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                                                          (tables 4 and 7 added)
I/344/    The URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC). Update 2018 (Finch+, 2018)
yCat:     1344
Status:   f-v
Size:     273Kb; 1645 stars
Date:     Added: 08-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-08)
Acronym:  UPC; J/AJ/155/176
Title:    The URAT Parallax Catalog (UPC). Update 2018
Popular:  1844
Authors:  Finch C.T., Zacharias N.
Ref:      Astron. J. 155 176 (2018)
BibCode:  2018AJ....155..176F
Contents: Id.:
          alpha, delta (J2000), mu_alpha_ mu_delta_
          Parallax (relative, absolute)
          2MASS JHKs
          APASS BVgri
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; Positional data; Parallaxes, trigonometric; Proper motions
Cite:     Finch & Zacharias 2018 (I/344)
                                                           (new version)
II/326/   Revised SWIRE photometric redshifts (Rowan-Robinson+, 2013)
yCat:     2326
Status:   f-v
Size:     1677Mb; 1009607 sources
Date:     Added: 22-Mai-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-22)
Acronym:  SWIRE; J/MNRAS/428/1958
Title:    Revised SWIRE photometric redshifts
Media:    profile/chi2
Popular:  818
Authors:  Rowan-Robinson M., Gonzalez-Solares E., Vaccari M., Marchetti L.
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 428, 1958 (2013)
BibCode:  2013MNRAS.428.1958R
Contents: Id.: Opt, IR
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          spectroscopic redshift
          luminosities (3.6-170um)
          magnitudes BgriZ ugriz JHK
Remark:   Supersedes II/290
Category: OC
Keyword:  Surveys; Galaxies, IR; Galaxies, photometry; Redshifts
          optical; IR; Photometry; Galaxies; Redshifts
Cite:     Rowan-Robinson et al. 2013 (II/326)
II/355/   Sloan magnitudes for the brightest stars, V2 (Mallama, 2018)
yCat:     2355
Status:   f-v
Size:     369Kb; 3969
Date:     Added: 29-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    A Catalog of Sloan Magnitudes for the Brightest Stars. Version 2.
Popular:  3365
Authors:  Mallama A.
Ref:      arXiv, 1805.09324 (2018)
BibCode:  2018yCat.2355....0M
Contents: Id.: HD
          UBVRI, u'g'r'i'z' mag
Category: CCC
qProgram: -norecno
Keyword:  Stars, bright; Photometry, SDSS
Cite:     Mallama 2018 (II/355)
B/astorb/ Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
yCat:     102032
Status:   T-f-v
Size:     211Mb; 518421 planets
Date:     Added: 02-May-2016 (VizieR: 2018-06-04)
Acronym:  astorb
Title:    The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, version 2018-Jun-03
Popular:  300
Authors:  Bowell E.
Ref:      Lowell Observatory
Contents: _Minor Planets_: Number, Name
          Magnitude elements
          Class, diameter
          a, e, i, Omega, omega, M
          Ephemeris uncertainties
          N_arc_, N_obs_
Remark:   Weekly updated
          See also B/comets
qProgram: astorb vcds1@VIZIR
Category: GCC
Keyword:  Minor planets
Cite:     Bowell 2014 (B/astorb)
B/eso/    ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2018)
yCat:     102011
Status:   f-v
Size:     9639Mb; 7779111 obs.
Date:     Added: 10-Sep-2002 (VizieR: 2018-06-11)
Acronym:  logESO; ESOSAC
Title:    The ESO SCience Archive Catalog
Popular:  26311
Authors:  European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Contents: Id.: Dataset, Target
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Date, exposure time
          Program, Instrument setup
Category: OC
qProgram: eso_arc vcds1@VIZIR
Keyword:  Observatory log
          ESO; Obs_Log
Cite:     European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1991 (B/eso)
B/vsx/    AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
yCat:     102027
Status:   f-v
Size:     95Mb; 540139 variables
Date:     Added: 15-Jun-2009 (VizieR: 2018-06-11)
Acronym:  VSX
Title:    The AAVSO International Variable Star Index
Popular:  416822
Authors:  Watson C., Henden A.A., Price A.
Ref:      AAVSO
Contents: Id.: OID (VSX)
          alpha, delta (J2000)
          Varibility Class
          P, T_0_, m_max_, m_min_
Remark:   See also B/gcvs
Category: CCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR
Keyword:  Stars, variable
Cite:     Watson et al. 2006 (B/vsx)
B/wds/    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
yCat:     102026
Status:   f-v
Size:     22Mb; 142783 binaries
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2009 (VizieR: 2018-06-11)
Acronym:  WDS
Title:    The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (WDS)
Popular:  25020
Authors:  Mason B.D., Wycoff G.L., Hartkopf W.I., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E.
Ref:      Astron. J. 122, 3466 (2001)
BibCode:  2001AJ....122.3466M
Contents: Id.: WDS, discoverer, DM
          alpha, delta (2000)
          Dates of first and last observations
          rho, theta, N(obs)
          m_A_, m_B_, Sp., mu
          Notes & References
          Discoverers lists
Remark:   Living edition
          Supersedes I/237
Category: GCC
qProgram: * vizC@VIZIR catid=102026
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Positional data
          Positional_Data; Multiple_Stars
Cite:     Mason et al. 2001 (B/wds)
                                                           (corrected spectra)
J/A+A/549/A27/ M31 CO(2-1) spectra (Melchior+, 2013)
yCat:     35490027
Status:   f-v
Size:     96Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Dec-2012 (VizieR: 2018-05-28)
Title:    A cold-gas reservoir to fuel the M31 nuclear black hole and stellar
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  569
Authors:  Melchior A.-L., Combes F.
BibCode:  2013A&A...549A..27M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 549, A27 (2013)
Files:    m31-1aof.dat sp/*
Keyword:  Planetary nebulae; Carbon monoxide; Radial velocities; ; ; Galaxies,
          optical; Radio; Galaxies:spectra; Planetary_Nebulae; Velocities
Cite:     Melchior & Combes 2013 (J/A+A/549/A27)
J/A+A/609/A112/ Bulk Lorentz factors of gamma-ray bursts (Ghirlanda+, 2018)
yCat:     36090112
Status:   f-v
Size:     29Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Mar-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-12)
Title:    Bulk Lorentz factors of gamma-ray bursts.
Popular:  26
Authors:  Ghirlanda G., Nappo F., Ghisellini G., Melandri A., Marcarini G., Nava
          L., Salafia O.S., Campana S., Salvaterra R.
BibCode:  2018A&A...609A.112G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 609, A112 (2018)
Files:    refs.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; GRB
Cite:     Ghirlanda et al. 2018 (J/A+A/609/A112)
J/A+A/609/A127/ X-ray sources in CMa OB1 (Santos-Silva+, 2018)
yCat:     36090127
Status:   f-v
Size:     98Kb;
Date:     Added: 27-Mar-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-12)
Title:    Star formation history of Canis Major OB1. II. A bimodal X-ray
          population revealed by XMM-Newton.
Popular:  27
Authors:  Santos-Silva T., Gregorio-Hetem J., Montmerle T., Fernandes B.,
          Stelzer B.
BibCode:  2018A&A...609A.127S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 609, A127 (2018)
Files:    tableb1.dat tableb2.dat
Keyword:  Associations, stellar; X-ray sources; Photometry, infrared; ; ; Stars,
          masses; Stars, ages
Cite:     Santos-Silva et al. 2018 (J/A+A/609/A127)
J/A+A/610/A27/ Compact radio sources in NGC 6334D to F (Medina+, 2018)
yCat:     36100027
Status:   f-v
Size:     24Kb;
Date:     Added: 19-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-05)
Title:    Richness of compact radio sources in NGC 6334D to F.
Popular:  128
Authors:  Medina S.-N.X., Dzib S.A., Tapia M., Rodriguez L.F., Loinard L.
