observations.
Popular:  20
Authors:  Ward-Duong K., Patience J., Bulger J., van der Plas G., Menard F.,
          Pinte C., Jackson A.P., Bryden G., Turner N.J., Harvey P., Hales A.,
          De Rosa R.J.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...54W
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 54 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat table4.dat table8.dat table10.dat table14.dat
Keyword:  Stars, brown dwarf; Stars, pre-main sequence; Spectral types; ; ;
          Millimetric/submm sources; Photometry, infrared; Stars, masses; ; ;
          Proper motions; Effective temperatures; Stars, diameters
Cite:     Ward-Duong et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/54)
J/AJ/155/58/ 2006-2016 CCD photometry of V723 Cassiopeia (Hamilton-Drager+,
yCat:     51550058
Status:   f-v
Size:     74Kb;
Date:     Added: 03-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    The photometric evolution of the classical nova V723 Cassiopeia from
          2006 through 2016.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Hamilton-Drager C.M., Lane R.I., Recine K.A., Ljungquist L.S., Grant
          J.A., Shrader K., Frymark D.G., Dornbush E.M., Richey-Yowell T., Boyle
          R.J., Schwarz G.J., Page K.L.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...58H
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 58 (2018)
Files:    table3.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Novae; Binaries, cataclysmic; Photometry, UBVRI; ; ; Photometry,
          ultraviolet; X-ray sources
Cite:     Hamilton-Drager et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/58)
J/AJ/155/66/ Stroemgren photometric observations of GJ 436b (Lothringer+, 2018)
yCat:     51550066
Status:   f-v
Size:     80Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    An HST/STIS optical transmission spectrum of warm Neptune GJ 436b.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Lothringer J.D., Benneke B., Crossfield I.J.M., Henry G.W., Morley C.,
          Dragomir D., Barman T., Knutson H., Kempton E., Fortney J., McCullough
          P., Howard A.W.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...66L
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 66 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Exoplanets; Photometry, uvby; Stars, double and multiple
Cite:     Lothringer et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/66)
J/AJ/155/68/ Elemental abundances of KOIs in APOGEE. I. (Wilson+, 2018)
yCat:     51550068
Status:   f-v
Size:     64Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    Elemental abundances of Kepler Objects of Interest in APOGEE. I. Two
          distinct orbital period regimes inferred from host star iron
Popular:  3
Authors:  Wilson R.F., Teske J., Majewski S.R., Cunha K., Smith V., Souto D.,
          Bender C., Mahadevan S., Troup N., Prieto C.A., Stassun K.G.,
          Skrutskie M.F., Almeida A., Garcia-Hernandez D.A., Zamora O.,
          Brinkmann J.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...68W
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 68 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Exoplanets; Stars, double and multiple; Effective temperatures; ; ;
          Abundances, [Fe/H]
Cite:     Wilson et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/68)
J/AJ/155/71/ RGB + HB members of the bulge cluster NGC 6569 (Johnson+, 2018)
yCat:     51550071
Status:   f-v
Size:     178Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    Exploring the chemical composition and double horizontal branch of the
          bulge globular cluster NGC 6569.
Popular:  15
Authors:  Johnson C.I., Rich R.M., Caldwell N., Mateo M., Bailey J.I., Olszewski
          E.W., Walker M.G.
BibCode:  2018AJ....155...71J
Ref:      Astron. J., 155, 71 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, globular; Stars, giant; ; ; Stars, horizontal
          branch; Photometry, infrared; ; ; Radial velocities; Abundances;
          Equivalent widths
Cite:     Johnson et al. 2018 (J/AJ/155/71)
J/ApJ/832/187/ ALMA and VLA radio continuum obs. of NGC 6334I (Brogan+, 2016)
yCat:     18320187
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-03)
Title:    The massive protostellar cluster NGC 6334I at 220au resolution:
          discovery of further multiplicity, diversity, and a hot multi-core.
Popular:  19
Authors:  Brogan C.L., Hunter T.R., Cyganowski C.J., Chandler C.J., Friesen R.,
          Indebetouw R.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...832..187B
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 832, 187 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Interstellar medium; Masers; Radio continuum; ; ; Millimetric/submm
Cite:     Brogan et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/832/187)
                                                         (coo from author added)
J/ApJ/850/207/ Action dynamics of the Local Supercluster (Shaya+, 2017)
yCat:     18500207
Status:   f-v
Size:     119Kb;
Date:     Added: 05-Jul-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-08)
Title:    Action dynamics of the Local Supercluster.
