Rotating variable stars

1  3. Rotating Variable Stars

1.1  Definition

Variable stars with nonuniform surface brightness and/or ellipsoidal shapes, whose variability is caused by axial rotation with respect to the observer. The nonuniformity of surface brightness distributions may be caused by the presence of spots or by some thermal or chemical inhomogeneity of the atmosphere caused by a magnetic field whose axis is not coincident with the rotation axis. These stars are subdivided into the following types:

1.2  3.1 - Alpha CVn-type variables

1.3  3.2 - BY Dra-type variables

1.4  3.3 - ELL-type variables

1.5  3.4 - FK Com-type variables

1.6  3.5 - PSR-type variables

1.7  3.6 - SX Ari-type variables

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