BibCode:  2018A&A...610A..27M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys., 610, A27 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Star Forming Region; Radio sources; Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Medina et al. 2018 (J/A+A/610/A27)
J/A+A/613/A20/ r' magnitudes and sizes of Oph cluster galaxies (Durret+, 2018)
yCat:     36130020
Status:   f-v
Size:     246Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    The optical properties of galaxies in the Ophiuchus cluster.
Popular:  49
Authors:  Durret F., Wakamatsu K., Adami C., Nagayama T., Omega Muleka Mwewa
          Mwaba J.M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..20D
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A20 (2018)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Galaxies, photometry; Morphology
Cite:     Durret et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A20)
J/A+A/613/A25/ Radial velocity for Ross 128 (Bonfils+, 2018)
yCat:     36130025
Status:   f-v
Size:     11Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    A temperate exo-Earth around a quiet M dwarf at 3.4 parsecs.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  19
Authors:  Bonfils X., Astudillo-Defru N., Diaz R., Almenara J.-M., Forveille T.,
          Bouchy F., Delfosse X., Lovis C., Mayor M., Murgas F., Pepe F., Santos
          N. C., Segransan D., Udry S., Wunsche A.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..25B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A25 (2018)
Files:    table4.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Radial velocities
Cite:     Bonfils et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A25)
J/A+A/613/A29/ NGC1333-IRAS2A water snowline imaging (van 't Hoff+, 2018)
yCat:     36130029
Status:   f-v
Size:     609.82Mb;
Date:     Added: 28-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-28)
Title:    Imaging the water snowline in a protostellar envelope with H^13^CO^+^.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  32
Authors:  van 't Hoff M.L.R., Persson M.V., Harsono D., Taquet V., Jorgensen
          J.K., Visser R., Bergin E.A., van Dishoeck E.F.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..29V
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A29 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  YSOs; Interstellar medium; Millimetric/submm sources
Cite:     van 't Hoff et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A29)
J/A+A/613/A40/ PACS photometry of FIR faint stars (Klaas+, 2018)
yCat:     36130040
Status:   f-v
Size:     69Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    Herschel-PACS photometry of faint stars for sensitivity performance
          assessment and establishment of faint FIR primary photometric
Popular:  80
Authors:  Klaas U., Balog Z., Nielbock M., Mueller T.G., Linz H., Kiss Cs.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..40K
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A40 (2018)
Files:    stars.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tablea5.dat tableb1.dat tableb2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, late-type; Stars, giant; Photometry, infrared; ; ; Space
Cite:     Klaas et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A40)
J/A+A/613/A41/ 5 exoplanet light and RV curves (Mancini+, 2018)
yCat:     36130041
Status:   f-v
Size:     124Kb;
Date:     Added: 29-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    The GAPS Programme with HARPS-N at TNG. XVI. Measurement of the
          Rossiter-McLaughlin effect of the transiting planetary systems
          HAT-P-3, HAT-P-12, HAT-P-22, WASP-39 and WASP-60.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  20
Authors:  Mancini L., Esposito M., Covino E., Southworth J., Biazzo K., Bruni
          I., Ciceri S., Evans D., Lanza A. F., Poretti E., Sarkis P., Smith
          A.M.S., Brogi M., Affer L., Benatti S., Bignamini A., Boccato C.,
          Bonomo A.S., Borsa F., Carleo I., Claudi R., Cosentino R., Damasso M.,
          Desidera S., Giacobbe P., Gonzalez-Alvarez E., Gratton R., Harutyunyan
          A., Leto G., Maggio A., Malavolta L., Maldonado J.,
          Martinez-Fiorenzano A., Masiero S., Micela G., Molinari E., Nascimbeni
          V., Pagano I., Pedani M., Piotto G., Rainer M., Scandariato G.,
          Smareglia R., Sozzetti A., Andreuzzi G., Henning T.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..41M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A41 (2018)
Files:    listphot.dat phot/* rv/* table1.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Exoplanets; ; ; Radial
          velocities; Photometry
Cite:     Mancini et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A41)
J/A+A/613/A42/ M-3.8+0.9 molecular cloud 3mm datacubes (Riquelme+ 2018)
yCat:     36130042
Status:   f-v
Size:     255.07Mb;
Date:     Added: 30-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    The footpoints of the giant molecular loops in the Galactic center
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  37
Authors:  Riquelme D., Amo-Baladron A., Martin-Pintado J., Mauersberger R.,
          Martin S., Burton M., Cunningham M., Jones P., Menten K.M., Bronfman
          L., Guesten R.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..42R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A42 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Molecular clouds
Cite:     Riquelme et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A42)
J/A+A/613/A47/ Radial velocities of 12 evolved stars (Adamow+, 2018)
yCat:     36130047
Status:   f-v
Size:     37Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    Tracking Advanced Planetary Systems (TAPAS) with HARPS-N. VI. HD
          238914 and TYC 3318-01333-1: two more Li-rich giants with planets.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  49
Authors:  Adamow M., Niedzielski A., Kowalik K., Villaver E., Wolszczan A.,
          Maciejewski G., Gromadzki M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..47A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A47 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Stars, double and multiple; Planets; ; ; Radial
Cite:     Adamow et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A47)
J/A+A/613/A56/ Spectroscopy of globular clusters (Larsen+, 2018)
yCat:     36130056
Status:   f-v
Size:     65Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-01)
Title:    Detailed abundance analysis of globular clusters in the Local Group:
          NGC 147, NGC 6822, and Messier 33.
Popular:  88
Authors:  Larsen S. S., Brodie J. P., Wasserman, A., Strader J.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..56L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A56 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tablea5.dat
          tablea6.dat tablea7.dat tablea8.dat tablea9.dat tablea10.dat
          tablea11.dat tablea12.dat tablea13.dat tablea14.dat tablea15.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Abundances, [Fe/H]; Clusters, globular; ; ; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Larsen et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A56)
J/A+A/613/A58/ Polarized point sources in LOTSS-HETDEX (Van Eck+, 2018)
yCat:     36130058
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    Polarized point sources in the LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey: A
          preliminary catalog.
Popular:  26
Authors:  Van Eck C.L., Haverkorn M., Alves M.I.R., Beck R., Best P., Carretti
          E., Chyzy K.T., Farnes J.S., Ferriere K., Hardcastle M.J., Heald G.,
          Horellou C., Iacobelli M., Jelic V., Mulcahy D.D., O'Sullivan S.P.,
          Polderman I.M., Reich W., Riseley C.J., Rottgering H., Schnitzeler
          D.H.F.M., Shimwell T.W., Vacca V., Vink J., White G.J.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..58V
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A58 (2018)
Files:    lotss-rm.dat
Keyword:  Polarization; Radio sources
Cite:     Van Eck et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A58)
J/A+A/613/A63/ Lithium content for 148 Pleiades stars (Bouvier+, 2018)
yCat:     36130063
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-01)
Title:    The lithium-rotation connection in the 125 Myr-old Pleiades cluster.
Popular:  54
Authors:  Bouvier J, Barrado D., Moraux E., Stauffer J., Rebull L., Hillenbrand
          L., Bayo A., Boisse I., Bouy H., DiFolco E., Lillo-Box J., Morales
          Calderon M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..63B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A63 (2018)
Files:    tableb1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Stars, K-type; Abundances
Cite:     Bouvier J et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A63)
J/A+A/613/A65/ Spectroscopic parameters of O-type stars (Holgado+, 2018)
yCat:     36130065
Status:   f-v
Size:     47Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-01)
Title:    The IACOB project. V. Spectroscopic parameters of the O-type stars in
          the modern grid of standards for spectral classification.
Popular:  24
Authors:  Holgado G., Simon-Diaz S., Barba R.H., Puls J., Herrero A., Castro N.,
          Garcia M., Maiz Apellaniz J., Negueruela I., Sabin-Sanjulian C.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..65H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A65 (2018)
Files:    tabled1.dat tabled2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, O; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Holgado et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A65)
J/A+A/613/A67/ Candidate clusters in 4 CFHTLS T0007 Wide fields (Sarron+, 2018)
yCat:     36130067
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.03Mb;
Date:     Added: 01-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-04)
Title:    Evolution of the cluster optical galaxy luminosity function in the
          CFHTLS: breaking the degeneracy between mass and redshift.