Popular:  215
Authors:  Shaya E.J., Tully R.B., Hoffman Y., Pomarede D.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...850..207S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 850, 207 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Models; Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies; Radial velocities
          Clusters_of_galaxies; Galaxies; Models; Velocities
Cite:     Shaya et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/850/207)
J/ApJ/857/64/ Multiwavelength catalog in the SEP field. II. (Baronchelli+, 2018)
yCat:     18570064
Status:   f-v
Size:     624.87Mb;
Date:     Added: 04-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-05)
Title:    The Spitzer-IRAC/MIPS Extragalactic Survey (SIMES). II. Enhanced
          nuclear accretion rate in galaxy groups at z   0.2.
Popular:  129
Authors:  Baronchelli I., Rodighiero G., Teplitz H.I., Scarlata C.M.,
          Franceschini A., Berta S., Barrufet L., Vaccari M., Bonato M., Ciesla
          L., Zanella A., Carraro R., Mancini C., Puglisi A., Malkan M., Mei S.,
          Marchetti L., Colbert J., Sedgwick C., Serjeant S., Pearson C.,
          Radovich M., Grado A., Limatola L., Covone G.
BibCode:  2018ApJ...857...64B
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 857, 64-64 (2018)
Files:    catalog.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Galaxies, photometry; Photometry, infrared; ; ; Photometry,
          millimetric/submm; Photometry, ultraviolet; ; ; Photometry, SDSS;
          Photometry, UBVRI
Cite:     Baronchelli et al. 2018 (J/ApJ/857/64)
J/ApJS/235/17/ NuSTAR Extragalactic Surveys: UDS field (Masini+, 2018)
yCat:     22350017
Status:   f-v
Size:     44Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    The NuSTAR Extragalactic Surveys: source catalog and the Compton-thick
          fraction in the UDS field.
Popular:  10
Authors:  Masini A., Civano F., Comastri A., Fornasini F., Ballantyne D.R.,
          Lansbury G.B., Treister E., Alexander D.M., Boorman P.G., Brandt W.N.,
          Farrah D., Gandhi P., Harrison F.A., Hickox R.C., Kocevski D.D., Lanz
          L., Marchesi S., Puccetti S., Ricci C., Saez C., Stern D., Zappacosta
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235...17M
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 17 (2018)
Files:    table7.dat
Keyword:  X-ray sources; Cross identifications; Redshifts; Surveys; Optical
Cite:     Masini et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/235/17)
J/ApJS/235/26/ Ultradeep catalog of X-ray point sources in the GC (Zhu+, 2018)
yCat:     22350026
Status:   f-v
Size:     603Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-26)
Title:    An ultradeep Chandra catalog of X-ray point sources in the Galactic
          Center star cluster.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Zhu Z., Li Z., Morris M.R.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235...26Z
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 26 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Galactic center; X-ray sources
Cite:     Zhu et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/235/26)
J/ApJS/235/27/ Energy levels + transition rates for P-like ions (Wang+, 2018)
yCat:     22350027
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.36Mb;
Date:     Added: 23-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-26)
Title:    Energy levels, lifetimes, and transition rates for P-like ions from Cr
          X to Zn XVI from large-scale relativistic multiconfiguration
Popular:  5
Authors:  Wang K., Jonsson P., Gaigalas G., Radziute L., Rynkun P., Del Zanna
          G., Chen C.Y.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235...27W
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 27 (2018)
Files:    table3.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics
Cite:     Wang et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/235/27)
J/ApJS/235/38/ Kepler planetary cand. VIII. DR25 reliability (Thompson+, 2018)
yCat:     22350038
Status:   f-v
Size:     4.34Mb;
Date:     Added: 24-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-07)
Title:    Planetary candidates observed by Kepler. VIII. a fully automated
          catalog with measured completeness and reliability based on Data
          Release 25.