Popular:  73
Authors:  Sarron F., Martinet N., Durret F., Adami C.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..67S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A67 (2018)
Files:    catalog.dat catalog.fits
Keyword:  Clusters, galaxy; Redshifts
Cite:     Sarron et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A67)
J/A+A/613/A70/ Be stars in the exofield of CoRoT. II. (Semaan+, 2018)
yCat:     36130070
Status:   f-v
Size:     80Kb;
Date:     Added: 01-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-01)
Title:    Study of a sample of faint Be stars in the exofield of CoRoT. II.
          Pulsation and outburst events: Time series analysis of photometric
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  55
Authors:  Semaan T., Hubert A.M., Zorec J., Gutierrez-Soto J., Fremat Y.,
          Martayan C., Fabregat J., Eggenberger P.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..70S
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A70 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat table10.dat table11.dat
          table12.dat table13.dat table14.dat table15.dat table16.dat
          table17.dat table18.dat table19.dat table20.dat table21.dat
Keyword:  Stars, early-type; Stars, Be
Cite:     Semaan et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A70)
J/A+A/613/A72/ AS1063 and MACS1206-08 datacubes (Girard+, 2018)
yCat:     36130072
Status:   f-v
Size:     111.03Mb;
Date:     Added: 04-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-04)
Title:    KMOS LENsing Survey (KLENS): Morpho-kinematic analysis of star-forming
          galaxies at z 2.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  48
Authors:  Girard M., Dessauges-Zavadsky M., Schaerer D., Cirasuolo M., Turner
          O.J., Cava A., Rodriguez-Munoz L., Richard J., Perez-Gonzalez P.G.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613A..72G
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, A72 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, spectra; Gravitational lensing; Spectra, infrared
Cite:     Girard et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/A72)
J/A+A/613/L5/ Halpha emitting sources around MWC758 (Huelamo+, 2018)
yCat:     36139005
Status:   f-v
Size:     346Kb;
Date:     Added: 04-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-07)
Title:    Searching for Halpha emitting sources around MWC758: SPHERE/ZIMPOL
          high-contrast imaging.
Popular:  37
Authors:  Huelamo N., Chauvin G., Schmid H.M., Quanz S.P., Whelan E., Lillo-Box
          J., Barrado D., Montesinos B., Alcala J.M., Benisty M., de
          Gregorio-Monsalvo I., Mendigutia I., Bouy H., Merin B., de Boer J.,
          Garufi A., Pantin E.
BibCode:  2018A&A...613L...5H
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 613, L5 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Stars, Be; Stars, pre-main sequence; Photometry, infrared
Cite:     Huelamo et al. 2018 (J/A+A/613/L5)
J/A+A/614/A12/ VLTI/PIONIER observations of CE Tauri (Montarges+, 2018)
yCat:     36140012
Status:   f-v
Size:     78Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-06)
Title:    The convective photosphere of the red supergiant CE Tauri. I.
          VLTI/PIONIER H band interferometric imaging.
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  46
Authors:  Montarges M., Norris R., Chiavassa A., Tessore B., Lebre A., Baron F.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..12M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A12 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat stel_par.dat
Keyword:  Interferometry; Stars, supergiant; Stars, M-type; ; ; Stars, late-type
Cite:     Montarges et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A12)
J/A+A/614/A15/ Mars Express astrometric obs. of Martian moons (Ziese+, 2018)
yCat:     36140015
Status:   f-v
Size:     133Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-06)
Title:    Mutual event observations of Solar system objects by SRC on Mars
          Express. Analysis and release of observations.
Popular:  94
Authors:  Ziese R., Willner K.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..15Z
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A15 (2018)
Files:    deisat.dat phodei.dat phojup.dat phosat.dat
Keyword:  Positional data; Minor planets; Planets; Solar system
Cite:     Ziese & Willner 2018 (J/A+A/614/A15)
J/A+A/614/A3/ 6 cold-gas-bearing debris-disc stars spectra (Rebollido+, 2018)
yCat:     36140003
Status:   f-v
Size:     1142.02Mb;
Date:     Added: 06-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-06)
Title:    The co-existence of hot and cold gas in debris disc.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  66
Authors:  Rebollido I., Eiroa C., Montesinos B., Maldonado J., Villaver E., Absi
          O., Bayo A., Canovas H., Carmona A., Chen Ch., Ertel S., Garufi A.,
          Henning T., Iglesias D.P., Launhardt R., Liseau R., Meeus G., Moor A.,
          Mora A., Olofsson J., Rauw G., Riviere-Marichalar P.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A...3R
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A3 (2018)
Files:    list.dat sp/*
Keyword:  Solar system; Comets; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Rebollido et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A3)
J/A+A/614/A35/ Differential photometry of GJ1214 (Mallonn+, 2018)
yCat:     36140035
Status:   f-v
Size:     41Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-11)
Title:    On the rotation period of GJ1214, its starspots, and the uncertainty
          on the optical slope of the transmission spectrum.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  4
Authors:  Mallonn M., Herrero E., Juvan I.G., von Essen C., Rosich A., Ribas I.,
          Granzer T., Alexoudi X., Strassmeier K.G.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..35M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A35 (2018)
Files:    gj1214ph.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Stars, M-type; Planets; Exoplanets; ; ; Photometry,
Cite:     Mallonn et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A35)
J/A+A/614/A40/ Spectral significance for 15 delta Scuti (Pascual-Granado+, 2018)
yCat:     36140040
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.85Mb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    Impact of gaps in the asteroseismic characterization of pulsating
          stars. I. The efficiency of pre-whitening.
Popular:  35
Authors:  Pascual-Granado J., Suarez J.C., Garrido R., Moya A., Garcia Hernandez
          A., Rodon J.R., Lares-Martiz M.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..40P
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A40 (2018)
Files:    list.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat
          table10.dat table11.dat table12.dat table13.dat table14.dat
          table15.dat table16.dat table17.dat table18.dat table19.dat
          table20.dat table21.dat table22.dat table23.dat table24.dat
          table25.dat table26.dat table27.dat table28.dat table29.dat
          table30.dat table31.dat table32.dat table33.dat table34.dat
          table35.dat table36.dat table37.dat table38.dat table39.dat
          table40.dat table41.dat table42.dat table43.dat table44.dat
          table45.dat table46.dat table47.dat table48.dat table49.dat
Keyword:  Stars, variable; Asteroseismology
Cite:     Pascual-Granado et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A40)
J/A+A/614/A42/ PKS B1718-649 ALMA observations (Maccagni+, 2018)
yCat:     36140042
Status:   f-v
Size:     204.82Mb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    ALMA observations of AGN fuelling. The case of PKS B1718-649.
Media:    cube/fits
Popular:  12
Authors:  Maccagni F.M., Morganti R., Oosterloo T.A., Oonk J.B.R., Emonts B.H.C.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..42M
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A42 (2018)
Files:    fits/* list.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Radio lines; Carbon monoxide
Cite:     Maccagni et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A42)
J/A+A/614/A46/ delta Scuti stars <Teff>-numax relation (Barcelo Forteza+,
yCat:     36140046
Status:   f-v
Size:     66Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    The envelope of the power spectra of over a thousand delta Scuti
          stars. The <Teff>-numax scaling relation.
Popular:  23
Authors:  Barcelo Forteza S., Roca Cortes T., Garcia R.A.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..46B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A46 (2018)
Files:    tablea1.dat
Keyword:  Asteroseismology; Stars, variable; Effective temperatures
Cite:     Barcelo Forteza et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A46)
J/A+A/614/A48/ Continuous rise of bulges out of galactic disks (Breda+, 2018)
yCat:     36140048
Status:   f-v
Size:     25Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    The continuous rise of bulges out of galactic disks.
Popular:  14
Authors:  Breda I., Papaderos P.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..48B
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A48 (2018)
Files:    ltgs.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs
Cite:     Breda & Papaderos 2018 (J/A+A/614/A48)
J/A+A/614/A55/ Lithium abundance in dwarfs + subgiants (Aguilera-Gomez+, 2018)
yCat:     36140055
Status:   f-v
Size:     247Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    Lithium abundance patterns of late-F stars: an in-depth analysis of
          the lithium desert.
Popular:  186
Authors:  Aguilera-Gomez C., Ramirez I., Chaname J.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..55A
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A55 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Abundances; Stars, G-type; Stars, masses; Stars, ages; ; ; Stars,
Cite:     Aguilera-Gomez et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A55)
J/A+A/614/A68/ Carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars sample (Caffau+, 2018)
yCat:     36140068
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-15)
Title:    Investigation of a sample of carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars observed
          with FORS and GMOS.
Authors:  Caffau E., Gallagher A.J., Bonifacio P., Spite M., Duffau S., Spite
          F., Monaco L., Sbordone L.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..68C
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A68 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, population II; Stars, metal-deficient; Stars, carbon; ; ;
          Abundances; Radial velocities
Cite:     Caffau et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A68)
J/A+A/614/A71/ SNF20080514-002 and LSQ12fxd spectra (Nordin+, 2018)
yCat:     36140071
Status:   f-v
Size:     927Kb;
Date:     Added: 13-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-15)
Title:    Understanding Type Ia supernovae through their U-band spectra.
Media:    spectrum
Authors:  Nordin J., Aldering G., Antilogus P., Aragon C., Bailey S., Baltay C.,
          Barbary K., Bongard S., Boone K., Brinnel V., Buton C., Childress M.,
          Chotard N., Copin Y., Dixon S., Fagrelius P., Feindt U., Fouchez D.,
          Gangler E., Hayden B., Hillebrandt W., Kim A., Kowalski M., Kuesters
          D., Leget P.-F., Lombardo S., Lin Q., Pain R., Pecontal E., Pereira
          R., Perlmutter S., Rabinowitz D., Rigault M., Runge K., Rubin D.,
          Saunders C., Smadja G., Sofiatti C., Suzuki N., Taubenberger S., Tao
          C., Thomas R.C. (The Nearby Supernova Factory)
BibCode:  2018A&A...614A..71N
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, A71 (2018)
Files:    list.dat sp/*
Keyword:  Supernovae; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Nordin et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/A71)
J/A+A/614/L1/ NLS1 at 37GHz (Lahteenmaki+, 2018)
yCat:     36149001
Status:   f-v
Size:     26Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-11)
Title:    Radio jets and gamma-ray emission in radio-silent narrow-line Seyfert
          1 galaxies.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Lahteenmaki A., Jarvela E., Ramakrishnan V., Tornikoski M., Tammi J.,
          Vera R.J.C., Chamani W.
BibCode:  2018A&A...614L...1L
Ref:      Astron. Astrophys. 614, L1 (2018)
Files:    nls1-37.dat table1.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Galaxies, radio; Galaxies, Seyfert
Cite:     Lahteenmaki et al. 2018 (J/A+A/614/L1)
J/AJ/153/128/ WOCS. LXXV. Hyades+Praesepe stellar lithium data (Cummings+, 2017)
yCat:     51530128
Status:   f-v
Size:     40Kb;
Date:     Added: 14-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-29)
Title:    WIYN open cluster study. LXXV. Testing the metallicity dependence of
          stellar lithium depletion using Hyades-aged clusters. I. Hyades and
Popular:  3
Authors:  Cummings J.D., Deliyannis C.P., Maderak R.M., Steinhauer A.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..128C
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 128-128 (2017)
Files:    table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Milky Way; Clusters, open; Stars, double and multiple; ; ; Photometry,
          UBV; Abundances; Effective temperatures; ; ; Equivalent widths; Radial
Cite:     Cummings et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/128)
J/AJ/153/147/ The orbits of Jupiter's irregular satellites (Brozovic+, 2017)
yCat:     51530147
Status:   f-v
Size:     48Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-28)
Title:    The orbits of Jupiter's irregular satellites.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Brozovic M., Jacobson R.A.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..147B
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 147-147 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Solar system; Planets; Ephemerides
Cite:     Brozovic & Jacobson 2017 (J/AJ/153/147)
J/AJ/153/154/ LMC NIR survey. IV. Type II Cepheid variables (Bhardwaj+, 2017)
yCat:     51530154
Status:   f-v
Size:     384Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-06)
Title:    Large Magellanic Cloud near-infrared synoptic survey. IV. Leavitt laws
          for Type II Cepheid variables.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  19
Authors:  Bhardwaj A., Macri L.M., Rejkuba M., Kanbur S.M., Ngeow C.-C., Singh
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..154B
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 154 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table4.dat table10.dat table11.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Magellanic Clouds; Milky Way; Stars, variable; ; ;
          Photometry, VRI; Photometry, infrared; Clusters, globular; ; ; Stars,
Cite:     Bhardwaj et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/154)
J/AJ/153/195/ Photometry of multiple stars at NAOR+ASV in 2015 (Cvetkovic+,
yCat:     51530195
Status:   f-v
Size:     121Kb;
Date:     Added: 17-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-29)
Title:    CCD measurements of double and multiple stars at NAO Rozhen and ASV in
Popular:  7
Authors:  Cvetkovic Z., Pavlovic R., Boeva S.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..195C
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 195 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table3.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Photometry, UBV; Photometry, CCD
Cite:     Cvetkovic et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/195)
J/AJ/153/212/ Observations of binary stars at the WIYN telescope (Horch+, 2017)
yCat:     51530212
Status:   f-v
Size:     255Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-29)
Title:    Observations of binary stars with the Differential Speckle Survey
          Instrument. VII. Measures from 2010 September to 2012 February at the
          WIYN telescope.
Popular:  29
Authors:  Horch E.P., Casetti-Dinescu D.I., Camarata M.A., Bidarian A., van
          Altena W.F., Sherry W.H., Everett M.E., Howell S.B., Ciardi D.R.,
          Henry T.J., Nusdeo D.A., Winters J.G.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..212H
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 212 (2017)
Files:    stars.dat table2.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Photometry; Optical
Cite:     Horch et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/212)
J/AJ/153/214/ Star-forming potential in the Perseus complex (Mercimek+, 2017)
yCat:     51530214
Status:   f-v
Size:     36Kb;
Date:     Added: 18-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-29)
Title:    An estimation of the star formation rate in the Perseus complex.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Mercimek S., Myers P.C., Lee K.I., Sadavoy S.I.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..214M
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 214-214 (2017)
Files:    table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat table8.dat table9.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; YSOs; Stars, masses; Stars, diameters
Cite:     Mercimek et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/214)
J/AJ/153/218/ New IR photometric study of Ap and Am stars (Chen+, 2017)
yCat:     51530218
Status:   f-v
Size:     111Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-29)
Title:    A new photometric study of Ap and Am stars in the infrared.
Popular:  14
Authors:  Chen P.S., Liu J.Y., Shan H.G.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..218C
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 218-218 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Stars, Ap; Stars, Am; Photometry, infrared; Spectral types; ; ;
Cite:     Chen et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/218)
J/AJ/153/254/ Velocities of RGB stars in the Leo II dwarf galaxy (Spencer+,
yCat:     51530254
Status:   f-v
Size:     46Kb;
Date:     Added: 15-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-29)
Title:    The binary fraction of stars in dwarf galaxies: the case of Leo II.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Spencer M.E., Mateo M., Walker M.G., Olszewski E.W., McConnachie A.W.,
          Kirby E.N., Koch A.
BibCode:  2017AJ....153..254S
Ref:      Astron. J., 153, 254 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Stars, giant; Radial velocities
Cite:     Spencer et al. 2017 (J/AJ/153/254)
J/AJ/154/118/ WD+dMs from the SUPERBLINK proper motion survey (Skinner+, 2017)
yCat:     51540118
Status:   f-v
Size:     118Kb;
Date:     Added: 07-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-12)
Title:    Activity and kinematics of white dwarf-M dwarf binaries from the
          SUPERBLINK proper motion survey.