Popular:  50
Authors:  Thompson S.E., Coughlin J.L., Hoffman K., Mullally F., Christiansen
          J.L., Burke C.J., Bryson S., Batalha N., Haas M.R., Catanzarite J.,
          Rowe J.F., Barentsen G., Caldwell D.A., Clarke B.D., Jenkins J.M., Li
          J., Latham D.W., Lissauer J.J., Mathur S., Morris R.L., Seader S.E.,
          Smith J.C., Klaus T.C., Twicken J.D., Van Cleve J.E., Wohler B.,
          Akeson R., Ciardi D.R., Cochran W.D., Henze C.E., Howell S.B., Huber
          D., Prsa A., Ramirez S.V., Morton T.D., Barclay T., Campbell J.R.,
          Chaplin W.J., Charbonneau D., Christensen-Dalsgaard J., Dotson J.L.,
          Doyle L., Dunham E.W., Dupree A.K., Ford E.B., Geary J.C., Girouard
          F.R., Isaacson H., Kjeldsen H., Quintana E.V., Ragozzine D., Shabram
          M., Shporer A., Aguirre V.S., Steffen J.H., Still M., Tenenbaum P.,
          Welsh W.F., Wolfgang A., Zamudio K.A., Koch D.G., Borucki W.J.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235...38T
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 38 (2018)
Files:    kic.dat table1.dat table2.dat table6.dat table7.dat table8.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Exoplanets; Stars, diameters; ; ;
          Effective temperatures
Cite:     Thompson et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/235/38)
J/ApJS/235/40/ Low-mass black holes in Sy1 galaxies. II. SDSS-DR7 (Liu+, 2018)
yCat:     22350040
Status:   f-v
Size:     73Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-09)
Title:    A uniformly selected sample of low-mass black holes in Seyfert 1
          galaxies. II. The SDSS DR7 Sample.
Popular:  23
Authors:  Liu H.-Y., Yuan W., Dong X.-B., Zhou H., Liu W.-J.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235...40L
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 40 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Spectroscopy; Photometry, SDSS; Redshifts; ; ;
          X-ray sources; Radio sources
Cite:     Liu et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/235/40)
J/ApJS/235/5/ EA-type eclipsing binaries observed by LAMOST (Qian+, 2018)
yCat:     22350005
Status:   f-v
Size:     685Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-20)
Title:    Physical properties and evolutionary states of EA-type eclipsing
          binaries observed by LAMOST.
Popular:  12
Authors:  Qian S.-B., Zhang J., He J.-J., Zhu L.-Y., Zhao E.-G., Shi X.-D., Zhou
          X., Han Z.-T.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235....5Q
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 5 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Effective temperatures; Spectral types; ; ;
          Abundances, [Fe/H]; Radial velocities
          Abundances; Binaries:eclipsing; Stars; Spectral_Classification;
Cite:     Qian et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/235/5)
J/ApJS/235/6/ Updated Multiple Star Catalog (MSC) - May 2018 (Tokovinin, 2018)
yCat:     22350006
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.16Mb;
Date:     Added: 17-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-08)
Acronym:  PMSC MSC
Title:    The updated Multiple Star Catalog.
Popular:  2008
Authors:  Tokovinin A.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235....6T
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 6 (2018)
Files:    catalog.dat notes.dat orbits.dat systems.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Stars, masses; Spectral types; ; ;
          Photometry, infrared; Optical; Proper motions; Radial velocities
Sources:  (catalog): PMSC J@WDS@m_WDS
Keyword:  optical; IR; Multiple_Stars; Spectral_Classification; Proper_Motions;
          Velocities; Masses
Cite:     Tokovinin 2018 (J/ApJS/235/6)
J/ApJS/235/8/ Line lists for X^1^Sigma^+^ LiF and LiCl (Bittner+, 2018)
yCat:     22350008
Status:   f-v
Size:     7.61Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-25)
Title:    Line lists for LiF and LiCl in the X^1^Sigma^+^ ground state.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Bittner D.M., Bernath P.F.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..235....8B
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 235, 8 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics; Molecular data
          Atomic_Data; Molecular_Data
Cite:     Bittner & Bernath 2018 (J/ApJS/235/8)
J/ApJS/236/27/ APOGEE-2 survey of Orion Complex (OSFC). I. (Cottle+, 2018)
yCat:     22360027
Status:   f-v
Size:     308Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-05)
Title:    The APOGEE-2 Survey of the Orion Star-forming Complex. I. Target
          selection and validation with early observations.
Popular:  41
Authors:  Cottle J., Covey K.R., Suarez G., Roman-Zuniga C., Schlafly E., Downes
          J.J., Ybarra J.E., Hernandez J., Stassun K., Stringfellow G.S., Getman
          K., Feigelson E., Borissova J., Kim J.S., Roman-Lopes A., Da Rio N.,
          De Lee N., Frinchaboy P.M., Kounkel M., Majewski S.R., Mennickent
          R.E., Nidever D.L., Nitschelm C., Pan K., Shetrone M., Zasowski G.,
          Chambers K., Magnier E., Valenti J.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...27C
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 27 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Photometry, infrared; Photometry, ugriz; YSOs; ; ;
Cite:     Cottle et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/236/27)
J/ApJS/236/36/ Ga, Ge, As, Kr, Cd, Sn and Pb column densities (Ritchey+, 2018)
yCat:     22360036
Status:   f-v
Size:     66Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-09)
Title:    Abundances and depletions of neutron-capture elements in the
          interstellar medium.