Popular:  10
Authors:  Skinner J.N., Morgan D.P., West A.A., Lepine S., Thorstensen J.R.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154..118S
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 118 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Stars, white dwarf; Stars, dwarfs; ; ;
          Stars, M-type; Proper motions; Photometry, ultraviolet; ; ;
          Photometry, VRI; Photometry, infrared; Spectral types; ; ; Radial
          velocities; Stars, distances; Space velocities
Cite:     Skinner et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/118)
J/AJ/154/120/ Radial velocities of HD 96511, HR 7578, and KZ And (Fekel+, 2017)
yCat:     51540120
Status:   f-v
Size:     57Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-14)
Title:    New precision orbits of bright double-lined spectroscopic binaries. X.
          HD 96511, HR 7578, and KZ Andromedae.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  39
Authors:  Fekel F.C., Henry G.W., Tomkin J.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154..120F
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 120 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table4.dat table6.dat table8.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Spectral types; Photometry, UBV; ; ;
          Parallaxes, trigonometric; Radial velocities
Cite:     Fekel et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/120)
J/AJ/154/122/ Radial velocities for the HD 3167 system (Christiansen+, 2017)
yCat:     51540122
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-12)
Title:    Three's company: an additional non-transiting super-Earth in the
          bright HD 3167 system, and masses for all three planets.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  3
Authors:  Christiansen J.L., Vanderburg A., Burt J., Fulton B.J., Batygin K.,
          Benneke B., Brewer J.M., Charbonneau D., Ciardi D.R., Cameron A.C.,
          Coughlin J.L., Crossfield I.J.M., Dressing C., Greene T.P., Howard
          A.W., Latham D.W., Molinari E., Mortier A., Mullally F., Pepe F., Rice
          K., Sinukoff E., Sozzetti A., Thompson S.E., Udry S., Vogt S.S.,
          Barman T.S., Batalha N.E., Bouchy F., Buchhave L.A., Butler R.P.,
          Cosentino R., Dupuy T.J., Ehrenreich D., Fiorenzano A., Hansen B.M.S.,
          Henning T., Hirsch L., Holden B.P., Isaacson H.T., Johnson J.A.,
          Knutson H.A., Kosiarek M., Lopez-Morales M., Lovis C., Malavolta L.,
          Mayor M., Micela G., Motalebi F., Petigura E., Phillips D.F., Piotto
          G., Rogers L.A., Sasselov D., Schlieder J.E., Segransan D., Watson
          C.A., Weiss L.M.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154..122C
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 122 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Stars, nearby; Exoplanets; Radial velocities
Cite:     Christiansen et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/122)
J/AJ/154/123/ Radial velocity follow-up of the HD 3167 system (Gandolfi+, 2017)
yCat:     51540123
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-12)
Title:    The transiting multi-planet system HD 3167: A 5.7 M_earth_
          super-Earth and an 8.3 M_earth_ mini-Neptune.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  2
Authors:  Gandolfi D., Barragan O., Hatzes A.P., Fridlund M., Fossati L., Donati
          P., Johnson M.C., Nowak G., Prieto-Arranz J., Albrecht S., Dai F.,
          Deeg H., Endl M., Grziwa S., Hjorth M., Korth J., Nespral D., Saario
          J., Smith A.M.S., Antoniciello G., Alarcon J., Bedell M., Blay P.,
          Brems S.S., Cabrera J., Csizmadia S., Cusano F., Cochran W.D.,
          Eigmuller P., Erikson A., Gonzalez Hernandez J.I., Guenther E.W.,
          Hirano T., Suarez Mascareno A., Narita N., Palle E., Parviainen H.,
          Patzold M., Persson C.M., Rauer H., Saviane I., Schmidtobreick L., Van
          Eylen V., Winn J.N., Zakhozhay O.V.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154..123G
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 123 (2017)
Files:    table5.dat
Keyword:  Stars, K-type; Exoplanets; Radial velocities; Spectroscopy
Cite:     Gandolfi et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/123)
J/AJ/154/23/ Southern H II Region Discovery Survey: pilot survey (Brown+, 2017)
yCat:     51540023
Status:   f-v
Size:     29Kb;
Date:     Added: 28-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-07)
Title:    The Southern H II Region Discovery Survey (SHRDS): pilot survey.
Popular:  15
Authors:  Brown C., Jordan C., Dickey J.M., Anderson L.D., Armentrout W.P.,
          Balser D.S., Bania T.M., Dawson J.R., Mc Clure-Griffiths N.M., Wenger
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...23B
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 23 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Galactic plane; H II regions; Infrared sources; Radio lines; ; ;
Cite:     Brown et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/23)
J/AJ/154/30/ Photometric study of fourteen low-mass binaries (Korda+, 2017)
yCat:     51540030
Status:   f-v
Size:     1.32Mb;
Date:     Added: 31-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-07)
Title:    Photometric study of fourteen low-mass binaries.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  25
Authors:  Korda D., Zasche P., Wolf M., Kucakova H., Honkova K., Vrastil J.
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...30K
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 30 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table6.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Binaries, eclipsing; ; ; Photometry, VRI;
          Photometry, infrared; Stars, masses; ; ; Stars, diameters; Effective
Cite:     Korda et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/30)
J/AJ/154/45/ WINERED CN-red band emission in comet C/2013 R1 (Shinnaka+, 2017)
yCat:     51540045
Status:   f-v
Size:     31Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-06)
Title:    Near-infrared spectroscopic observations of comet C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy)
          by WINERED: CN red-system band emission.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Shinnaka Y., Kawakita H., Kondo S., Ikeda Y., Kobayashi N., Hamano S.,
          Sameshima H., Fukue K., Matsunaga N., Yasui C., Izumi N., Mizumoto M.,
          Otsubo S., Takenaka K., Watase A., Kawanishi T., Nakanishi K., Nakaoka
BibCode:  2017AJ....154...45S
Ref:      Astron. J., 154, 45-45 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Comets; Spectra, infrared
Cite:     Shinnaka et al. 2017 (J/AJ/154/45)
J/AcA/66/307/ NGC 362 variable V light curves (Rozyczka+, 2016)
yCat:     120660307
Status:   f-v
Size:     22.53Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-05)
Title:    The Clusters AgeS Experiment (CASE). Variable stars in the field of
          the globular cluster NGC 362.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  48
Authors:  Rozyczka M., Thompson I.B., Narloch W., Pych W., Schwarzenberg A.
BibCode:  2016AcA....66..307R
Ref:      Acta Astron. 66, 307-332 (2016)
Files:    lc/* table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, variable; Photometry
Cite:     Rozyczka et al. 2016 (J/AcA/66/307)
J/AcA/66/405/ Galactic bulge eclipsing + ellipsoidal binaries (Soszynski+, 2016)
yCat:     120660405
Status:   f-v
Size:     75.73Mb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-05)
Acronym:  OGLE
Title:    The OGLE Collection of Variable Stars. Over 450 000 eclipsing and
          ellipsoidal binary systems toward the Galactic bulge.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  134
Authors:  Soszynski I., Pawlak M., Pietrukowicz P., Udalski A., Szymanski M.K.,
          Wyrzykowski L., Ulaczyk K., Poleski R., Kozlowski S., Skowron D.M.,
          Skowron J., Mroz P., Hamanowicz A.
BibCode:  2016AcA....66..405S
Ref:      Acta Astron. 66, 405-420 (2016)
Files:    ecl.dat ell.dat ident.dat remarks.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Milky Way; Binaries, eclipsing
Cite:     Soszynski et al. 2016 (J/AcA/66/405)
J/AcA/66/433/ Gaia DR1 and OGLE variable stars (Udalski+, 2016)
yCat:     120660433
Status:   f-v
Size:     126Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-05)
Title:    Gaia and variable stars.
Popular:  185
Authors:  Udalski A., Soszynski I., Skowron D.M., Skowron J., Pietrukowicz P.,
          Mroz P., Poleski R., Szymanski M.K., Kozlowski S., Wyrzykowski L.,
          Ulaczyk K., Pawlak M.