Popular:  16
Authors:  Ritchey A.M., Federman S.R., Lambert D.L.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...36R
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 36 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat table5.dat table7.dat table8.dat table11.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Interstellar medium; Ultraviolet; Stars, distances
Cite:     Ritchey et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/236/36)
J/ApJS/236/37/ The Gaia-WISE extragalactic astrometric catalog (Paine+, 2018)
yCat:     22360037
Status:   f-v
Size:     76.52Mb;
Date:     Added: 31-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-09)
Title:    The Gaia-WISE extragalactic astrometric catalog.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Paine J., Darling J., Truebenbach A.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...37P
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 37-37 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Photometry, infrared; Optical; Redshifts; ; ;
          Positional data
Cite:     Paine et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/236/37)
J/ApJS/236/42/ Asteroseismology of  16000 Kepler red giants (Yu+, 2018)
yCat:     22360042
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.18Mb;
Date:     Added: 31-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-11)
Title:    Asteroseismology of 16000 Kepler red giants: global oscillation
          parameters, masses, and radii.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Yu J., Huber D., Bedding T.R., Stello D., Hon M., Murphy S.J., Khanna
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...42Y
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 42 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Asteroseismology; Stars, giant; Stars, masses; Stars, diameters
Cite:     Yu et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/236/42)
J/ApJS/236/46/ Line positions for TiO singlet states (Bittner+, 2018)
yCat:     22360046
Status:   f-v
Size:     463Kb;
Date:     Added: 31-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-11)
Title:    Spectroscopic constants and line positions for TiO singlet states.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Bittner D.M., Bernath P.F.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...46B
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 46 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics; Spectroscopy; Molecular data
Cite:     Bittner & Bernath 2018 (J/ApJS/236/46)
J/ApJS/236/48/ The Chandra UDS survey (X-UDS) (Kocevski+, 2018)
yCat:     22360048
Status:   f-v
Size:     327Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-Aug-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    X-UDS: the Chandra Legacy Survey of the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey
Popular:  25
Authors:  Kocevski D.D., Hasinger G., Brightman M., Nandra K., Georgakakis A.,
          Cappelluti N., Civano F., Li Y., Li Y., Aird J., Alexander D.M.,
          Almaini O., Brusa M., Buchner J., Comastri A., Conselice C.J.,
          Dickinson M.A., Finoguenov A., Gilli R., Koekemoer A.M., Miyaji T.,
          Mullaney J.R., Papovich C., Rosario D., Salvato M., Silverman J.D.,
          Somerville R.S., Ueda Y.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...48K
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 48 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  X-ray sources; Surveys; Redshifts
Sources:  (xuds): [KHB2018] xuds @XUDS
          (xuds): CXOUDS @CXOUDS
Cite:     Kocevski et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/236/48)
J/ApJS/236/49/ CO and 850um obs. of Planck Galactic cold clumps (Zhang+, 2018)
yCat:     22360049
Status:   f-v
Size:     119Kb;
Date:     Added: 03-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-12)
Title:    The TOP-SCOPE survey of PGCCs: PMO and SCUBA-2 observations of 64
          PGCCs in the second Galactic quadrant.
Popular:  36
Authors:  Zhang C.-P., Liu T., Yuan J., Sanhueza P., Traficante A., Li G.-X., Li
          D., Tatematsu K., Wang Ke, Lee C.W., Samal M.R., Eden D., Marston A.,
          Liu X.-L., Zhou J.-J., Li P.S., Koch P.M., Xu J.-L., Wu Y., Juvela M.,
          Zhang T., Alina D., Goldsmith P.F., Toth L.V., Wang J.-J., Kim K.-T.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..236...49Z
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 236, 49 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Interstellar medium; Carbon monoxide; ; ; Millimetric/submm
          sources; Infrared sources
Cite:     Zhang et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/236/49)
J/ApJS/237/11/ Gal. redshift survey near HST/COS AGN sight lines (Keeney+, 2018)
yCat:     22370011
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.07Mb;
Date:     Added: 03-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-17)
Title:    A galaxy redshift survey near HST/COS AGN sight lines.
Popular:  51
Authors:  Keeney B.A., Stocke J.T., Pratt C.T., Davis J.D., Syphers D., Danforth
          C.W., Shull J.M., Froning C.S., Green J.C., Penton S.V., Savage B.D.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..237...11K
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 237, 11 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat table6.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Redshifts; Photometry, SDSS; ; ; Intergalactic
          medium; Active gal. nuclei
Cite:     Keeney et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/237/11)
J/ApJS/237/18/ Cr, Co, and Ni abundances for metal-poor red giants (Kirby+,
yCat:     22370018
Status:   f-v
Size:     827Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-10)
Title:    Catalog of chromium, cobalt, and nickel abundances in globular
          clusters and dwarf galaxies.
Popular:  46
Authors:  Kirby E.N., Xie J.L., Guo R., Kovalev M., Bergemann M.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..237...18K
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 237, 18 (2018)
Files:    syst.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Stars, giant; Galaxies, spectra; Clusters, globular; ; ;
          Photometry, UBVRI
Cite:     Kirby et al. 2018 (J/ApJS/237/18)
J/ApJS/237/8/ Line lists for X^1^Sigma^+^ AlF and AlCl (Yousefi+, 2018)
yCat:     22370008
Status:   f-v
Size:     6.24Mb;
Date:     Added: 03-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-11-16)
Title:    Line lists for AlF and AlCl in the X^1^Sigma^+^ ground state.
Popular:  3
Authors:  Yousefi M., Bernath P.F.
BibCode:  2018ApJS..237....8Y
Ref:      Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 237, 8 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Atomic physics; Molecular data
Cite:     Yousefi & Bernath 2018 (J/ApJS/237/8)
                                                           (updated version)
J/MNRAS/456/1359/ IAC Stripe 82 Legacy Project: Photometry (Fliri+, 2016)
yCat:     74561359
Status:   f-v
Size:     18.6Gb;
Date:     Added: 16-Jan-2018 (VizieR: 2018-09-27)
Title:    The IAC Stripe 82 Legacy Project: a wide-area survey for faint surface
          brightness astronomy.
Popular:  1475
Authors:  Fliri J., Trujillo I.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.456.1359F
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 456, 1359-1373 (2016)
Files:    catalog.dat iacstr82.fits
Keyword:  Surveys; Photometry, SDSS
          optical; Photometry:wide-band
Cite:     Fliri & Trujillo 2016 (J/MNRAS/456/1359)
J/MNRAS/480/1547/ Full Evolutionary Sequences of Massive WDs (Lauffer+, 2018)
yCat:     74801547
Status:   f-v
Size:     8.13Mb;
Date:     Added: 24-Sep-2018 (VizieR: 2018-09-25)
Title:    New full evolutionary sequences of H- and He-atmosphere massive white
          dwarf stars using MESA.
Popular:  8
Authors:  Lauffer G.R., Romero A.D., Kepler S.O.
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.480.1547L
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 480, 1547 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat tracks/*
Keyword:  Models, atmosphere; Stars, white dwarf
          Models; Stars:white_dwarf
Cite:     Lauffer et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/480/1547)
J/MNRAS/481/3244/ Chemo-kinematics from MARVELS (Grieves+, 2018)
yCat:     74813244
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.74Mb;
Date:     Added: 15-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-17)
Acronym:  MARVELS
Title:    Chemo-kinematics of the Milky Way from the SDSS-III MARVELS survey.
Popular:  13
Authors:  Grieves N., Ge J., Thomas N., Willis K., Ma B
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.481.3244G
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 481, 3244-3265 (2018)
Files:    marvels.dat marvels.fits
Keyword:  Surveys; Milky Way; Radial velocities; Space velocities; ; ; Effective
          temperatures; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Stars, diameters; ; ; Stars,
          distances; Stars, ages
Cite:     Grieves et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/481/3244)
J/MNRAS/481/566/ Properties of 333 SNe and their 269 hosts (Karapetyan+, 2018)
yCat:     74810566
Status:   f-v
Size:     43Kb;
Date:     Added: 02-Oct-2018 (VizieR: 2018-10-03)
Title:    The impact of spiral density waves on the distribution of supernovae.
Popular:  230
Authors:  Karapetyan A.G., Hakobyan A.A., Barkhudaryan L.V., Mamon G.A., Kunth
          D., Adibekyan V., Turatto M.
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.481..566K
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 481, 566 (2018)
Files:    table.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Galaxies, optical; Galaxy catalogs; ; ; Morphology;
          Positional data; Surveys
Cite:     Karapetyan et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/481/566)

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