BibCode:  2016AcA....66..433U
Ref:      Acta Astron. 66, 433-453 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Magellanic Clouds; Stars, variable; Cross identifications
Cite:     Udalski et al. 2016 (J/AcA/66/433)
                                            (positions corrected for tables 1-3)
J/ApJ/822/59/ BGPS. XIV. Molecular cloud clumps GBT obs. (Svoboda+, 2016)
yCat:     18220059
Status:   f-v
Size:     3.90Mb;
Date:     Added: 02-Aug-2016 (VizieR: 2018-06-08)
Acronym:  BGPS BGPSv2 [ERG2015]
Title:    The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey. XIV. Physical properties of massive
          starless and star-forming clumps.
Popular:  389
Authors:  Svoboda B.E., Shirley Y.L., Battersby C., Rosolowsky E.W., Ginsburg
          A.G., Ellsworth-Bowers T.P., Pestalozzi M.R., Dunham M.K., Evans II
          N.J., Bally J., Glenn J.
BibCode:  2016ApJ...822...59S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 822, 59-59 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Masers; Millimetric/submm sources; ; ; Radio lines;
          Interstellar medium; Surveys
Sources:  (clumps): [ERG2015] @Seq
Cite:     Svoboda et al. 2016 (J/ApJ/822/59)
J/ApJ/835/166/ SNe type II from CSP-I, SDSS-II, and SNLS (de Jaeger+, 2017)
yCat:     18350166
Status:   f-v
Size:     21Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Oct-2017 (VizieR: 2018-07-05)
Title:    A Type II supernova Hubble diagram from the CSP-I, SDSS-II, and SNLS
Popular:  6
Authors:  de Jaeger T., Gonzalez-Gaitan S., Hamuy M., Galbany L., Anderson J.P.,
          Phillips M.M., Stritzinger M.D., Carlberg R.G., Sullivan M., Gutierrez
          C.P., Hook I.M., Howell D.A., Hsiao E.Y., Kuncarayakti H.,
          Ruhlmann-Kleider V., Folatelli G., Pritchet C., Basa S.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...835..166D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 835, 166-166 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Supernovae; Redshifts; Reddening; Surveys
Cite:     de Jaeger et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/835/166)
J/ApJ/845/157/ IMF in 3 low-redshift strong lenses from SNELLS (Newman+, 2017)
yCat:     18450157
Status:   f-v
Size:     341Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-21)
Title:    The initial mass function in the nearest strong lenses from SNELLS:
          assessing the consistency of lensing, dynamical, and spectroscopic
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  13
Authors:  Newman A.B., Smith R.J., Conroy C., Villaume A., van Dokkum P.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...845..157N
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 845, 157 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Gravitational lensing; Galaxies, optical; Spectra, infrared; ; ;
          Stars, masses; Redshifts
Cite:     Newman et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/845/157)
J/ApJ/845/171/ Rapidly pulsating sdB stars search with GALEX (Boudreaux+, 2017)
yCat:     18450171
Status:   f-v
Size:     394Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-22)
Title:    A search for rapidly pulsating hot subdwarf stars in the GALEX survey.
Popular:  24
Authors:  Boudreaux T.M., Barlow B.N., Fleming S.W., Soto A.V., Million C.,
          Reichart D.E., Haislip J.B., Linder T.R., Moore J.P.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...845..171B
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 845, 171 (2017)
Files:    sdb.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Stars, subdwarf; Ultraviolet; Stars, variable
Cite:     Boudreaux et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/845/171)
J/ApJ/845/172/ LAE candidates around bright Lyalpha blobs (Badescu+, 2017)
yCat:     18450172
Status:   f-v
Size:     18Kb;
Date:     Added: 10-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-25)
Title:    Discovery of a protocluster associated with a Lyalpha blob pair at z
          = 2.3.
Popular:  5
Authors:  Badescu T., Yang Y., Bertoldi F., Zabludoff A., Karim A., Magnelli B.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...845..172B
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 845, 172 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Intergalactic medium; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Badescu et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/845/172)
J/ApJ/846/105/ [CII], [OI] and [OIII] line emission from z 6 gal. (Olsen+, 2017)
yCat:     18460105
Status:   f-v
Size:     12Kb;
Date:     Added: 22-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-15)
Title:    SIGAME simulations of the [CII], [OI] and [OIII] line emission from
          star-forming galaxies at z 6.
Authors:  Olsen K., Greve T.R., Narayanan D., Thompson R., Dave R., Rios L.N.,
          Stawinski S.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846..105O
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 105 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Redshifts; Interstellar medium; ; ; Millimetric/submm
Cite:     Olsen et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/105)
J/ApJ/846/115/ V-band photometry and RVs of V482 Persei system (Torres+, 2017)
yCat:     18460115
Status:   f-v
Size:     530Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-15)
Title:    The quadruple-lined, doubly eclipsing system V482 Persei.
Media:    timeSerie
Authors:  Torres G., Lacy C.H.S., Fekel F.C., Wolf M., Muterspaugh M.W.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846..115T
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 115 (2017)
Files:    refs.dat table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, VRI; Spectra, optical; ; ; Radial
Cite:     Torres et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/115)
J/ApJ/846/144/ Virial analysis of the dense cores in Orion A (Kirk+, 2017)
yCat:     18460144
Status:   f-v
Size:     32Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-15)
Title:    The Green Bank Ammonia Survey: dense cores under pressure in Orion A.
Authors:  Kirk H., Friesen R.K., Pineda J.E., Rosolowsky E., Offner S.S.R.,
          Matzner C.D., Myers P.C., Di Francesco J., Caselli P., Alves F.O.,
          Chacon-Tanarro A., Chen H.-H., Chen M.C.-Y., Keown J., Punanova A.,
          Seo Y.M., Shirley Y., Ginsburg A., Hall C., Singh A., Arce H.G.,
          Goodman A.A., Martin P., Redaelli E.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846..144K
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 144 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Millimetric/submm sources; Velocity dispersion; ; ;
          YSOs; Interstellar medium
Cite:     Kirk et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/144)
J/ApJ/846/145/ PHAT. XIX. Formation history of M31 disk (Williams+, 2017)
yCat:     18460145
Status:   f-v
Size:     29.32Mb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-15)
Title:    Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT). XIX. The ancient star
          formation history of the M31 disk.
Authors:  Williams B.F., Dolphin A.E., Dalcanton J.J., Weisz D.R., Bell E.F.,
          Lewis A.R., Rosenfield P., Choi Y., Skillman E., Monachesi A.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846..145W
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 145 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table7.dat table8.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, nearby; Stars, ages; Abundances, [Fe/H]
Cite:     Williams et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/145)
J/ApJ/846/23/ High-resolution spectra of 9 RGB stars in NGC6681 (O'Malley+,
yCat:     18460023
Status:   f-v
Size:     49Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-06)
Title:    High-resolution spectroscopic abundances of red giant branch stars in
          NGC 6681.
Popular:  9
Authors:  O'Malley E.M., Knaizev A., McWilliam A., Chaboyer B.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846...23O
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 23 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Stars, giant; Abundances; Spectra, optical; Radial velocities; ; ;
          Equivalent widths
Cite:     O'Malley et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/23)
J/ApJ/846/32/ Herschel FIR spectra of GOALS galaxies (Diaz-Santos+, 2017)
yCat:     18460032
Status:   f-v
Size:     140Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-24)
Title:    A Herschel/PACS far-infrared line emission survey of local luminous
          infrared galaxies.
Popular:  48
Authors:  Diaz-Santos T., Armus L., Charmandaris V., Lu N., Stierwalt S., Stacey
          G., Malhotra S., van der Werf P.P., Howell J.H., Privon G.C.,
          Mazzarella J.M., Goldsmith P.F., Murphy E.J., Barcos-Munoz L., Linden
          S.T., Inami H., Larson K.L., Evans A.S., Appleton P., Iwasawa K., Lord
          S., Sanders D.B., Surace J.A.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846...32D
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 32 (2017)
Files:    galaxies.dat table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxies, IR; Spectra, infrared; Active gal. nuclei; Surveys
Cite:     Diaz-Santos et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/32)
J/ApJ/846/34/ Flaring gamma-ray sources; LAT 7.4yr (2FAV) (Abdollahi+, 2017)
yCat:     18460034
Status:   f-v
Size:     64Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-27)
Acronym:  2FAV
Title:    The second catalog of flaring gamma-ray sources from the Fermi All-sky
          Variability Analysis.
Popular:  15
Authors:  Abdollahi S., Ackermann M., Ajello M., Albert A., Baldini L., Ballet
          J., Barbiellini G., Bastieri D., Becerra Gonzalez J., Bellazzini R.,
          Bissaldi E., Blandford R.D., Bloom E.D., Bonino R., Bottacini E.,
          Bregeon J., Bruel P., Buehler R., Buson S., Cameron R.A., Caragiulo
          M., Caraveo P.A., Cavazzuti E., Cecchi C., Chekhtman A., Cheung C.C.,
          Chiaro G., Ciprini S., Conrad J., Costantin D., Costanza F., Cutini
          S., D'Ammando F., de Palma F., Desai A., Desiante R., Digel S.W., Di
          Lalla N., Di Mauro M., Di Venere L., Donaggio B., Drell P.S., Favuzzi
          C., Fegan S.J., Ferrara E.C., Focke W.B., Franckowiak A., Fukazawa Y.,
          Funk S., Fusco P., Gargano F., Gasparrini D., Giglietto N., Giomi M.,
          Giordano F., Giroletti M., Glanzman T., Green D., Grenier I.A., Grove
          J.E., Guillemot L., Guiriec S., Hays E., Horan D., Jogler T.,
          Johannesson G., Johnson A.S., Kocevski D., Kuss M., La Mura G.,
          Larsson S., Latronico L., Li J., Longo F., Loparco F., Lovellette
          M.N., Lubrano P., Magill J.D., Maldera S., Manfreda A., Mayer M.,
          Mazziotta M.N., Michelson P.F., Mitthumsiri W., Mizuno T., Monzani
          M.E., Morselli A., Moskalenko I.V., Negro M., Nuss E., Ohsugi T.,
          Omodei N., Orienti M., Orlando E., Paliya V.S., Paneque D., Perkins
          J.S., Persic M., Pesce-Rollins M., Petrosian V., Piron F., Porter
          T.A., Principe G., Raino S., Rando R., Razzano M., Razzaque S., Reimer
          A., Reimer O., Sgro C., Simone D., Siskind E.J., Spada F., Spandre G.,
          Spinelli P., Stawarz L., Suson D.J., Takahashi M., Tanaka K., Thayer
          J.B., Thompson D.J., Torres D.F., Torresi E., Tosti G., Troja E.,
          Vianello G., Wood K.S.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846...34A
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 34 (2017)
Files:    table2.dat table4.dat
Keyword:  Gamma rays; Active gal. nuclei; BL Lac objects; QSOs; ; ; Cross
Sources:  (table2): 2FAV @2FAV
Cite:     Abdollahi et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/34)
J/ApJ/846/44/ Luminous persistent sources in nearby galaxies search (Ofek, 2017)
yCat:     18460044
Status:   f-v
Size:     19Kb;
Date:     Added: 16-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-27)
Title:    A search for FRB 121102-like persistent radio-luminous sources --
          Candidates and implications for the FRB rate and searches.
Popular:  6
Authors:  Ofek E.O.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846...44O
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 44 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Radio sources; Galaxies, nearby; Redshifts; Radio continuum; ; ; X-ray
Cite:     Ofek 2017 (J/ApJ/846/44)
J/ApJ/846/93/ The multiplicity of M dwarfs in young moving groups (Shan+, 2017)
yCat:     18460093
Status:   f-v
Size:     42Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-28)
Title:    The multiplicity of M dwarfs in young moving groups.
Popular:  7
Authors:  Shan Y., Yee J.C., Bowler B.P., Cieza L.A., Montet B.T., Canovas H.,
          Liu M.C., Close L.M., Hinz P.M., Males J.R., Morzinski K.M., Vaz A.,
          Bailey V.P., Follette K.B. (The MagAO Team)
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846...93S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 93 (2017)
Files:    table3.dat table4.dat table5.dat table8.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Photometry, infrared; Spectral types; ; ;
          Proper motions; Stars, masses; Stars, distances
Cite:     Shan et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/93)
J/ApJ/846/98/ Jet kinematics of blazars at 43GHz with the VLBA (Jorstad+, 2017)
yCat:     18460098
Status:   f-v
Size:     840Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-06)
Title:    Kinematics of parsec-scale jets of gamma-ray blazars at 43GHz within
          the VLBA-BU-BLAZAR program.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  17
Authors:  Jorstad S.G., Marscher A.P., Morozova D.A., Troitsky I.S., Agudo I.,
          Casadio C., Foord A., Gomez J.L., MacDonald N.R., Molina S.N.,
          Lahteenmaki A., Tammi J., Tornikoski M.
BibCode:  2017ApJ...846...98J
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 846, 98-98 (2017)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat table5.dat table7.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Radio continuum; Gamma rays; ; ; Photometry, RI;
Cite:     Jorstad et al. 2017 (J/ApJ/846/98)
J/ApJ/852/102/ Herschel nearby isolated low-mass clouds maps (Sadavoy+, 2018)
yCat:     18520102
Status:   f-v
Size:     4.31Mb;
Date:     Added: 28-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-30)
Title:    Intensity-corrected Herschel observations of nearby isolated low-mass
Media:    image/fits
Popular:  53
Authors:  Sadavoy S.I., Keto E., Bourke T.L., Dunham M.M., Myers P.C., Stephens
          I.W., Di Francesco J., Webb K., Stutz A.M., Launhardt R., Tobin J.J.
BibCode:  2018ApJ...852..102S
Ref:      Astrophys. J., 852, 102-102 (2018)
Files:    fits/* refs.dat table1.dat
Keyword:  Molecular clouds; Spectra, millimetric/submm
Cite:     Sadavoy et al. 2018 (J/ApJ/852/102)
J/ApJ/858/92/ RPA Southern Pilot Search of 107 Stars (Hansen+, 2018)
yCat:     18580092
Status:   f-v
Size:     679Kb;
Date:     Added: 12-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-12)
Title:    The R-Process Alliance: First Release from the Southern Search for
          r-Process-Enhanced Stars in the Galactic Halo.
Popular:  19
Authors:  Hansen T.T., Holmbeck E.M., Beers T.C., Placco V.M., Roederer I.U.,
          Frebel A., Sakari C.M., Simon J.D., Thompson I.B.
BibCode:  2018ApJ...858...92H
Ref:      Astrophys. J. 858, 92 (2018)
Files:    ew_all.dat list.dat
Keyword:  Stars, population II; Stars, metal-deficient; Abundances; ; ;
          Equivalent widths
Cite:     Hansen et al. 2018 (J/ApJ/858/92)
J/MNRAS/428/3671/ Transiting planet WASP-19b (Tregloan-Reed+, 2013)
yCat:     74283671
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-24)
Title:    Transits and starspots in the WASP-19 planetary system.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  6
Authors:  Tregloan-Reed J., Southworth J., Tappert C.
BibCode:  2013MNRAS.428.3671T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 428, 3671-3679 (2013)
Files:    wasp19.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry
Cite:     Tregloan-Reed et al. 2013 (J/MNRAS/428/3671)
J/MNRAS/431/966/ Transiting planet WASP-50b (Tregloan-Reed+, 2013)
yCat:     74310966
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-24)
Title:    An extremely high photometric precision in ground-based observations
          of two transits in the WASP-50 planetary system.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  4
Authors:  Tregloan-Reed J., Southworth J.
BibCode:  2013MNRAS.431..966T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 431, 966-971 (2013)
Files:    wasp50.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry
Cite:     Tregloan-Reed & Southworth 2013 (J/MNRAS/431/966)
J/MNRAS/450/1760/ Transiting planet WASP-6b (Tregloan-Reed+, 2015)
yCat:     74501760
Status:   f-v
Size:     28Kb;
Date:     Added: 24-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-24)
Title:    Transits and starspots in the WASP-6 planetary system.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  4
Authors:  Tregloan-Reed J., Southworth J., Burgdorf M., Calchi Novati S.,
          Dominik M., Finet F., Jorgensen U.G., Maier G., Mancini L., Prof S.,
          Ricci D., Snodgrass C., Bozza V., Browne P., Dodds P., Gerner T.,
          Harpsoe K., Hinse T.C., Hundertmark M., Kains N., Kerins E., Liebig
          C., Penny M.T., Rahvar S., Sahu K., Scarpetta G., Schafer S.,
          Schonebeck F., Skottfelt J., Surdej J.
BibCode:  2015MNRAS.450.1760T
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 450, 1760-1769 (2015)
Files:    wasp6.dat
Keyword:  Stars, double and multiple; Planets; Photometry
Cite:     Tregloan-Reed et al. 2015 (J/MNRAS/450/1760)
J/MNRAS/462/4197/ HI 21-cm absorption in redshifted galaxies (Curran+, 2016)
yCat:     74624197
Status:   f-v
Size:     20Kb;
Date:     Added: 23-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-11)
Title:    A comparative study of intervening and associated H I 21-cm absorption
          profiles in redshifted galaxies.
Popular:  32
Authors:  Curran S.J., Duchesne S.W., Divoli A., Allison J.R.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.462.4197C
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 462, 4197-4207 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat table2.dat
Keyword:  H I data; QSOs; Redshifts; Radio lines; Redshifts
Cite:     Curran et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/462/4197)
J/MNRAS/462/4336/ GAMA. Stellar mass budget (Moffett+, 2016)
yCat:     74624336
Status:   f-v
Size:     31Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-11)
Title:    Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): the stellar mass budget of galaxy
          spheroids and discs.
Popular:  2
Authors:  Moffett A.J., Lange R., Driver S.P., Robotham A.S.G., Kelvin L.S.,
          Alpaslan M., Andrews S.K., Bland-Hawthorn J., Brough S., Cluver M.E.,
          Colless M., Davies L.J.M., Holwerda B.W., Hopkins A.M., Kafle P.R.,
          Liske J., Meyer M.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.462.4336M
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 462, 4336-4348 (2016)
Files:    table2.dat
Keyword:  Galaxy catalogs; Models; Stars, masses
Cite:     Moffett et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/462/4336)
J/MNRAS/462/4371/ Sample of faint X-ray pulsators (Israel+, 2016)
yCat:     74624371
Status:   f-v
Size:     15Kb;
Date:     Added: 25-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-11)
Title:    The Chandra ACIS Timing Survey Project: glimpsing a sample of faint
          X-ray pulsators.
Popular:  34
Authors:  Israel G.L., Esposito P., Rodriguez Castillo G.A., Sidoli L.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.462.4371I
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 462, 4371-4385 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, X-ray; Pulsars
Cite:     Israel et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/462/4371)
J/MNRAS/463/24/ Type 2 AGNs with double-peaked narrow emission lines (Lyu+,
yCat:     74630024
Status:   f-v
Size:     23Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-11)
Title:    A high fraction of double-peaked narrow emission lines in powerful
          active galactic nuclei.
Media:    spectrum
Popular:  20
Authors:  Lyu Y., Liu X.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.463...24L
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 463, 24-36 (2016)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; Redshifts; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Lyu & Liu 2016 (J/MNRAS/463/24)
J/MNRAS/463/296/ PanSTARRS-1 slow-blue nuclear hypervariables (Lawrence+, 2016)
yCat:     74630296
Status:   f-v
Size:     39Kb;
Date:     Added: 30-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-12)
Title:    Slow-blue nuclear hypervariables in PanSTARRS-1.
Popular:  25
Authors:  Lawrence A., Bruce A.G., MacLeod C., Gezari S., Elvis M., Ward M.,
          Smartt S.J., Smith K.W., Wright D., Fraser M., Marshall P., Kaiser N.,
          Burgett W., Magnier E., Tonry J., Chambers K., Wainscoat R., Waters
          C., Price P., Metcalfe N., Valenti S., Kotak R., Mead A., Inserra C.,
          Chen T.W., Soderberg A.
BibCode:  2016MNRAS.463..296L
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 463, 296-331 (2016)
Files:    tablea1.dat tablea2.dat tablea3.dat tablea4.dat tablea5.dat
Keyword:  Active gal. nuclei; QSOs; Photometry, SDSS; Equivalent widths
Cite:     Lawrence et al. 2016 (J/MNRAS/463/296)
J/MNRAS/476/5253/ Light curves for 5 LMEBs in WFCAM Transit Survey (Cruz+, 2018)
yCat:     74765253
Status:   f-v
Size:     300Kb;
Date:     Added: 06-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-06)
Title:    Low-mass eclipsing binaries in the WFCAM Transit Survey: the
          persistence of the M-dwarf radius inflation problem.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  56
Authors:  Cruz P., Diaz M., Birkby J., Barrado D., Sipocz B., Hodgkin S.
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.476.5253C
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 476, 5253-5267 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat table3.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Stars, late-type; Stars, fundamental
Cite:     Cruz et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/476/5253)
J/MNRAS/477/4116/ GAMA. galaxy structure across green valley (Kelvin+, 2018)
yCat:     74774116
Status:   f-v
Size:     258Kb;
Date:     Added: 11-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-11)
Title:    Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Variation in galaxy structure across
          the green valley.
Popular:  35
Authors:  Kelvin L.S., Bremer M.N., Phillipps S., James P.A., Davies L.J.M., De
          Propris R., Moffett A.J., Percival S.M.
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.477.4116K
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 477, 4116-4130 (2018)
Files:    gvcensus.dat
Keyword:  Surveys; Galaxy catalogs; Morphology
Cite:     Kelvin et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/477/4116)
J/MNRAS/477/L50/ Structure of the Upper Scorpius association (Galli+, 2018)
yCat:     74779050
Status:   f-v
Size:     224Kb;
Date:     Added: 08-Jun-2018 (VizieR: 2018-06-08)
Title:    Three-dimensional structure of the Upper Scorpius association with the
          Gaia first data release.
Popular:  133
Authors:  Galli P.A.B., Joncour I., Moraux E.
BibCode:  2018MNRAS.477L..50G
Ref:      Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 477, L50-54 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, open; Proper motions; Stars, distances; ; ; Parallaxes,
          trigonometric; Parallaxes, spectroscopic; ; ; Radial velocities; Space
Cite:     Galli et al. 2018 (J/MNRAS/477/L50)
J/PASP/130/C4201/ BVR light curves of UZ Leo (Lee+, 2018)
yCat:     61313201
Status:   f-v
Size:     301Kb;
Date:     Added: 20-Apr-2018 (VizieR: 2018-07-05)
Title:    Physical nature and orbital behavior of the eclipsing system UZ
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  16
Authors:  Lee J.W., Park J.-H.
BibCode:  2018PASP..130c4201L
Ref:      Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac. 130, C4201 (2018)
Files:    table1.dat
Keyword:  Binaries, eclipsing; Photometry, UBVRI
Cite:     Lee & Park 2018 (J/PASP/130/C4201)
J/other/RMxAA/54.15/ Variable stars in 6934 (Yepez+, 2018)
yCat:     1008005401
Status:   f-v
Size:     2.85Mb;
Date:     Added: 17-May-2018 (VizieR: 2018-05-22)
Title:    The variable star population in the globular cluster NGC 6934.
Media:    timeSerie
Popular:  49
Authors:  Yepez M.A., Arellano Ferro A., Muneer S., Giridhar S.
BibCode:  2018RMxAA..54...15Y
Ref:      Rev. Mex. Astron. Astrofis., 54, 15-36 (2018)
Files:    table2.dat table6.dat
Keyword:  Clusters, globular; Stars, variable; Photometry, CCD
Cite:     Yepez et al. 2018 (J/other/RMxAA/54.15)

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